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Video: Clinic owned by Michele Bachmann and husband tries to ‘cure’ gays

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Reader comments

  1. This woman and her ‘loving Christian family’ need to be stopped, sharpish.

  2. I wonder if she has ever seen Sordid Lives? If I were to ever encounter this babbling bitch, I’d go to prison for sure!

  3. Let her carry on. Another nail on the cross of religion.

  4. The brilliance of the anti-gay extreme: So convinced that gay is the worst thing ever, they even have “reparative” programs. And yet they lie about having the programs. Hm, doesn’t that show that you’re ashamed of it? You know that this is wrong. So if you know what you’re doing is wrong, and yet you keep doing it in secret, doesn’t that just mean you’re getting off on hurting other people? Great job at being Christian, guys.

    1. Deeside Will 12 Jul 2011, 7:05pm

      The entire “ex-gay” movement relies heavily on lies, deceit and subterfuge.

  5. Now we just have to wait for video of Mr. Bachmann together with one of his rent boys to emerge.

    1. Commander Thor 12 Jul 2011, 6:12pm

      Well even homophobes need somebody to “carry their luggage” sometimes, if they have a “bad back”.

    2. Look him up on YouTube and see which you think is camper – Marcus Bachman or a row of pink tents.

      1. Actually, after giving it some thought, I’ve decided that Marcus Bachmann would make a wonderful First Lady. I can see him with white gloves and a little pillbox hat…just like Jackie Kennedy.

  6. Jock S. Trap 12 Jul 2011, 5:24pm

    Ditch the bitch and all the bigotry with her.

  7. Michele Bachman and iris Robinson would make a nice couple, they could each make wooden crosses and give each other tantric yoni massages with them. Maybe then they would stop making crosses for other people’s backs.

  8. Can’t help feeling that a clinic that cured people of bigotry and delusional belief in magic would be more productive and beneficial to society as a whole.

  9. jamestoronto 13 Jul 2011, 3:28am

    I am sure these nut-jobs would be much more successful doing stand-up comedy somewhere in the Arctic. Bachman, Palin, Gilliard, Robinson. What a team!!

    Really where do they find these people?

    1. The gutter.

  10. Of all the horrible things that fundamentalists do, this practice takes the cake,
    It is absolutely repugnant and should be outlawed since it is psychologically very dangerous and totally ineffective. It leaves it victims with terrible guilt and failure from a practice that cannot possibly work. It is satanic, not Christian

  11. “In the footage, John Becker, of gay group Truth Wins Out, is told by a therapist: “The truth is that God designed our eyes to be attracted to the woman’s body.””
    Where do I begin unpicking the stupid in that statement?
    1. God ‘designing’ our eyeballs is contentious at best, and has been dismissed on many occasions, not least by Richard Dawkins who can break down the evolutionary progress of the eye through light sensitive cells to more complex human forms in easy steps.
    2. The hormones and brain are in charge of interpreting sexual stimuli, not the flippin’ eyeballs.
    3. If eyes are ‘designed to be attracted to women’, how do you account for gays and straight women? Do we have physically different eyeballs to everyone else? Maybe Bachman’s confusion about the function of human sensory organs derives from the fact he lets his ass do the talking.

  12. john sharp 13 Jul 2011, 3:06pm

    read the bible and become gay is that what they say
    thanks for the wise information
    the bibile is indeed an amaising book

  13. I would say no more humane to do in this life? Will care for an orphaned or give bread to the hungry more pleasing to God? Love one another as yourself, divide justice belongs to God, you talk as if it were a gay disease, please it is intolerant. Do not know why I relate more to these thoughts futile days of black slavery and black people fought against this indguinação and today are successful and the same thing happened to gays … VICTORY FOR GAYS!

  14. She signed a vow that says blacks are better off as slaves, I guess they are also working on making blacks slaves again at their anti-gay clinic.

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