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Michele Bachmann’s husband says clinic doesn’t force gays to turn straight

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 18 Jul 2011, 3:18pm

    What a load of crap.

    1. Yes JST, but this isn’t, and it’s no joke but a serious therapy: & listen to the introduction video on the right of the homepage

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      1. Jock S. Trap 19 Jul 2011, 12:07pm

        I know Pavlos, I was meaning that they don’t force people to go straight.

        I’m betting they do through guilt and by making people know their opinion they are wrong and disgusting.

        That to me is forcing.

        It’s totally sick and to suject they don’t force and damage is absolute crap.

  2. Some media sources now say that Mr Bachmann got his Phd as a “correspondence” course and that he is operating in one of the few states that requires no qualification or licence to practice as a “mental health” counsellor. In other words, the man is allegedly utterly unqualified to speak on matters of psychology and human sexuality and it sounds as if he got his professional citation from a cornflake box. This man, and others like him, should have NO access to vulnerable people who come to them asking for help – let alone have free rein to extort and exploit their vulnerability for financial gain. If it is true that is is utterly unqualified and it is the case that no licence is required, major questions should be asked for how his “clinic” has received over $140,000 dollars of medicaid funding. Am I alone in thinking that it sounds like a massive grift?

    1. You just hit a key point that undermines Bachmann’s whole argument that they don’t try to force gay people to change: they are dealing with vulnerable people who are ashamed of being gay and they exploit that guilt to further their agenda.

      It is sick and disturbing but think of this – it is out in the open. More and more people know that you cannot change anyone’s sexual orientation and that any attempt to do so causes great harm. In short, though it is later than we like and not as fast as we need, enlightenment is coming.

  3. Regardless of wether or not it is the choice of the client, it is completely fraudulent of the Bachmann’s to tell any gay client that they can be turned straight.
    This bogus conversion “therapy” not only doesn’t work but it is dangerous and puts vulnerable people at great risk.

  4. More lies for Jesus !

  5. These people are criminals who use Christian prayer to turn a gays into straights and everybody knows that after 2,000 years of the Christians nonsense that it does not work, never has never will, they are just putting people on a guilt trip to control them and get their money. The Christians have become the evil they have failed to stop, if no where else but in their sick and twisted minds.

  6. Mr Bachman is being disingenuous and deliberately missing the point.
    It’s not that his clinic forces people to be straight.
    My problem with it is twofold. Firstly, so called ex-gay therapy is a con that has been widely debunked by the American Psychiatric Association and other accredited organisations which in many cases leads to depression and suicide.
    Secondly, playing to a mainly fundamentalist crowd it gives fuel to the notion that gay people should be pathologised in the first place, adding a veneer of respectability to a homophobic culture which is already prevelent in the US. (Strangely Christian fundamentalists can’t decide if we’re mad or debased, and seem to flip between the two arguments depending on what day of the week it is).
    If he can’t see that, he has his head in the sand.

    1. Also, by saying that he simply wants to help those who do not wish to have same-sex attraction any more, Marcus Bachmann is implying that we can chose to stop being gay…and that implies that we chose to be gay in the first place….and that is not so.

  7. Misery likes company he wants gay people to be as miserable and unfulfilled as him big ole swishy queen

  8. Lies, lies and more lies.

  9. Somebody needs to check out how legal their “clinic” is, Also check out who the psychiatrist or counselors are an find out if what they are doing is legal or if they even have a license or proof that they can do what they say they can do. Everybody knows they do more harm than good, why is the government not shutting these frauds and quacks and head shrinkers down? Christian have had 2,000 years to pray away the evils and they have failed and there is no proof that even the Christian religion works. Right now the Christians are acting like the devils by hating and hurting more people with their madness. These Christian criminals need to be arrested for the harm they do and put in jail where they can not harm kids.

  10. These clinics need to be shut down.

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