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Video: Queen unveils monument at Bletchley Park, home of gay genius codebreaker Alan Turing

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Reader comments

  1. Mark Healey 16 Jul 2011, 12:37pm

    Excellent article – and thank you for highlighting Alan Turing’s story. It is so important.

  2. Living in Milton Keynes and being so close to Bletchley Park, the Alan Turing story is one I have known about for so long. It is a shame however that it took so long for the recognition he deserved to be awarded. Even more of a shame is the fact that the queen has never attended a gay event or even acknowledged the contribution gay people make. It was a a nice surprise that in her speech she mentioned Turing by name, but as ruling monarch it’s about time she acknowledges us as a group. She makes reference to other minority groups in her speeches but not once has she made reference to us.

    1. Perhaps it’s a case of if she can’t say anything nice it’s better that she says nothing at all.
      Although the Queen didn’t mention that Alan Turing was gay nor how he was tortured to death for being so, she did have to mouth the words that he was a genius, that’s almost enough for me.

  3. Eddy - from 2007 16 Jul 2011, 1:24pm

    Yes, good article. However, during the footage on last night’s BBC “New at Ten” no mention whatsoever was made by Mrs. Windsor, or anybody else, of the massive contribution and tragedy of the gay genius Alan Turing at Bletchly Park.

  4. Madoc Roberts 16 Jul 2011, 1:30pm

    The first British break through in the enigma code were made using messages sent by the extraorinary double agent codenamed Snow. The story is told in the new book “Snow: the double life of a world war II spy.

  5. One comment on this article mentions the lack of acknowledgment by the royals of their not using any gay vocabulary in public speeches. Living in the USA we’re burdened with every politician invoking “god” and other sundry myths on any occasion in public. I’ll trade you any day.

  6. Jock S. Trap 16 Jul 2011, 2:45pm

    As said an excellent article.

    The work these important people did to keep this country safe is unquestionable remarkable and inspiring.

    This monument pays tribute to them all including Alan Turing who must never be forgotten.

    1. Right. The Queen’s remarks were quite fitting. A momentous day.

  7. Eddy from 2007… the fact that Mrs. Windsor didn’t mention Alan Turing’s name is probably more to do with her being the head of the state cult. She doesn’t want to upset the bigots, Rowan Williams et al. She, more than any other man or woman in the UK could do more for equality by speaking out in favour of it. She reminds me of Ronald Reagan who took years tbefore he could bring himself to say the word “AIDS”.

    1. The Queen did name Alan Turing. The BBC missed that out, though to be fair Newsnight’s Susan Watts did give the campaign quite a lot of publicity at the time. Susan interviewed some of Turing’s relatives.

    2. Dan Filson 16 Jul 2011, 4:18pm

      Whatever else he is, Dr Rowan Williams is not a bigot.

      1. He refuses to treat gay people equally.
        He does not believe that gay people should be treated equally.
        That is a pretty good definition of a bigot in my book.

      2. Bigotry doesn’t always wear a white hood. Sometimes the worst kind of bigotry comes in the form of people who don’t have anything against you personally but still stand in the way of equality out of selfishness or cowardice or for political gain.

        1. Jock S. Trap 18 Jul 2011, 8:13am

          I have been surprised at the number of Gay guys I have approached to help sign the Equallove petition and have been told “Oh I win when I want to get married!” some didn’t see the point, which I find worrying because it stands in the way of Equality and progress.

          And that is from within our own community!

      3. Rowan Williams is not a man of personal conviction nor a leader with any moral worth, he is a spineless bigot who gives support to all the many homophobes in his church.
        For Rowan Williams the survival of the institution he heads always comes first before human needs and before honesty.

        1. Jock S. Trap 18 Jul 2011, 8:14am

          I have to agree, he has if anything promoted your ok but you must remain separate, which I’m notsure if any better than being abused it is still discrimination but I doubt they’ll ever get it.

          1. Martin Lawrence 18 Jul 2011, 2:21pm

            In HMQ’s defence, her role as Supreme Governor of The Church of England is a bit like her role as head of state: she has theoretical power, and most of us will not really know what she says when she meets the PM or +Cantuar, conversations which neither is at liberty to report, but in both cases she is constrained by constitutional tradition from expressing a personal opinion in public, unless it happens to agree with the relevant people. In this case, she really is caught, because parliament and the Bishops have differing (at least in public) opinions. If her advisers weren’t so useless, they would have worked out a way for her to square the circle, which could be done, but I presume most of her speeches are basically written by lackeys, and she hasn’t got time to dwell too much on each one before she’s rushed off to make the next one.
            The answer, I think, would have been to get her to make some sort of gesture at Turing’s own memorial (I think there’s one there) and a speech there.

