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Lib Dem MP says Home Office appears ‘institutionally homophobic’ on asylum

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Reader comments

  1. paul canning 12 Jul 2011, 6:29pm

    Here’s the LGBT Asylum News story which expands on Hancock’s comments and his reasoning

  2. Father Ted 12 Jul 2011, 6:38pm

    He looks like Father Jack Hackett.

    1. My thought’s exactly…Drink!

  3. “Ug. Me am homo, ug, let me in.” Yeah sure, then you’ll head straight for the nearest mosque and start ranting about us.

    1. Not many Muslims in Uganda

      1. About 13% Ugandans are Muslim and about 85% Ugandans are Christian (split roughly 50-50 between Anglicans and Roman Catholics), the rest follow other minority religions or none.
        Any faux gay Ugandans who succeed in gaining entry to this country on those grounds are probably more likely to head for the nearest Evangelical Christian church.

        1. Violent homophobia is so entrenched in Uganda, it’s extremely unlikely that anyone would falsely claim to be gay. Anyone simply perceived to be gay, rightly or wrongly, faces being murdered with an iron bar or lynched

          1. Oh and bigmac, racism is just as ugly.

      2. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2011, 8:03pm

        Are you sh|tting me? West Africa is rife with Islam.

        1. Uganda isn’t in West Africa

  4. Yeah, that’s right. and “Big Mac” is SO English……. You don’t have to be ignorant to have views like that, but it helps. I’d suggest a few too many burgers have given you BSE…

    And exactly how is someone who escapes from prison in Uganda, fails to get asylum and then is forcibly repatriated supposed to be ‘discreet’ from the point at which he arrives at the airport.

    I’d suggest that his constituency MP has seen the full facts of the case, good and bad, and I will listen to his judgement and not to oppinions like yours that came out of the sea when you evolved from a fish and should seriously go back where they came from.

  5. I’m Scottish and well hung.
    We can’t have hundreds of Muzzies pretending to be gay just to get into the country. There are plenty of alternative destinations, Turkey for example.

    1. Well hung, really? Thanks for telling us that. Is that why what you write is balls?
      Only 12% of Uganda is Muslim, it’s mainly a Christian population. (And you might like to look through a few other articles on PN to see what an inclusive, tolerant and loving bunch they are.)

    2. jamestoronto 13 Jul 2011, 4:13pm

      “Scottish and well hung” – what the hell has this anything to do with this item. “Muzzies” Your racism is just as ugly as the fundamental religionists. Could you cite your source for the claim that “hundreds … pretending to be gay” (besides your own warped mind, that is)?

      1. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2011, 8:06pm

        I think he is trying to explain his nom de plume, i.e. Scotsmen are called “Macs” and apparently he is big in certain quarters.
        Geddit? Oh never mind, it wasn’t very funny in the first place,

  6. Protest March&Rally

    Join the “Secular Europe Campaign” in this protest march in central London

    Saturday 17th September 2011

  7. Jock S. Trap 13 Jul 2011, 8:46am

    This government does need to act on this issue.

    I realise it’s a difficult job but they need to act quickly.

    Saying the Home Office is ‘institutionally Homophobic’ is nothing new, it has been so for years but now they have said change must come and they must keep up their promise.

    1. The employees need proper training, as it seems that some may come from homophobic backgrounds and cultures.

      1. I suspect that they do get training in how to be as confrontational and adversarial as possible during interrogations (oh sorry, “challenging interviews”).
        They also supposedly get training in equality issues as affects their colleagues. Strange how it seemingly doesn’t transfer over to dealing with “clients”.

      2. Jock S. Trap 13 Jul 2011, 11:21am

        That is true Alf and this job is hardly the right place to be discriminating when it is a hard enough job in the first place.

        The problem we have is I believe that more people will fake being Gay or Lesbian in order to try and get into the country and by doing so will make it harder for those geniunely in need of our help.

        The fact that people will act so selfishly, I just hope that those in charge will be able to distinguish between the geniune and the fraud.

        But if people want to blame someone blame the fraudsters and see how much tougher they make it for geniune LGBT asylum seekers.

  8. I have my suspicions as who who gets selected to interview asylum seekers who claim to be LGBT.
    The whole system is adversarial anyway – with the focus seemingly on denying all asylum seekers entry wherever possible, no matter what party is in power at the moment.

  9. That is not True. How can you prove some-one is gay? until they find the gay gene and we can do a blood test… its pretty dodgey saying that anyone from a homophobic country who says they are gay can just walk into the UK.

    1. Jock S. Trap 13 Jul 2011, 12:45pm

      Have they found a straight gene yet?

    2. ” its pretty dodgey saying that anyone from a homophobic country who says they are gay can just walk into the UK.”
      I don’t think anyone is saying that.

      1. @Rehan

        I also dont see anyone saying that. I see some saying that homophobia MAY be a reason to consider asylum or temporary right to remain in the country – not sure anyone is suggesting much more than that

      2. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2011, 8:08pm

        Rehan :” its pretty dodgey saying that anyone from a homophobic country who says they are gay can just walk into the UK.”
        I don’t think anyone is saying that..

        I think a LOT of people are saying that for the simple reason it is very difficult to confirm or corroborate.

        1. Sorry, I meant I don’t think anyone is seriously advocating it.

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