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Gay controversy opera goes ahead

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 18 Jul 2011, 3:54pm

    Good. Sense prevailed then.

  2. Dan Filson 18 Jul 2011, 4:43pm

    Not so good. Capitulation to censorship. Adults and children are not as daft as some people make out.

  3. Im Actually kind of disappointed. I wanted the show to go on, clearly, but I wanted there to be no censorship. Using the excuse that words like queer are going to hurt children is weak and needs to stop. I unfortunately heard worse than queer from the kids in class when I was in elementary school.

  4. I used to go to conferences each year held in Bridlington. One year I remember their was a lesbian couple trying to open up Bridlingtons first gay bar and their was a campaign running against this proposal by the name of “Stamp out Fags in Bridlington”.
    Bridlington, a lovely little vicyorian sea side resort with victorian attitudes to give it that out of date authentic feel. Thankfully we move around each year for a conferences now.

  5. What’s worse than a homophobe ? … Answer a homophobe who can’t even admit they are one.

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