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Stonewall names most gay-friendly universities

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Reader comments

  1. I’m not transgendered, but I’m just wondering why the T in LGBT is not mentioned here..

    1. Yeah, me too. And I am transgender. As someone thinking of going to university next year, it would be nice to know what ones I can go to where I’ll be welcome and not harassed because of my trans status.

      1. Stonewall aren’t trans-inclusive, and none of the national trans groups have the time or funding to perform this kind of action.

  2. Jock S. Trap 19 Jul 2011, 12:59pm

    Excellent news. Always good to see progress.

    Let’s hope more follow suit.

  3. UCL, my old school, well done!

  4. Seeing as there is so much controversy over Stonewall’s Top 100 Employers List (where the only criteria to be included on the list is to be a corporate sponsor of Stonewall) I am curiious as to the legitimacy of this new list.
    Are these universities mentioned making financial contributions to Stonewall.

    Stonewall in its refusal to sack Ben Summerskill for his campaigning against marriage equality; and through its point blank refusal to remain accountable to the population it pretends to represent; is severely lacking in legitimacy.

    I’d take this new list with a grain of salt.

    The report is by Stonewall.

    Who is Stonewall accountable to. Because it’s not you or I?

    1. Also worth bearing in mind that Stonewall didn’t consult actual LGBT student groups last year…did they manage to this year, I wonder?

      1. Galadriel1010 19 Jul 2011, 2:10pm

        Apparently not. I just checked the record for my university and it’s wrong.

        1. Typical Stonewall.

          It would appear that this new list has about as much legitimacy as the Stonewall Top 100 Employers List.

          Stonewall should not claim to represent the LGBT community.

          Stonewall does not represent anyone except its corporate sponsors and it has pissed away whatever legitimacy it ever had by allowing that vile bigot Ben Summerskill to remain its head (and Summerskill is a homophobic bigot seeing as he was caught campaigning against marriage equality).

          1. Stevieeeeeeee 19 Jul 2011, 11:58pm

            Stonewall seems to be an “interface” between LGBTQQs (etc) and Daily Mail readers, or so it seems.

        2. I’ve checked the record for another university in the city I study in and I’m certain it’s wrong. Also, Dundee seems to be mixed up with Durham.

          I don’t find it to be a particularly helpful guide – mistakes aside. A good idea for prospective students is to email LGBT societies and ask a few questions – basically do what Stonewall didn’t bother doing.

          1. Galadriel1010 20 Jul 2011, 5:30pm

            Or just join the Facebook groups. I did that for the universities I was thinking of attending three years ago.

    2. Steve, It’s completely untrue that you have to be a corporate sponsor of Stonewall to be on its Top 100 Employers list.

      1. ‘confused’ is correct on this. They use an objective and transparent test which any company can apply to take. It is true that Stonewall considers that trans issues are not necessarily consonant with LGB issues.

      2. How many of the Top 100 are NOT corporate sponsors of Stonewall?

        It is a touch odd that considering the possibly hundreds of thousands of employers in the UK; that Stonewall has analysed them all, and discovered that the Top 100 are almost ALL donators of money to Stonewall.

        Like I said Stonewall lacks legitimacy through the antics of its homophobic chairperson Ben Summerskill.

        Whike he remains as head of Stonewall (and while Stonewall point blank refuses to say who it is answerable to), then it draws into question ALL of Stonewall’s activities.

        1. Any employer can ask to take part. I’m sure most don’t bother.

          I’ve been quite critical of Stonewall but I think they should be given a chance to put things right.

        2. Steve Your suggestion is still completely untrue. You should perhaps acknowledge that you were wrong,

          1. It is not untrue. Although I will acknowledge that a company doesn’t HAVE to donate cash to Stonewall to be on their Top 100 list; but it helps immeasurably.

            Seeing as Stonewall has NOT analysed all employers, and seeing as almost ALL their Top 100 Employers donate cash to Stonewall; and seeing as Stonewall is so very secretive about their activities and about who it is accountable to; their Top 100 Employers as well as their Top 100 universities is completely lacking in any sort of legitimacy.

            These are facts. While the homophobe Ben Summerskill heads that organisation and while Stonewall refuses to acknowledge to whom it is accountable; it cannot be trusted on anything.

            There are plenty of legitimate LGBT charities to support. Why support a charity which believes that LGBT people are 2nd class citizens – like Stonewall does.

  5. Oh the armchair militants are out in force again I see. I am a gay man who doesn’t want to be put in the same category as a transgender person, I do not have issues around my gender identity or self-identification as man. The difference between the two is recognised legally too as stated in the Equality Act 2010.

    1. I don’t think it’s particularly militant to point out that Stonewall has mass influence but lacks mass support.

    2. The differences between sexuality and gender identity don’t matter. It’s about minority groups not getting the equality, respect and dignity that others take for granted. Like it or not, there is a “T” in LGBT that, sadly, remains silent and shunned far too often. But the reality is the trans* community, at the moment, doesn’t have the support or the funds to go it alone. That said, we’re not asking the LGBs to do things for us, but having experienced the same prejudices we do, it seems odd and perhaps also slightly hypocritical for LGBs to turn around and not support us, or distance themselves from us as you have done with this comment, or even harass and make prejudice remarks towards us themselves.

