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Twitter’s most powerful LGBT people

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Reader comments

  1. Including Anderson Cooper here seems a bit dodgy when he isn’t out?

  2. Is Anderson Cooper gay? Why on earth a person would follow anyone on Twitter is beyond me. Kudos to Karl Lagerfeld for bagging himself another hot young model, lucky b@stard.

  3. Anderson Cooper is out.

    He has not uttered the words ‘I’m gay’ but seeing as he lives an openly gay private life with his male partner then he absolutely should be included.

    1. An OPENLY gay PRIVATE life? Whatever.

      1. Yeah well. He’s a celebrity who gets his picture taken when out and about. Why should he get treated differently than a straight star?

        AND he’s been on Top 50 Influential Gays List (or whatever it’s called) for Out Magazine in the US for several years.

        He’s out.

    2. Does a straight celebrity have to say they’re gay to be counted as straight?

  4. martyn notman 13 Jul 2011, 7:06pm

    er kudos for gaga for being our friend n all, but is she actually gay?? I follow Neil Patrick Harris, Chris Colfer and Madame Fry and they are all very funny usually- but best ones Russell Tovey, his tweets fab.

    1. Note it said LGBT people not Gay people, hence as a bisexual person yes, Gaga is allowed to be in the list

  5. How come you missed out Ricky Martin

  6. Waiting for hoards of people to deny that Gaga is bi…

    1. martyn notman 13 Jul 2011, 10:15pm

      bi-polar maybe

    2. I suppose people want proof or something, but if Mother Monster self-identifies as bi that should be enough for anyone

  7. Russel Tovey say’s hi.

  8. BruceWillisFan 13 Jul 2011, 8:25pm

    Hell Yeah I am so glad that both Darren Brown & Lindsay Lohan are both on this list, I think thats awesome, fecking A, plus I follow Lindsay Lohan on Twitter as well & I think she is amazing, yeah. :)

  9. Another Hannah 13 Jul 2011, 9:45pm

    Too many people with too much time.

  10. Yet not one of them apart from gaga would I have a drink with.

    If this is true the best of lgbt people don’t use twitter. Just the attention seeking ones. Minus gaga again it’s just good for her as an artist to get word out on her gigs.

  11. martyn notman 13 Jul 2011, 10:24pm

    forgot sue perkins..shes worth twitter all on her own…

  12. Ranking Twitter users, LGBT or otherwise, on numbers of followers alone is not a measure of power or influence, but of celebrity. I just think of someone like Gwyneth Paltrow, who gained hundreds of thousands of followers without ever issuing a single tweet…

    It would have been more interesting to use an analysis service, such as Klout or PeerIndex, to look at how much certain tweeters influence and interact with other people. That’s where the real power on Twitter lies.

  13. First: Where is Adam Lambert with his 1,119,542 followers? Second: since when Anderson Cooper is out and proud gay man?!

    1. Here here!

      I think most people, in the UK especially, tend to forget about Adam… Poor boy.

      1. Adam is an absolute King of Queens. Love him to bits.

        1. Absolutely ridiculous that Adam Lambert was not included. Not only does he have the followers but he has been openly out from the beginning and publicly supportive of gay programs like the Trevor Project. (Unlike some who popped out mid career just ahead of outing or are still living in glass closet or self-described ‘bi’ pop culture divas.)

          1. That unapologetically openly gay Adam Lambert with his 1+million followers is missing from this list makes this list seem poorly researched.

  14. David Waldock 14 Jul 2011, 11:26am

    Surely the most powerful Tweeters are the ones who aren’t “celebs” but are there all the time, drawing attention to abuse, showing positive role models and generally raising awareness of what it’s like to be LGBT every day of the week.

    Coincidentally, kudos on producing a list of LGBTs without a single T…

    1. @ David

      See my comment in reply to Suvi-Tuuli Allan

  15. So, the most powerful lgbt people doesn’t include any trans people? You could have at least not got my hopes up and called it LGB.

    1. Well surely leaving out the T would preclude any trans people from ever being on the list?

  16. Too many self-important people with delusions of grandeur and lesser mortals with too much time on their hands hanging off their every word. It says a lot for Pink News that it deems this sort of thing worthy of coverage.

    1. also say a lot about you posting here!

      1. Agreed James.

  17. Chris Jepson 14 Jul 2011, 1:21pm

    Karl Lagerfeld is an odd choice – he only tweets about once a month!

  18. Suvi-Tuuli Allan 14 Jul 2011, 1:25pm

    How is this “LGBT”? It is just LGB. There are no trans people on that list and we all know why. However, there are quite a few cissexist transphobic bigots on that list.

    1. These lists are usually pretty stupid. However this one is at least based on an objective measure of the number of followers. So if you’re aware of a trans person with more than 621,000 followers let us know so that the Pink News story can be amended.

    2. Yeah we’re just not that well known. But I share your annoyance that a list described as LGBT once again doesn’t have a single trans persons on. We remain invisible.

  19. Hopefully these ‘powerful LGBT people’ will ask UK followers to sign up to Peter Tatchell’s new petition for marriage equality.

    1. I just did.

  20. Julian Morrison 15 Jul 2011, 3:43pm

    GLB is more like it, and nearly all G.

  21. I love Ellen!

    1. Ditto!

  22. ghthddrhghn 21 Jul 2011, 10:30am

    Tom Downes is Gay

  23. Your goddess 8 Aug 2011, 6:51pm

    Follow @metalmujer for some simple truths.

  24. did not know Derren Brown was on twitter… i know what im doing later :D xx

    1. Sounds like my thoughts! : )

  25. Very interesting read. I had not realized that some of these on the list were “out” as they say or that they even Tweeted!

    Thanks for the info, now to “follow” them too! ; )


  26. WTF is Lindsay Lohan doing in there?! Shame John Barrowman isn’t in there. I’m were I am because of him and his openness about being gay! He had a far greater impact on me coming out than anyone in the list!

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