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California governor signs bill for gay history in schools

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Reader comments

  1. This is a beautiful day :) Milk would be proud!

  2. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 11:24am

    Glad this has happened.

    It’s a positive step for Equality and dealing with homophobic bullying.

    Now… what about marriage Equality?

  3. When I read the headline itself I was a little hesitant – not because I think this a bad idea (far from it) but because of the backlash that could result …

    That was until I became aware that other strands of equality have their history compulsorily taught in schools – now I wholeheartedly endorse this as an appropriate, honest approach to instilling grounded and fair knowledge.

    As for those (and they will come) who state this is about sex – there is no mention of sex education or discussion of sexual practices in this – its about cultural history of gay people (history, culture and politics – not about the mechanics of sexual activity).

    Well done, California – hopefully equal marriage is next!

    1. Unfortunately, Stu, there will always be backlash no matter what the LGBT community does. I don’t believe that will ever go way entirely…certainly not in our lifetime. What it does do is provide an oppurtunity for young LGBT people to have some positive historical role models and, hopefully, grow up with a little more feeling of self-worth. And who knows? With better education and awareness, maybe we’ll turn out a few less future bullies. But getting back to the backlash….who can we always count on for that? Yep, you guessed it:

      1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 2:06pm

        I agree, I think we have is a generational thing and hopefully as each generation passes things will get better.

        They are so far, lets hope it gets better.

        1. Oh I’m sure it will, Jock. There’s progress all the time. But honest to god, with all the idiot Michele Bachmanns and Rick Santorums running around, sometimes it gets a little discouraging.

          1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 3:59pm


            Here’s hoping though they are the thing of the past.

  4. I live in California. Governor Brown’s office in the State Capitol building is four blocks from my home and he and his wife live two blocks from where I work. I’ve seen him out and about periodically over the years and even had the pleasure of meeting him back in the 1970’s when he was Governor the first time. He’s a good man and I have to say that today I’m very proud of both him and out state. Now, it’s on to ridding ourselves of the miserable Proposition 8 so that California can become the next state with full marriage equality.

  5. Yes, well I suppose it is “politically correct” – in that it deems it unfair to blot out a chunk of society and its place in history purely because of sexual orientation. What could possibly be wrong with that?

    1. I think its a good thing.

      I was concerned about the compulsory nature of having to teach a particular curriculum (which part of history would not be taught (for example)) but if other factors of diversity are having their history compulsorily taught then this makes sense.

      I tend to favour light regulation of education in terms of curriculum – but I do understand that it should be equal regulation.

      I think this is a good thing and positive outcome for LGBT people and wider society.

    2. The legislation is expected to have impact beyond California’s borders.

      Since the state is a major purchaser of educational textbooks, national book publishers often print books tailored for California curriculum that other states utilize.

      1. “The legislation is expected to have impact beyond California’s borders.”

        I hope it does, but unfortunately many of the publishers (McGraw/McMillon, Silver Burdette, etc) often base their standards on Texas’ standards due to Texas purchases K-12 curriculum series from a single publisher as where almost all other states purchase k-5, 6-8 (sometimes they combine K-8), and 9-12.

        With Texas setting the standards for publishing companies, we’ll be taking many more steps backwards before we are able to move forward again.

    3. Sin is what is wrong with that.
      Please I urge all of you to realize how desperately we all have fallen from the glory of God. It is with love that I beg you to see all of your sins, not just homosexuality, for what they are. I beg you all to turn from your sins. God is a perfect, holy and just God and because of that he will accept no one into the kingdom of heaven unless they put their faith in Jesus Christ and TURN from sin. This country needs to go back to where we came from and that is the Bible. The further and further we run from the truth the more this country will die. This was not just a step in the wrong direction but a giant leap.

      1. What is wrong with that – your comments Kurt, is intolerance and lack of acceptance of the way some people are created – which leads to hatred not love

  6. Well done, California and Governor Brown.

    Jock and Dana, exactly, Now on to marriage equality in both California and the UK.

    Most of the opposition to the bill Gov. Brown signed came from religious cults, especially the roman variety. Children should also be taught about the oppression and subjugation of Jews in Spain during the inquisition and it’s bloody history in other parts of the world, especially in what is now Latin America. Undoubtedly, crimes against humanity for which it has NEVER been brought to justice. I understand children in California will also learn about the potato famine in Ireland, quite right too. So too, should they be taught about the crimes commited by the roman cult including the molestation scandal.

