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Jersey allows religious civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Don’t understand…religious CPs with a religious cermony in all churches…is that really true…is it going to be exactly like a religious soleminised marriage then? The UK change is only to allow the registration of secular CPs in chuches where most churches will opt out…doesn’t sound the same to me….but granted 1 month to get the details sorted out is quick, the UK will take up to over 2 yrs to get the one liner change sorted out…..Well done though to Jersey.

  2. Jock S. Trap 13 Jul 2011, 11:23am

    It’s a stepping stone in the right direction.

    Here’s hoping it won’t be long for marriage Equality.

    1. Given that Jersey didnt have any recognised form of partnership for same sex couples it is indeed progress (and further than most jurisdictions have managed at first attempt). Further progress is needed and I hope soon we will establish full equality in Jersey and elsewhere

    2. Spanner1960 15 Jul 2011, 10:19pm

      Bugger stepping stones.
      Give us equality.

      1. I want equality – nothing more, nothing less …

        but it is churlish to deny where progress has occurred

  3. I am very moved by this small island community and their gesture towards futhering same-sex relationships. Thank you. Larger countries have not so much humanity or grace, including my own country, Australia!

  4. A civil partnership cannot be religious.

    The secret lies in the word ‘civil’.

    This is yet another attempt to hide the fact that same sex couples are being denied access to the legal contract of civil marriage solely because they are gay.

    And seeing as most churches are poisonously homophobic this inclusion is pretty meaningless.

    Shame on Jersey for legislating for continued discrimination against gay people.

    Civil marriage is a civil right that is denied gay people.

    Another word for this discrimination is ‘apartheid’.

    1. Spanner1960 15 Jul 2011, 10:23pm

      Thank God. (or rather don’t), someone sees this the same way as me.
      This is simply reaffirming the complete cop-out the government is making in order to appease the Christian bigots who consider marriage a uniquely religious ceremony, even though millions of heterosexuals get married in registry offices with not so much as a crucifix or Koran in sight.

  5. “is not the same as marriage but it is an absolute equivalent to marriage”

    So why isn’t it called marriage then?
    If it’s the absolute equivalent, what’s different?

  6. Sounds like doublespeak. But it is obviously a welcome development for gay people on the island.

  7. SteveC and John, totally agree with you. It ISN’T an equivalent of marriage and never will be. There are no mandatory vows or exchange of rings, differences in the way pensions are distributed and no divorce proceedings, just a dissolution of the contract. Having sex also does not seal the contract as legally consummated either. A straight married couple who had a civil ceremony could have their marriage declared null and void if it wasn’t consummated, not the case for gay couples. If for the sake of argument, the government were to abolish marriage for civil partnerships, you can bet the majority of the straight population would be up in arms over it and so too would the religious cults. That’s how important it is. There’s no getting around it. It always has been and always will be the universal gold standard for legally recognised relationships. CPs will NEVER attain such status at home or abroad.

    1. Spanner1960 15 Jul 2011, 10:24pm

      Also married people are obliged to live together. People in CPs are not.

  8. I have a question. I am a dutch citizen and am married but we are moving to the UK. How does the UK regocnize our marriage and should we get a CP to protect ourselves?

    1. I am not an expert but I suspect you would have to legally fight (currently) for your marriage to be recognised officially in the UK and a CP would protect you under UK law. I think there will be progress to equal marriage but we are a little way off yet

      1. Others have already fought and lost to be regarded as married. It would be absurd to give foreigners rights that are denied to British Citizens.

        1. It would also be absurd to give up fighting for what is right

    2. It’s not recognized as marriage in the UK. The nearest you will get is that it will be downgraded to CP level. You will not have the same rights as in the Netherlands.

    3. Foreign gay marriages are recognised as CPs in the UK. But I suspect you knew that already.

      1. But you will have exactly the same rights as heterosexual marriage I believe.

        1. Ward and George in Hawaii 14 Jul 2011, 4:24am

          WRONG Arfur!

          George and I are MARRIED in Canada but when we return to our homes in Hawaii we are NOT married! Our own government relegates us second class citizenship. Very creepy after 55 loving years together

          1. Jock S. Trap 14 Jul 2011, 8:43am

            Indeed, the world that accepts marriage Equality needs to link up and accept all and send a message to all those homophobic country and a positive message for all those LGBT people within them.

          2. What does Hawaii have to do with UK law? Your Canadian marriage would be recognised as a CP in the UK, with all the rights of marriage here.

  9. Religious civil partnerships are worthless.

    Why not just have state marriage and be done with a cult institution that doesn’t want you.

    1. Some people do want a religious element to equal marriage – clearly not you, nor me for that matter – but why shouldnt gay Christians or Jews have the option?

      1. Obviously they should, but Adam is an intolerant troll.

    2. Jock S. Trap 14 Jul 2011, 8:44am

      Religious CPs are not worthless to the people that want them.

      Which is why CP need to be as Equal as marriage.

      1. I do wish people would stop using the phrase religious CPs….it’s not correct…CPs are always civil in the UK, as for Jersey I suspect it’s just copies the UK legislation but since they’ve come after us they don’t have to amend the approved regulations for CP venues. They also appear to mention the soeminisation of a CP and I really don’t know what that mean, we simply register CPs. It’s the churches that decide whether they perform a SS ceremony, it’s an internal issue not governmnet one, and this is already done by a few of them.

        “religious” CP are worthless to a lot of religious people becuase marriage to them is a religious issue and a CP is not a marriage so simply registering a secular CP in a church is failry minor.

        We need to just say we want equality with straights, it’s not up to the Govt really to outlaw religious marriages in the UK if ever they decide to give us marriage. The church will do that work for them since they will always be given a choice to opt out of it

        1. CP is simply a form of marriage. Allowing people the religious freedom to conduct this in their church or temple if their denomination supports that is an essential element of religious freedom that is strangely opposed by some religious groups who want to ban it for everyone, whatever the persons actual religion wants.

        2. When I marry my lady, we both want a marriage ceremony of faith before a priest/vicar of Christian faith, saying words that are meaningful to people of our faith. The key word is faith. In a CP, you can’t even have text or music that is religious or faith-based. This does not equate to a marriage to me. As I’ve said elsewhere, I couldn’t give a flying fig for some government lackey to say now half my belongings are hers, when what we want is for solemn and faithful promises and vows made before God.
          The difference to us is huge. Whether you or anyone else likes it, is neither here nor there. It’s my choice to be a Christian, it’s not my choice to be gay. Being a gay Christian is no more difficult than being a gay atheist, because I have yet to find anything Christ allegedly said that meant thou shalt not be gay. He said plenty about not hurting children though.

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