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Obama ‘proud to support’ the repeal of gay marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Jason Brown 19 Jul 2011, 11:48pm

    About time someone was.

  2. Took him 3 years and the loss of one of the houses of Congress. Couldn’t be because an election is coming, and votes and donations are needed?! And that there is little chance such a bill would reach his desk with a republican-controlled House?!

  3. He was ‘proud’ before he got elected. He’s been ‘proud’ during office. He’s even more ‘proud’ now there’s an election coming up.
    But still no action.
    And grappling?
    2 words…..

  4. God Bless him, no wonder the white Christians in America want to kill him.

  5. This should have been one of the first things a good president would have done as soon as he was elected, you find all of the abuses and place them on the table and you right the wrongs to women , minorites, that includes gay families, and all others victums of abuse , discrimination, you remove all raacism and bigotyr and hate evil legislation like abraham lincoln had to do , and others dealing with segregation and womens voice, you simple set things right for peopale and their famiilies, Thanks to diane fiensteeine and honary chair with a back ground in human rights, and a few others like her, the civil rights movement was started in this democracy, not even led by the mimorites that should have been marching to save, lives, instead they have been apart of hidieuos sex asssuaalts and crimes against women and children the same as thier oppressor, what can the men million man march on , they are atotal disgrace, to society women and children, murders and rappest , sex traffickers , pim

  6. People where disappointed that it has taken so long, this should have been one of the first things he should have done, righting wrongs and abuses of people , where is the indians settlement, the check was wrttten out several years ago and where is it if they have not been handed it, it is well past do and those other women farmers, and settlements that need to be taken care of right now, as well as panetta now confirmed and there is no escuse for not having those certifacations on that table to nancy pelosi as well, he said two weeks its been well past it, it should have been finished before the other man left, people is looking at him , Diane fiensteine was the honary chair that initated this move, for the people just like nancy pelosie and steve hoyer and reid, initiated the repeal of the dadt, and launched it forward, the democratic party demanded no cuts on paramount programs and aid for families and economy, that ar

    1. Paddyswurds 20 Jul 2011, 7:16am

      … I’m surprised 8 year olds are allowed to comment on these threads. Does your Mammy know you are up so late and on the computer too?

      1. Paddyswurds 20 Jul 2011, 7:17am

        … I’m surprised 8 year olds are allowed to comment on these threads. Does your Mammy know you are up so late and on the computer too?

  7. The point is there is much more for him and others to do there is the promised certifacation within weeks , there are still more you should not need people to provoke you to do what you already no i right by human rights, Diane feinstein, got this bill underway, and a few others, there are no human gods and false prophets , there are just men and women bad or good, big egos out of control hurt people, and are dangerous, working together with the democratic party to help the people and focus on all the people and their families is priority,


    there..that was easy.. !!

  9. History in the making..

    Obama Endorses Feinstein’s Bill To repeal The Defense Of Marriage Act:

  10. Video of the White House briefing:

  11. Jock S. Trap 20 Jul 2011, 8:45am

    Good news and welcome I’m sure.

    Now what about those who serve and protect your country?

    1. DADT is next.. then Prop 8

    2. I’m afraid that even when DADT and DOMA are both gone, gays in the military and their spouses will still be at a disadvantage. An interesting article and, in particular, the first comment on it here:

      Sorry, Gays in the Military: DOMA Trumps DADT Repeal.

  12. I always think of Joe Solmonese as Nan Flanagan from True Blood….

  13. Great news, Respect for Marriage Act easily occupies the higher moral ground and is a great solution as a replacement for DOMA, it pulls the rug right out from under DOMA.

  14. I know this is off topic, but… why is there a “[sic]” in the bolded first paragraph of this article? To which spelling error are you bringing attention in which quote?

    1. ‘defense’ probably

      1. jamestoronto 20 Jul 2011, 7:26pm

        That spelling is used only in the US. “Defence” is the norm everywhere else. In Canada anglos spell it with a “c” while francophones with an “s” so when we see Defense it is assumed to be French. (Even my spellchecker indicated the “s” was wrong.)

  15. Fantastic that Britain’s LibDems have promised equal marriage by 2015

    1. Yes great! But why 2015? When it’s something the government want they get it through pretty quick! Poll Tax comes to mind! I think that everyone, regardless of sexuality, should have either opetions, to marry or Civil partnership. Not everyone wants to get married, but CP would make sure both partnes have a legal leg to stand on!

  16. Some very bad reporting in this article.

    For starters the Defence of Marriage Act means simply that gay federal employees are denied benefits offering to opposite sex narried couples, even if the gay person is legally married in a state that recognises same sex marriage.

    Barack Obama does NOT support marriage equalitty. He is on record as supporting civil partnership apartheid.

    He claims to be ‘evolving’ on the issue of marrage equality but does NOT support it. He claims to support the right for individual states to legislate for equality if they want to (a very bizarre position for a man whose parents would not have been allowed to marry in many states when Obama was born).

    This story simply means that Obama will stop defending the disgustingly bigotted Defence of Marriage Act.

    It does NOT mean he supports equality. He will continue to throw the LGBT population under the bus when and if it is convenient for him (in the manner that he suddenly started opposing marriage equality)

    1. Still… a step in the right direction, innit…

      1. Not really – seeing as his putative 2nd term will be a lame duck term, all it means that he now supports the repeal of tehe hideous law.

        There is no chance in hell of the law being repealed in a Republican controlled house.

        This change of stance on Obama’s part is a PR stunt designed to shore up LGBT support prior to the election.

        He had 2 years where the Democrats controlled both Houses of Congress. He did NOTHING during the period he had a chance of effecting change.

        He is a slimy political opportunist.

        But we all knew that already.

        1. as I said, Thank You Barack Obama !! There, that was easy.

          1. lol

    2. jamestoronto 20 Jul 2011, 7:33pm

      It also will not allow any legally married same sex couples to use married deductions on their federal taxes regardless of who they work for. Also, any benefits one spouse receives through the other’s workplace are considered taxable benefits. DOMA does not just affect federal employees.

  17. From what I’ve read, Obama supports states’ rights to legalise same-sex marriage, but doesn’t endorse it as a campaign issue. His current “evolving” belief is that marriage is between one man and one woman and he also believes that civil marriage is connected to religious marriage. He still believes that gays should be given something different than marriage, ergo civil unions at the federal level, second class unions that he thinks are the equivalent of marriage, much like Blair, Brown and Cameron and until recently StonewallUK, even though civil unions in the US have been shown to be unworkable.

  18. Sam Maloney 21 Jul 2011, 4:01am

    Yeah, he’s ‘still grappling’, which means he’s afraid to alienate the African American voters [notoriously homophobic] by supporting marriage equality…

    And note that he announces this through his spokesman, so there’s no soundbite of him speaking out against DOMA.

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