      1. In fact, you need only look at the comments above to see an example of the silent “T”. The comments about Stonewall representing the LGBT community, when in fact Stonewall only deals with LGB. I think lots of people use the phrase without actually knowing what the “T” stands for.

  6. Bizarrely, the Stonewall website loads in Konqueror but won’t load in Firefox.

  7. To digress, there was talk about a marriage equality consultation about to start. Was that just a rumour? I see nothing about it at Stonewall.

    1. That was simply Stonewall telling their usual barefaced lies to avoid protests at their Annual Rubber Chicken and Expensive Tables Stonewall Awards.
      The fact that Stonewall even considers it necessary to have a ‘consultation’ on marriage equality, shows the contempt in which it holds the LGBT community.

      I want Stonewall to disband (or at least rebrand itself as a charity specifically dealing with homophobic bullying). ALL the activiities performed by Stonewall can be just as successfully carried out by charities who believe that LGBTB people deserve equal treatment before the law.

  8. Jason Brown 19 Jul 2011, 11:32pm

    Awful news, I am utterly outraged by stonewalls completly inaccurate and judgemental reviews.

  9. @ Jamie

    “The differences between sexuality and gender identity don’t matter”

    What?! Did you not read my comment properly, they are two different things.

    “It’s about minority groups not getting the equality, respect and dignity that others take for granted”

    No it’s a about a charity concentrating its research on one area and not trying to be everything to everyone. I’m sorry there isn’t a big enough charity for you and the other T’s. You should set one up.

    I’m fed up of all the bleating that goes on in these posts, and how hard done by everyone seems to be. Go and post on the Daily Mail forum where your comments will be appreciated.

  10. Stonewall was set up as an organisation to advance LGB equality. Trans people might be able to get info from here:

    1. Well then Stonewall has FAILED.

      It cannot even support marriage equality for LGB people and it does not punish its leader for his homophobic campaign against marriage equality.

      1. I think Summerskill should apologise for his past actions. Stonewall is now campaigning for marriage equality I believe.

        1. No they are not campaigning for marriage equality,. After the homophobe Summerskill was caught campaigning against marriage equality at the Lib Dem party conference last year (where equality was adopted as the Lib Dem policy) there was complete outrage by the vast majority of the LGBT population who do support equality.

          Supporters of Stonewall started abandoning it in their droves.

          Stonewall did not want LGBT people protesting their Annual Rubber Chicken and Lumpy Mashed Potatoes Awards, so they claimed to support equality and promised to engage in a ‘consultation’ about it.

          That was a year ago. They have done NOTHING since.

          As an LGBT charity Stonewall is not fit for purpose and it is headed by a homophobe.

          Stonewall either needs to disband entitrely or rebrand itself as an anti-bullying charity as it lacks legitimacy in all other areas.

      2. Steve You haven’t looked very hard for evidence. The front page of their website has details of Stonewall’s position on marriage

        1. Their position on marriage equality has been there for a year.

          But nothing practical has been done by Stonwewall to implement it.

          And the homophobe Ben Summerskill is still the head of Stonewall.

          You’re heard of meaningless PR I imagine.

          Why has Stonewall’s yearlong consultation on marriage equality produced no actual data?

  11. I think it’s true that T people are left out of a lot of supposedly “LGBT” organisations, campaigns and statements. I also sometimes think that the L is ignored too. And B suffers from a lack of understanding on either side. I can’t help but wonder if we’d all be better off separated, concentrating on our own issues. Gender identity and sexual orientation face very different sets of problems, men face different ones to women. I like the fact that we stick together, but I do feel that a single direction can’t cater for everyone’s needs. I think there should be separate organisations that work together on shared issues but apart on others. One group trying to be a spokesman for a whole spectrum of diverse people obviously doesn’t work. I know I’ll get accused of being bigotted, because I’m a gay male and by comparison to the others, the G is better represented, but I’m not trying to be offensive. I think the current structure just leaves people frustrated.

  12. I find it staggering that Wolverhampton comes out well. When I was studying post graduate Medicine there I had a huge homophobic problem on one of my placement to the point that the police were involved. The university wasn’t just unhelpful they were absolutely VILE! They actually punished me for raising a complaint that was subsequently upheld! The complaints dept there are useless at helping students however the Students Union were brilliant.

  13. I realize this is an old post, but as the leader of a student LGBTQ group, Gay by Degree is an atrocious indication of which universities are LGB-friendly and which aren’t. Their “research” (if we can call it that) was simply a quick Google search of the university… as far as I’m aware, no one at my university involved with LGB issues was contacted before publishing their rubbish, and when I discovered how inaccurate the page was, they brushed my concerns off and begrudgingly made the most minute of the changes that I asked for. I have heard similar stories from all over the country: pretty telling that they didn’t even work with NUS LGBT! I’m also horrified that in order to become a “diversity champion” you have to donate money to the organization… complete joke.

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