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Anti-gay groups defend Michele Bachmann’s ‘gay cure’ clinic

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 14 Jul 2011, 5:17pm

    Of course they would but then this is coming from people whose only purpose/attitude to LGBTQI people is to damage them.

    Then they wonder why the backlash towards them.

    1. David Myers 16 Jul 2011, 9:06am

      Good for the backlash! Bachmann is even crazier than Sarah Palin, and almost as stupid . . . almost.

      1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jul 2011, 8:32am

        Think they breed from the same mould…

        1. On Michele Bachmann’s strong homophobic stance I would liken it to a form of personal bondage, personal despair and personal enslavement to an ideological tradition that is entirely misguided, intrinsically hostile and dangerous and that has no worth.
          Both Sarah Palin have intellects that would be better suited to working behind a cosmetics counter in one of the less fashionable,family department stores.

          1. Jock S. Trap 18 Jul 2011, 8:23am

            I agree. The fact these people actually get into positions of power is a concern.

            The fact they have such high ambitions is even more of a concern.

  2. People who attend medical facilities, like a “clinic” do so to receive medically recognised and approved treatment. So-called “gay cures” are utterly de-bunked as nothing more than snake oil by professional bodies for psychiatry and social work and it is profoundly dishonest – if not actual malpractice – for someone styling themself “doctor” and offering mental health care services to do anything but offer medically-grounded assistance. If someone wanted to “pray away the gay” there are plenty of churches they could attend if they want to wallow in closeted self-loathing. Curative therapies are a swindle and anyone who likes to get vulnerable (often younger) men to tell them their deep dark fantasies and homosexual urges should be looked at closely as being a raving closet case themselves…

    1. David Myers 16 Jul 2011, 9:09am

      These kind of “therapies” can cause serve psychological damage, and in the case of at least one young man severe depression and suicide. See CNN’s Anderson Cooper – “The Sissy Boy Experiments”.

  3. “Why is it acceptable to mock faith in God to overcome unwanted behaviours like homosexuality in their lives?”

    To cut a long story short… Ted Haggard.
    Do I even need to mention George Rekers?

    1. Commander Thor 14 Jul 2011, 6:24pm

      Bisexual if he were 21, or needs somebody to carry his luggage?

      1. Quite, and more to the point, it’s wasn’t for a lack of ‘god in their lives’ that they found themselves respectively snorting crystal meth in a hotel room and going on holiday to Europe with rent boys.
        Give Mr Bachman time and I’m betting some rent-a-boy will fall out of his closet too.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 8:44am

          Oh I have no doubt, it’s the usual run of things.

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 8:43am

      Yep, those darn “unwanted behaviours”…. nothing about Christians treated LGBT people as unwanted people?

      No, that’s different of course.

      1. Ain’t it ironic how the very people who label those particular behaviours as “unwanted” seem to be the same ones who end up wanting them so much.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 11:35am

          Now ain’t that true!!

          Definitely flapjack.

          1. Ward and George in Hawaii 16 Jul 2011, 10:45am

            It is a wonderment to us that no one has noted his uncanny resemblance to Benny Hill!

            Ward and George

          2. Jock S. Trap 17 Jul 2011, 8:32am

            lol … poor ol Benny Hill.

  4. Ooer missus 14 Jul 2011, 6:51pm

    I hope she gets selected as the GOP (republican) presidential candidate, the campaign would be so entertaining and she would stand no chance of winning.

  5. I am gald to see people standing up to this type of clinical behaviour.

    It would also be good if people stood up to clinicians who try to convert young transsexual people to homosexual in clinics in Toronto and London.

      1. I suggest you educate yourself. Read and The same occurs in the Portman clinic in London.

  6. Hmm,does this ‘clinic’ wish to take up my offer to have a stab at curing me?! I ask simply ’cause I imagine only those who are in a vulnerable ‘state’ would even contemplate taking this ‘cure’! Now,I’m more than happy with my sexuality.But it’d be interesting to see how successful they’d be! And YES I AM THAT SURE that they couldn’t ‘cure’ me,hence my challenge to them!

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 8:46am

      I’m wondering what they would say to someone who approached them to be ‘cured’ of being straight in favour of being Gay or Lesbian?

      Would be interesting to get a secret recording of a response from such bigots.

      1. David Myers 16 Jul 2011, 9:12am

        Great idea!

        1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jul 2011, 8:33am

          I’m guessing the response wouldn’t be great..

  7. Unwanted homophobia.

  8. Kenneth in Canada 14 Jul 2011, 11:56pm

    I feel that it is UNBELIEVABLE in 2011 that there are still people that feel that since someone is not exactly the same way they are they need fixed. Have any of these people looked in the mirror, looked at their own families and what do they have hiding in the closet! Obviously some people will not agree with my comments however I do not agree with this clinic so we will have to agree to disagree. The Divine made us all different for a reason, if everyone on Earth was the same it would be a boring and horrible place to live. Some times we just have to open our hearts and let people live their lives the way they want to. If people are not hurting each other then leave them alone!

  9. She denies evolution. She thinks we descended from two people called Adam and Eve, not that we evolved as scientists say.

