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20 July 2011

  • 20th July 2011

    Gay men ‘unaware of HIV symptoms’ 53

    HIV experts say gay men need to be aware of HIV symptoms so they can get early treatment

    5:30 PM — Sixty per cent of gay men are unaware of the symptoms of early HIV infection, a large-scale survey has found. According to the research by National AIDS Trust, most of the men surveyed could not name the ‘triad’ of a sore throat, rash and fever as the most common symptoms occurring together.

  • Gay Senator David Norris ahead for Irish presidency 39

    David Norris hopes to become Ireland's next head of state

    4:24 PM — Gay independent senator David Norris in in the lead for the Irish presidency, a poll of the public says. According to an Ipsos MRBI/Irish Times poll of 1,000 people, Mr Norris has 25 per cent of the vote.

  • Jane Lynch says she knew she was a lesbian at age 12 8

    Jane Lynch as Glee's sociopathic sports coach, Sue Sylvester

    3:50 PM — Glee star Jane Lynch says that although she was 21 when she came out, she knew she was gay from a much earlier age. Speaking to Vogue, the actress said she knew by the age of 12.

  • Married butcher puts up sign to combat gay rumours 52

    Brian Fields said the gossip was affecting his family

    2:20 PM — A married butcher in East Yorkshire has taken the step of putting a sign in his window declaring he is not gay. Brian Fields, who owns the Fields of Anlaby butchers in Hessle, announced that the rumours were completely false and that his children were being bullied at school over the gossip.

  • Updated: 14 MPs back ‘compromise’ plans for anti-gay Christians 126

    14 MPs are publicly backing the EHRC's 'compromise' proposal

    1:26 PM — Fourteen MPs - from all main parties - are backing the Equality and Human Rights Commission's plan to intervene in high-profile court cases where gay rights and Christian beliefs clash. The EHRC announced last week that it believes more should be done to find "compromises" and "reasonable accommodations" for religious workers who do not wish to serve gay people.

  • Vermont wedding venue bars lesbian couple 16

    The inn turned the couple away after realising they were lesbians

    11:47 AM — A lesbian couple from New York City are suing a Vermont inn for refusing to host their wedding party. Kate Baker and Ming Linsley said they were "saddened" and "shocked" when the Wildflower Inn in Lyndonville turned them away last autumn after the owners realised they were lesbians.

  • New York holds lottery for first gay marriages 12

    Gay marriages will begin on Sunday

    10:34 AM — New York City is to hold a lottery to determine which gay couples can be the first to tie the knot when a gay marriage law comes into power on Sunday. Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that demand to wed on the first day gay marriage is legal far outstrips supply and 764 couples, including straight couples, will be permitted to wed on the day.

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