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Tyler Perry ends gay rumours with talk of pregnancy scare

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah it was a scare until he released that ‘shes’ who have dicks cant get pregnant..

  2. That seals it then, because we all know that a) gay men never have sex with women; b) public figures never lies about their sexual orientation.

  3. Tyler Perry pregnancy scare. LOL…ha-ha, ha-ha-ha, ha-ha…ha! When donkeys fly! LOL I’m laughing so hard I can’t get up!

  4. martyn notman 16 Jul 2011, 1:57pm

    years of speculation? yet ive never heard of him!
    If he doesnt know how a condom works then i dont think hes any loss to the gay community…

  5. Does he really expect the public to coclude he is straight because he’s screwing a chick….lol. Sounds like a PR stunt by a guy deep in the closet.
    How many gay men get married or have a girlfriend just for their image?
    Let’s get real here!

  6. Jock S. Trap 16 Jul 2011, 2:51pm

    Am I missing something here?

    How exactly does it end rumours about his sexuality?

    Regardless of weither he is or not aren’t we trying to get past this thing of outting people?

  7. John Werner Jr 16 Jul 2011, 4:10pm

    Wow, that certainly settles it. No gay man has ever had a child with a woman. That’s airtight. Good job.

  8. Yeah, Paul O’Grady is straight on this basis after all.

  9. He could be bisexual

  10. stand up perry and live your life, everyone in hollywood no what really going on. rockhudson told how republicans tried to get them to get in false marriages and take women or men out in public on their arms many sports people here and abroad has come out, and told of their false marriages for the media instigated by biggoted affiliates, wanting them to mis reprsent themselves, you dont kiss hetersexuals ass and have them viloate who you are like they are some model for soceity , yeah like the worst role models in history, wife beaters, rappest, incestors, sex trafficking children, murders, no thanks i would have to choose being gay any day and proud of it, i would rather hang with the gay community than hetersexuals anyday, they dont even compare, look at senator craid , ted haggard, all fronts, and eddie long, messing with little boys, while preaching racism and hate, the republican men biggots mess with other men in secret, they are just hippocrites and bigots.

  11. Sam Maloney 16 Jul 2011, 6:26pm

    He has a girlfriend.

    That lives in Canada.

    1. Darn! You beat me to it.

  12. Nice bisexual erasure you’ve got going on, PN.

    Far be it from me to speculate about his sexuality, but for goodness sake – one partner doesn’t define anyone.

  13. Funny how blacks are so homphobic when they are dieing in record numbers of HIV/AIDS, they don’t seem to know that you need to see and talk about the problem to solve it. If I didn’t know any better I would say that somebody wants to get rid of them.
    Even in America the lady running for president Michele Bachmann signed a vow that blacks would be better off bieng salves, it was a vow to stop gay marriage etc. No joke google it.

    1. WOW! the 6th highest paid person in Hollywood?!
      I’m impressed – I always thought his films were more underground ‘in the know’ films.
      Good for him! :o)
      PS @bob ‘black’ and ‘white’ are adjectives – not nouns – they need a noun on the end like ‘people’ for them to make sense….
      There is no indication from what I’ve seen of his work that he’s homophobic at all.
      Do I think this looks like a smokescreen PR job? yes
      Is it anyone else’s business though? no
      If he were creating a homophobic image or standing up for homophobic measures then we might arguably have a reason to have some business about Tyler’s sexuality – but as (as far as I’m aware) he isn’t – then we don’t…

      1. I agree,

        However I think that a middle-aged millionaire who remains in the closet is in dire need of psychiatric help.

        He must have serious issues if he still needs to be in the clloset.

        Although perhaps his ‘girlfriend’ really does exist. Hey may be dating the fiercely heterosexual Queen Latifah.

  14. Who cares either way?

    If someone isn’t doing harm to the gay community I don’t care if they remain closeted forever. (Can’t understand why, but while orientation is not a choice, being closeted is.)

  15. jamestoronto 17 Jul 2011, 3:36am

    WOW knowing this has profoundly change my life from this time forward. My existence was totally void of any meaning until I read this — who the hell cares?? A few of the guys I went to university with have said they too are straight. How does one go about getting an interview.

  16. If he ain’t gay then maybe Michele can help him get back to being a slave where his people were better off or so they say.

  17. So glad he’s cleared this up. I know guys who don’t like cats or Shirley Bassey, so obviously they’re straight, whatever anybody says. Just like I knew one of my lesbian friends wasn’t really a dyke when I saw her one day in lippy and heels.
    Just how stupid do these people think we are? More to the point, how stupid are they?

  18. And who’s guessing that a picture of Tyler Perry’s imaginary ladyfriend will never be seen?

    The guy is a closeted gay – the most pathetic kind of gay guy.

  19. Ever heard of bisexuality?

  20. i laughed made it seem like he somehow was pregnant lol..

    1. Staircase2 18 Jul 2011, 3:57pm

      …he nearly was

  21. “Tyler Perry……has ended years of speculation over his sexuality”
    Er no, he hasn’t. I’ve no idea about his sexuality but it’s painful how some people think they’re casually dropping hints that they’re straight when actually what they say often sounds so false and constructed.

  22. Rich (original) 18 Jul 2011, 3:31pm

    Who cares what this animal says?!….

  23. PrettyKittyKatt 18 Jul 2011, 4:47pm

    It’s difficult to plough through a thread with so many errors! Let’s start by using the King’s English and having a spelling lesson:

    “hetersexuals” = heterosexuals?

    “yeah like the worst role models in history, wife beaters, rappest, incestors, sex trafficking children”

    ….I can respect your views on the scum of humanity, but is Snoop Dogg really that offensive??

    “look at senator craid”

    Senator Craig??

    “they are just hippocrites”

    …they are almost Greek scholars.

    Also: does it really matter what this guy’s orientation is? Some people stay closeted because they do not feel safe coming out. No one should be forced to come out of the closet, just as no one should be forced to stay in.

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