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Lesbians speak up – we can’t see you

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Reader comments

  1. Horray, let’s get Bindel talking for LGBT women! We know how well she treats and considers trans women, lesbian or not…

    1. Precisely so.

      “There are few women able to be seen as human beings without a specific label,” says noted, vocal transphobe.

  2. Ciaran McHale 12 Jul 2011, 4:02pm

    “Name some high-profile gay British men. […] Now try and do the same thing with lesbians. The likelihood is that the second list is noticeably smaller.”

    I agree it is lamentable, but I think you would spot the same problem if you replace “gay men” with “men” and “lesbians” with “women”.

    In other words, perhaps the problem is more to do with general sexism than lesbian-specific sexism.

  3. Where are all the lesbians? Down at Candy Bar if Channel 5 is to be believed.

  4. Why is notorious transphobe Julie Bindel being asked for her opinion. Her position as an outspoken bigot should be made much more clear in this article.

  5. My girlfriend is transgender so according to Bindel and others I’m probably not considered a lesbian at all. Perhaps that has something to do with it?

    1. She’s being a bit of a hypocrite here, the whole ‘finding out from bigots’ thing – bet she’s not counting herself in that list of bigots!

  6. It is so hard to take someone styling themselves as a warrior for tolerance and visibility seriously when she has a history of her own bigotry. So while I was pleased to see comments from Heather Peace who, as patron for Manchester Pride and all round nice person, is doing great for lesbian visibility (and, let’s be honest, chancing her career) I found it impossible to stomach the rest of the article. Shame. There is a point to be made but Bindel is not who I want to carry the flag for us. It is not acceptable – when a target of bigotry and hatred – to turn around and pass bigotry and hatred on to someone else.

    1. Absolutely not – couldn’t agree more Valksy!

    2. Well said. we get people like her who feed the sterotype of lesbians being just man haters on one side and other people making it about sexual titilation on the other. We need more of the trans inclusive lesbians I know and love who are in it becuase they love women rather than politics speaking for us rather then Bindell.

  7. Because some people don’t really believe lesbians exist. Sad but true. They think we all just kiss each other to get the attention of guys, or, if they see us kissing our girlfriends, will ask to ‘join in’.

    1. Yes, indeed….
      Or when only just walking hand in hand with my GF being asked by some idiot guys if they can ‘join’….

      1. Exactly, Angela S. That happens all the time and I’m bl**dy sick of it. To me it stinks of men thinking they own and control women’s sexuality. In some cases it gets beyond stupid comments and approaches sexual harrassment.

  8. “Docking also believes that it’s easier for lesbians to hide their sexualities: “The issue is that lesbians can be invisible if they choose to hide… [and] ‘pass’ for heterosexual. Some of the experience of colleagues who are gay men is that they are visible – they can’t pretend to be something they are not and pass for heterosexual.”

    What a crock of sh1t! LGBTQ people throughout history have often had to pretend to be something they’re not, so to say that lesbians would be able to do this more easily is just BS!

  9. Bindel say: “It’s down to us who have a bit of clout. Otherwise, how on earth do young people find out about what it’s like to be a lesbian?…. From bigots?”

    Bit like finding out about trans issues from you, eh Julie?

  10. Ironically there are many lesbians out there more than happy to out themselves for a political cause, they just won’t do it in front of a camera. Why should they? Many of them have no desire for their 5 minutes of fame, particularly since they can’t trust the media to be sensitive. Where are all the lesbians? Usually quite busy making a difference.

    1. love this!

  11. We need more lesbians on tv and in charge.

    That way I’ll get more rock music, muscle cars and power tools on tv and not period drama love crap soaps ^^

    Just wish I wasn’t afraid of females. Even when I dated them I was scared.

    1. I’m a lesbian and I would be putting period drams and crap soaps on telly over muscle cars and power tools. :-P


  12. Jan Bridget 12 Jul 2011, 10:31pm

    That’s because you are only interested in ‘famous’ lesbians! There are lots of lesbians around the country who have been fighting for LGBT rights for years but the pink media, like mainstream media, prefers to ignore us.

    1. People like Jan Bridget have been wonderful lesbian role models

  13. It’s disgusting that Bindel (a well known anti-trans campaigner) is being given space on PN.

  14. Heather Peace = <3

    Can't wait for the second series of Lip Service.

  15. Galadriel1010 13 Jul 2011, 12:30pm

    Try listing BBC top stars on a male and female list. I bet you’ll get more gay men than women in total. That could be the problem, maybe?