  7. A great day. Well done, California.

  8. No lesson in gay history would be complete without mentioning this guy.

    1. Who is the guy anyway? – apart from someone with a very sore arsehole and probable faecal incontinence.

      1. Its a Mapplethorpe photo.

  9. Wonderful! I wish Mr. Milk were here with us to see this…

      1. lmao. Genius!

  10. So happy for the state of CA for having such a forward thinking Governor and one that is committed to doing the “right thing”!


  11. jamestoronto 15 Jul 2011, 4:07pm

    I applaud the Governor and the state legislature for this bill. I wonder though, how long will it be until a lesson is actually taught?

  12. W.J.Mathias 15 Jul 2011, 4:25pm

    AS far as “sexually brainwashing” what have christians been doing in schools for the past 2,000 years?

    1. What have they been doing? Teaching the Truth! All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. What do we have to gain from being forced to teach this in school? When do you draw the line between what is right and what is wrong? I’d like to know exactly what kind of brain washing is going on in schools these days by Christians? please tell me where i can find a public school system that teaches Theology over Evolution? where can i find a school that teaches right from wrong based on Biblical principals as opposed to the principals of “what ever makes you feel good as long as you don’t hurt someone else”? Show me a public school system that even teaches the BIBLE as the written word of God as it once was? I would love to attend a school that is unashamed to speak the truth to this disgusting generation (myself included) Because we are all sinners we NEED the truth. Turn from you sins and put your faith in Jesus Christ or go to Hell. Show me a school that teaches that?

      1. Hopefully none because religious indoctrination should never be appropriate for schooling.

  13. Great news for CA. How many years will we have to wait for a foreward thinking move here in the UK?!

  14. God Bless Jerry for doing the right thing the gay Christians have been praying for this for years now.

    1. Please explain how you can be Gay and a Christian? I don’t want your opinion I want Biblical references please. If you don’t believe the Bible is true than you are not a Christian so please stop calling yourself one. The word Christian means a follower of Christ… is that what you are doing in your Homosexual relationship? Are you following Christs example? I am not saying that you need to be perfect, but how can you say you are living a life that has been surrender to the will of God and yet refuse to lay down a sin that is all consuming? If I told you I was a Christian Adulterous or a “Thieving Christian” would you not think I missed the point of living for Christ? As a christian we are called to DIE to SIN and have life IN CHRIST. How can you do that if you are not even trying to KILL your sin? Please do not misunderstand me I am not judging you in anyway I just want you to know that if you truly believe that you can be Gay and follow Christ the Bible does not support that.

      1. Please also note that your math on “2,000” years is in fact impossible. First our current calender was established some time near the BIRTH of Christ. Assuming that the school system was started and influenced by the teaching of Christ directly following his Resurrection, you would be off by about 33 years. since the Apostle Paul is credited with really jump starting the church some time later this puts you off by about 60-100 years, then assuming that it took some time to get the Romans off our backs you are off anywhere from 100-200 years. Honestly by the time the Christians got sick of the Catholics and got around to posting the thesis on the door of the church and sailed across the ocean to establish America founded on Biblical principals we have really only been “brainwashing” for about 260+ years. But again, please show me examples of your so called brain washing I just don’t see it? Also, have you sat in on a college lecture lately? There is nothing christian about it.

      2. Why are you on this site, Kurt?

        Its not a site for theological debate (although many of us could have it with you)

        The venom and hatred emanating from your comments is unwelcome

  15. religious groups complained that it was “politically correct”? lol. ignorant bastards

    WOOT WOOT for equality

  16. Oh boy. Here we go:

    Describing himself as “one of California ‘s top opponents of placing ‘LGBT’ personages in school textbooks” (one must have goals),’s reliably boundless Randy Thomasson is responding to Gov. Brown’s signing of the FAIR Education Act — responding with a instruction that parents pull their kids from schools…

  17. State Senator Mark Leno Explains Why California’s New LGBT History Bill is So Important: VIDEO

  18. I am sorry but I don’t think this is strictly necessary. We gay people, like the black people, the women, the handicapped people and many other groups that all through history have been subjected to prejudice, segregation and violation of rights, are just like everyone, like any other people and shouldn’t be treated better than others. The history of LGBT people, from Alexander the Great to Harvey Milk, is the history of mankind, as we have been through the background of history all the time like every other human groups. Of course, this is just me.

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