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Ben Daniels rejects Rupert Everett’s advice for aspiring gay actors not to come out

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 16 Jul 2011, 2:25pm

    is he gay? Have to say cutting it was dreadful pile of poop, but he was about the only thing good in it. My mum loves him, she’ll be gutted- cant wait to tell her!

    1. Isn’t it the thought that their fans would be ‘gutted’ that keeps some actors in the closet?
      I don’t see why an actor’s personal life should have to have a bearing on their popularity. An actor known to be straight does a gay role and everyone praises his or her talent. An actor known to be gay is pigeonholed for ever more (Ben Daniels being a wonderful exception and perhaps the one that’ll break the mould).

  2. Jock S. Trap 16 Jul 2011, 2:48pm

    I take my hat off to Ben Daniels, he is a good actor and one that shows you don’t have to hide who you are.

  3. He was terrific in Law & Order UK, very convincing and well acted. I always had gaydar vibes about him and now I know I was right. Well done, Ben.

  4. “On the other hand, I know that there is a problem with homophobia in Hollywood. There is at the BBC, too. …..”

    At least it’s good that the problem of homophobia in showbiz is now recognised and talked about openly.

  5. Tom Stoppard 16 Jul 2011, 4:51pm

    Agree with him. Staying in the closet only makes the problem continue, and these days, it’s getting impossible to hide your sexuality anyway unless you become a nun. No, the way forward is openess, activism and challenging homophobia whereever it lingers.

  6. I’ve had a soft spot for Ben since Beautiful Thing, so it’s nice to know he has a good head on his shoulders in real life too. As for Rupert Everett, if his career hasn’t taken off it probably has more to do with his abrasive personality than his being out.

    1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jul 2011, 8:12am

      And being not that great an actor!

  7. BruceWillisFan 16 Jul 2011, 10:34pm

    Well Done Ben Daniels I highly agree on what you have just said, I myself am an openly gay 28 year old amatuer actor who doesnt 3 shows a year at small venues all around West Yorkshire & lots people love watching me perform, not just because I am very good at performing but that I am very open & honest about being gay, plus I love competing against other very good looking young men on stage & if I get a really good shag from them afterwood I feeling that I have done my true job as a great performer, plus when I am also performing on stage I also look out for really hot young guy to look at which helps me perform as well. :)

  8. Rupert Everett? Who is that? Oh right, that angry, sad homosexual whom caught foot-in-mouth illness too many times.

  9. jamestoronto 17 Jul 2011, 4:34am

    Is any career worth a lifetime of dread, paranoia and lying? Not in my books. Bravo Ben!
    Does Rupert Everett not think that publicly admitting he was a prostitute might have something to do about his lack of roles? I think he is trying to lay the blame for his own shortcomings on someone or something else.

    1. So whats wtong with sex workers you santomonious seall clubber?

      1. jamestoronto 18 Jul 2011, 2:03am

        Something missing in the translation as they say. I was not referring to my own opinions, it is the attitude of the Hollywood movie tycoons I was making a point of. These career makers and breakers are so terrified of even the hint of a potential scandal and the roles dry up. Hell, I have nothing whatsoever against sex workers. When I walk my dog in the evening, three or four come over to her – they know her (my dog) by name – to see her and i have had many a conversation with them (street workers).
        Everett’s shortcomings I meant were that he is not that good of an actor. So instead of doing something to polish up on his acting techniques he lays the blame on the fact he is gay,

      2. jamestoronto 18 Jul 2011, 2:09am

        PS tossing around insults is really a bit “school-yard” don’t you think. I have never clubbed a seal in my life – in fact I worked in animal rescue for 10 years. Just as I would never assume that you and everyone else in the UK are out every weekend running some fox to death, you should not assume all Canadians are out clubbing seals. (By the way, not that it’s any better, but the seal hunters use rifles now. Clubbing is illegal.) Also, it is sanctimonious not santomonious.

  10. A strange article. Of course for enjoying life being out to friends and family is best. I wouldnt take any career over life. But i think Rupert E’s point was homophobia is rife in the industry and to be honest a bit more widespread than gays are happy to admit. From “gay” as slang to Jeremy Clarkson..we have work to do….lets not aim at the messenger…take aim at the phobes

  11. There are quite a lot of gay people working on children’s TV at the BBC. If they want to keep their jobs they have to stay in the closet.

    1. BruceWillisFan 17 Jul 2011, 8:26pm

      Do’s that include some of the cute young male presenters of Friday Download, some of the male contestants of Who Wants to Be a SuperHero, CBBC’s Election & CBBC’s Evacuation might be gay as well, I think the second series of Celebrity Scissorhands had a rather huge gay following as well, especially with the memorable close up shots of Lil Chris & Ben Nicholas being spray tanned, good grief but phew I have got to be honest but I really enjoyed those momments on that show, I loved watching I Dream as well just for Aaron Renfree & Calvin Goldspink & look at those two now, I think they have now both grown up very nicely indeed, I think the show Beautiful People is a big breath of fresh air for the BBC as well & isnt Andrew Hayden-Smith one of the great & rather sexy openly gay tv presenters like ever :)

      1. Andrew Hayden Smith was a BBC presenter who came out and then lost his job!

        1. BruceWillisFan 17 Jul 2011, 9:20pm

          I am very sorry, I know that Andrew Hayden Smith was a BBC presenter & that he lost his job because he came out as gay, which was a very big & brave decision for him to make, I do infact really like him alot & I also think he is bloodly gorgerous as well, he is still doing really well as a model & he has also got some new up coming TV work coming out soon, which I cant wait to see, I think he is amazing & I still love him very much. :)

  12. I agree with Ben, and I also think he’s drop-dead gorgeous.

  13. Rich (original) 18 Jul 2011, 3:30pm

    Ben Daniels is stupid, while Rupert is smart. Simple!

  14. Do ya know,it’s called ACTING! Why should where someone wishes to stick his knob be an influence on how good an actor he is?! Seriously,this is the 21st century for chrissakes! And if Everertt can afford to eat out ever night of the year if he chooses,well he must be very thrifty with his money ’cause I can’t think of 1 decent film he’s made!

  15. Gay Daily Mail Reader 18 Jul 2011, 9:37pm

    This is the 21st centuary and ordinary people are going public about their sexuality! Actors and pop stars were the first to come out in the early Eighties when there was a lot of hostility towards gays. Nowadays being gay is almost seen as a desirable lifestyle choice and every time I open the paper there is an out-gay man in it. By all means if you are an actor come out unless you plan on appearing on Iranian TV!

  16. Rich (original) 18 Jul 2011, 10:34pm

    Intelligent people doesn’t watch TV

  17. I love Ben Daniels. He can come to my place any time he likes.

    He came out years ago. And in the 21st century it should not be an issue. Other People make it an issue.

    Go Ben.

  18. MARY j MOSS 5 Dec 2012, 3:04pm

    Bring back Ben Daniels to Law and Order UK’ The series isn’t the same without him.

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