  8. In 2009, after a campaign led by Richard Dawkins, Stephen Fry, Peter Tatchell and supported by, 30,805 people demanded that the then prime minister Gordon Brown issued an apology for Turing’s treatment on behalf of the British government. Mr Brown agreed to do so.

    Whilst it is true that the above were instrumental in garnering so much support, it is extremely unfortunate that Pink News fails to mention that the campaign was initiated by John Graham-Cumming who although, straight himself, worked tirelessly to get Turing that apology.

  9. A great way to celebrate the life of a great man. What he endured in the latter part of his life should never be endured by anyone… and we must fight and go on fighting to ensure that things get better.

    1. jamestoronto 17 Jul 2011, 4:01am

      A meaningless waste of such a brilliant mind. Sadly, it is still happening to-day. Who knows what the murders and suicides of gay people have taken from us and the world at large.

  10. Really, Dan Filson? He backed a resolution which says that “homosexual practice is incompatible with the bible”. Does he describe heterosexual sexual behaviour, as a “practice”? Of course not. Adultery and having sex outside of marriage are not compatible with the bible, yet he and his clergy marry an overhwelmingly large number of non-celibate straight couples. Do you really think Prince William and his wife never had sex before they married in Westminster Abbey? They shared a flat together while at Uni. He IS a bigot.

    The Rev. Charles Goddard, chairman of Inclusive Church, a liberal group, said the archbishop’s comments revealed an astonishing change in his position towards gay people and that the implication is that there is no justification in scripture for the welcome of lesbian and gay people. Telling gay clergy in CPs to remain celibate is appalling. He IS a bigot.

    1. Yes, Dumbledore [Williams] is a bigot. Didn’t he say sharia law was OK?

    2. If being “incompatible with the bible” is such a problem, I hope he’s telling his clergy to pass on the prawn vol-au-vents and keep slaves.

      1. Wouldn’t it be fun to cater for the Anglican Synod and watch or secretly film those who go for the dishes based around shrimp, crab, lobster and pork.

        1. Jock S. Trap 18 Jul 2011, 8:17am

          Indeed, the selection of the book to ignore… the hypocrites.

    3. Bible scripture in Romans does seem to say that for heterosexuals at least homosexual practice is condemned during orgiastic acts of worship, it’s a behaviour that doesn’;t exist today as far as I’m aware.

      1. Martin Lawrence 18 Jul 2011, 2:31pm

        Quite right, Pavlos. It’s clear that the word commonly translated from the Greek as ‘homosexual’ means, in Paul’s understanding extreme licentiousness, usually involving prostitution, as an INTEGRAL part of worship in the temples. His observations that this seemed to involve only male homosexuality led him to believe that such behaviour was a perversion of the natural order. This was clearly so obvious to him that it didn’t need any more explanation, and could be encapsulated in a single word, just like, say, gluttony.

  11. jamestoronto 17 Jul 2011, 3:48am

    “She makes reference to other minority groups in her speeches but not once has she made reference to us.” — yes this is quite true but do not forget that, constitutionally, the monarch cannot publicly say a word that has not already been approved of by her Government. This is true in the UK and in the Commonwealth Realms.

    1. Indeed you make a good point. Although she is an intelligent woman and she influences her speeches etc, they are written for her and I believe that she is steered away from the gay issue. I know that she lives a life very different from ours, but she is most definately monitored on what she can and cannot say

  12. With ref to my message above about John Graham-Cumming there is this in Pink News from March last year after his campaign had been successful

  13. Angela K, yes, some of it could be acceptable, apparently.

  14. Rich (original) 18 Jul 2011, 3:36pm

    This paederast, Alan Turing, was smart to break the code but not smart enough to leave Britain for Brazil and live happy with other paederasts there. Everybody knows that Brazil is paederastic country….

    1. David Myers 19 Jul 2011, 12:09am

      Scum Troll.

  15. Rich (original) 18 Jul 2011, 3:38pm

    No matter how I hate royal creatures, I love this LADY, so-called Queen of Britain…. She is very humble and very nice (even sometimes she is not)….

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