    What can you expect from sometihng this stupid and/or ignorant?

    1. Adam and Eve had two sons. They had no daughters. I have read the how to commit genocide book known as the Bible.

      Unless there was some crazy stem cell research carried out to produce babaies from two men and for some sort of womb implanted in one of them, Bachmann’s story is false:)

  10. These christian ex gay groups are nothing but criminals who kill gay children with something that don’t work. They are a scam and a fraud to get money from suckers who hate gays. These ex gay clinic people need to be arrested and put in jail for all the harm they do. What a joke pray the gay away, if prayer worked but it don’t. This is proof the Christian religion is a fake and afraud, now used to harm more children after the Catholic Church has hurt so may children by their pedophile priest who raped and abused them. Have all the Christians gone crazy? Tell the Christians to leave the children alone and if harmed arrest them.

    1. Quite right, this type of fraudulent practice does need to be criminalised and the “therapists” charged with intent ti harm and defraud the public. The law should also require these fraudulent “therapists” to undergo diversity training.

      1. Would like to add that parents who force their children to undergo ex-gay therapy should be charged for criminal child abuse.

        1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 9:02am


          Forcing any child to be religion when they don’t understand is indeed child abuse.

    2. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 9:01am

      Well said, Paul.

  11. rosana Kikuchi 15 Jul 2011, 6:14am

    Gay clinical cure? What a load of old bollocks! I could open a clinical cure ignorant twat I make a fortune on your own.
    I found this fabulous comment and applied it here.

  12. These are historic times in the States.

    Yesterday, July 14, California’s Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law landmark legislation composed by Sen.Mark Leno that would require the historical contributions of gay, lesbian and transgender Americans to be included in history lessons and classroom textbooks.

    Crackpots like the Bachmans may be found in the footnotes along with Anita Bryant…. then again, maybe not.

    1. Yes, let’s hope their names are included as part of the gay history and will forever be remembered as ridiculous, homophobic laughing-stocks.

      1. David Myers 16 Jul 2011, 9:14am

        Hear hear!

  13. Bitch aint getting it right from the ig ole glitter queen os a husband

  14. These so called clinics just try to brainwash Gay people into hating their own sexuality; that is not a cure just loading people with guilt. How can you fix something that isn’t broken? What we need is cure for the mental illness that is religious belief as this is what drives most bigotry. And remember, nothing fails like prayer. Even the Templeton foundation scored an own goal testing the efficacy of prayer: Sick people being prayed for actually faired worse that those who were not.

    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 2:11pm

      Yes, hating their sexuality, hating themselves and loading them with guilt….

      Does anyone see, yet again, any projection here with these people who wish to do the brain washing?

      Are they trying to cleanse others or really themselves?

    2. True – like the saying says: Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day. Give a man a religion and he’ll starve to death praying for fish.

    3. It is called being catholic. I was raised in that faith. The guilt is part of the package.

  15. There are plenty of things to turn a gay guy straight.

    1. You bitch……but its true

  16. I hope the GOP is mad enough to give her the nomination. Obama will come back with a landslide.

  17. Christian.

    Three cancers need to be addressed in Western society, or we shall never have any peace and progress as a group. Muslims, devout Christians and straight black males.


    1. Enoch we’ve already talked about this shut up with the racism and why only devout christians and not only devout Muslims.

      1. Hate bigots 19 Feb 2012, 6:38pm

        Because Muslim is Muslim. Other tags don’t exist for Muslims. Christians in the west have at least started looking at things from logical and rational point of view but Muslims continue to blindly believe in the plagiarized drama book written in the Arabian desert by a lunatic and madman.

  18. The US is full of Crazy Christians like her and her husband, the US needs to have a warning sign on it, Watch out for Crazy Christians.

  19. This is woman and her husband are dangerous people posing as Christians. Gays all over the world, particularly marginalised, young gays are advised to ignore any comments the woman or her husband make and to shun any publicity given them. There is no such thing as a ‘cure for being gay’ as being gay is not a sickness. It is people like this woman and her husband who are the cause of gay suicides, gay murders and the escalation of gay hate because of their anti-Christ, gay hate message. Unfortunately, vulnerable, young gays listen to the venom that pours forth from the mouths of these people and others like them and the result is often disasterous. Do not vote for them or have anything to do with them other than pray that they change from their self destruct path of hate.

    1. David Myers 16 Jul 2011, 9:18am

      I sure like this “Rich” so much better than that dispicable troll also known as “Rich”. You redeem the name. Thanks.

    2. There’s hope yet though Rich, just recently gay scientists claim to have isolated the Christian gene ;)

  20. She also signed an anti gay vow that says blacks are better off as slaves.

    1. Yep, I’m sure she yearns for the good old days when all minorities knew their place, bar one.
      Perhaps if she turned the clock back a further 50 years and was forced into a Stepford-style stay at home homemaker existance she’d have pause to reflect on why there are civil rights movements from her chain by the kitchen sink.
      She sure as hell wouldn’t get to be a presidential candidate if it wasn’t for the sufferagettes.

  21. Religion is a coping mechanism for those incapable to understand the complexity of the world…..

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