  16. EDL supporter 13 Jul 2011, 6:34pm

    where are all the dykes? Holland.

  17. Where are the lesbians? Good question.
    Answer, Might we consider the accepted,
    promoted, dasterdly, Sexism. Yes, even in the lesbian/gay community, surprise, surprise. Look at the plight of women, world wide, lesbians are women. Of course, this is not” The Answer”, but part of the problem.

  18. Well, there are some I definitely do not want to be considered a role model associated with me, and Bindel is one of them!

    She is giving a bad smell to being lesbian, being a feminist AND being a woman…
    The way she denounces trans friends of me in the same way being lesbian or gay was being denounced some 50 years, or even less, ago makes her in my view not much better than ANY bigot who is against all of us who do not fit in the narrow gender binary view of the world these bigots have…..!

    1. On the other hand, we have quite a few examples of people who were totally flabbergasted to hear my GF and I are a couple…
      We’ve ‘only’ been a couple for some 12.5 years now….
      At a bi-queer-trans event at Pink Pride two years ago my GF was in a workshop about preconceptions, and when they had to line up in a line from heterosexual to full gay/lesbian, she was considered by most likely all to be the heterosexual in the group….. She has and at that time had long hair and at that moment was wearing a dress…..

      But, as even our LGBTQI peers do not identify us as lesbians (actually I identfy as bi-pan, as I can’t care less about what the person I love is, other than that she needs to be comfortable), how would the rest of society, outside of some horny guys, notice us…..
      Do we need to stick a sign on?
      Or should all of us that prefer women go back to the ‘dress code’ of no long hair, no makeup, sloppy clothes, or whatever stereotypes we can think of that quite a few did, and >2

      1. >2 …….. some still do, look like?????
        It definitely would bring back our visibility…
        But, it’s not what I am prepared to….
        On the other hand, for the rest I’m out and proud, and every colleague I worked with over the last 25 years knows…

  19. And I clearly was not the only one who does not want to be associated with Bindel as a ‘role model’…..

    She’s a role model for if you want to know how to damage your own cause, and support the bigotry of those who are against all of us…

  20. It’s never bothered me people thinking I’m lesbian (I’m not, as it it matters to anyone), or asking me. I take it as a compliment when men or women show an interest in me (usually, of course there are a few who don’t seem to know the difference between interest and harassment). I do get annoyed when I am accused of being lesbian. When I had short hair (I used to shave my head quite often) it was pretty much just straight people deciding I was lesbian. Now that I’ve let my hair grow long I get more attention from men (not good though), and tend to get asked rather than told. It really annoys me that people feel the need to categorize each other. And if you don’t fit then people don’t quite know what to do with you or how to treat you.

  21. She who dares 14 Jul 2011, 9:55pm

    Great article – about time this issue was brought out of the closet. There is definitely a need for more lesbian/bi role models in society. Growing up, I remember my only available objects of desire or role models were straight women playing gay characters. So well done Heather Peace for keeping it real :)

  22. I completely agree with what your all saying, there are no role models now nor were they when i was younger. thats probably why i never felt able to come out until i was 21. but i have to say this, i am a mum and i had my son before i even realised i was gay, it took alot for me to come out as a gay mum due the the guilt i felt that my son would be bullied or harrassed because of who ‘I’ was. even so, i took that step and it was, and still is hard. i am proud to be a lesbian but i want people to see my family as ‘normal’ and to me that means not shouting from the rooftops that we are different. the other side of me however, the young, proud lesbian woman- will go out on a night and not nessesarily hide the fact i am gay. so my question is this- how do i find the medium? how do i be who i am and be proud when inside i worried to death that who ‘i’ am could cause havok on my sons life?

  23. Jessiepeace 10 Sep 2011, 10:47pm

    I am so glad Heather peace has done so well. It is probably due to the way a lot of straight famous women put themselves out there.

    But maybe their will be a Lesbian idol for us all to look up to soon, Its got to happen sooner or later.

  24. horray!! somone mentions it!!!! we really do need some LGBT female role models, i would have loved to have some to look up to while i was coming out, it might have made it slightly easier :) xx

  25. ‘and when they had to line up in a line from heterosexual to full gay/lesbian, she was considered by most likely all to be the heterosexual in the group…..’

    Didn’t some nasty folk from Germany do that 70-odd years ago?

    Strange how old tendencies still persist, however much people try to justify them

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