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Deputy speaker Nigel Evans: ‘I lost 35 years of my life in the closet’

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Reader comments

  1. He’s only been out less than a year and he’s already trying to rename homosexuality. A light moment in an otherwise dull interview with a deeply damaged man who thought nothing about voting to consign LGBT kids to the very closet he says ruined his life!

  2. Zero tolerance? What has he to say about Chris Grayling, Theresa May, and all the other bigotted opportunists? The answer is It’s all about me me me, who cares about the other queens. Give him another chance and he’ll vote for section 28 once again.

  3. zygo ville 11 Jul 2011, 8:56pm

    So Nigel Evans is still friends with Ann Widdecombe? Hideous. And he doesn’t think she’s homophobic either! Her voting record on gay equality shows she was one of the most damaging people who ever entered Parliament, and now she’s trying to reinvent herself as a light entertainment staple. Evans needs to take a long, hard look at who he associates with, consider what his views actually are, and demonstrate how he’s going to put right what he did when he supported grotesque anti-gay legislation in the past.

    1. I think he voted against Section 28, so at least that is something in his favour, but I agree he should try to distance himself from the likes of Ann Widdecombe as she will be surrounded by RC priests who are the biggest closet **ckheads in the world.

  4. Bill (Scotland) 11 Jul 2011, 10:18pm

    The first three comments above show clearly that blind and bigoted attidudes are not limited to the heterosexual ‘homophes’! I think the word ‘Tory’ is enough for them to clap their hands over their ears and shout “la la la I can’t hear you”! It would be funny if it weren’t a sad illustration of the pointless prejudices which exist within the so-called ‘gay community”.

    1. No in this case we are just sick and tired of people who have lied and hidden themselves for most their lives and done things to actively harm the lives of lgbt people all because they were to much of a coward to be honest about themselves.

      Now all of a sudden wanting absolution and to be brought into the fold and become a towering figure of opinion and insight into gay lives.

      He wants the spotlight and to raise his profile by doing the new hip thing. Say your gay.

      Literally being gay is like the in thing. So many failing actors and actresses and musicians all coming out as bisexual and gay is like >.>. Now politicians are at it.

      Too afraid until now but plenty to say about it.

      That’s why were fed up of them. They only bother to acknowledge they are gay when it suits them to be in the spotlight but were willing to harm others to hide.

    2. Did I mention the word “Tory”? Do I hold more open MPs like Chris Bryant in any higher esteem? No.

      I have a problem with this man’s constant attempts to talk about how awful his life was when he had an ACTIVE part in making life awful for teenage LGBT people. I would like him to stop hogging the limelight and show some humility.

      Sadly your comments are indicative of wanting everyone to accept every newly out person with open arms based simply on their sexuality and not on their past character, attitude and actions. I prefer to hold people in high esteem based on more than just which gender they find attractive.

  5. Bill (Scotland) 11 Jul 2011, 10:32pm

    Further to my earlier comment I should add that at the time of the Conservative leadership election, caused by the resignation of William Hague (when I was still a member of the Conservative Party), I wrote a number of comment articles in my own website (prior to commencing my blog in 2002) about the various candidates and was in email contact with all of them. An email exchange I had at the time with Crispin Blunt then was thrown into sharp relief when he much later ‘came out’, and became much more understandable to me in retrospect.

    I resigned as a Conservative when Iain Duncan Smith became leader, but it is good to know there are people like Nigel Evans and Crsipin Blunt who are still there, even if their earlier conduct leaves much to be desired. I may no longer be a member, but I know in my bones that neither the neither the LibDems (Jae, please note) nor Labour have all the answers. Personally I prefer to try and see the best in everyone.

    1. You like to see the best in the Tories you mean but jumped ship when they elected a leader who had no chance. … Yea >.>.

      You see the best unless lib dem your new buddies or labour because they don’t have answers.

      Deluded comes to mind.

      And that’s just because you think politicians actually have any answers at all

    2. Need I point out my disdain for certain Lib Dems (past and present) like Simon Hughes. You think everything boils down to “We hate the Tories” or partisan politics when in this case, well certainly in my case anyway, it boils down to a dislike of hypocrites and those who’ve supported homophobic legislation.

      I think the Tories do have some good ideas. As do the Lib Dems. The jury is out on Labour until they actually get some ideas but I’m sure they are just as capable. What this has to do with whether or not we put up with Nigel Evans tale of woe I don’t know.

      1. Don’t get me stuck on Simon hughs. Him and people like him sicken me. They have very seedy life styles then think they have the moral right to dictate down to us our rights and how we should live and who we can love and marry.

  6. The guy is a media whore. He’s the ricky Martin of politics. Only bothers once he needs to get some publicity. Must need some money.

    This guy will have a book out next >.>

  7. dave wainwright 12 Jul 2011, 1:54am

    Frankly I will not even read this article as Nigel whatever his name is and his opinions and thoughts hod no interest for me whatsoever , my time on Earth is limited and I do not intend to waste the valuable moments I have left on reading anything he has to say for his abysmal life and record to date .

  8. He’s certainly a politician, isn’t he, that’s obvious in everything he says. It’s ok to be gay now in the Tories and somewhat popular therefore it’s now ok to say I’m gay (particularly as he’s not a minister or in contention for a top job) and anyway has to be “impartial”. It’s sill not ok to condemn Anne Widdicome or come out and actually say his govt and party are in favour of marriage equality and will bring it in by 2015 and give us true equality and therefore he won’t say that, he’ll just say something woolly and tow the party line. I don’t think I really care which MP/lord is gay or straight or in the closet or not can they just show a bit of leadership and start giving us equality and stop talking about what we should have (ie equality) and not doing anything about it.

  9. He made a pact with the devil for the sake of his career. Too late to regret it now – he’s had the benefits, Satan won’t make him young again.

    I think there probably were some gay people in Swansea in 1973 but that Nigel chose not to see them.

  10. 2 faced nigel 12 Jul 2011, 7:42am

    “admiration for his “icon” Margaret Thatcher’s move to sell council houses to tenants ”

    Did Mrs Thatcher sell council houses to LGBT people? I presume it was open to all tenants but gay couples had no tenancy rights in the days of “the ICON”

    1. Sickening people have died or killed themselves because of his icon

  11. Well after reading this morning on the U turn on at the human right commision, hold on to your hats because perhaps any voice, we will need soon .

  12. FIGHTFOROURRIGHTS 12 Jul 2011, 8:34am

    0845 604 6610


    1. The court case against the British govt , of which Nigel is one of them, was highlighted in the Telegraph a few weeks ago and PN didn’t alert anyone of that fact. Something a little more important that this pathetic interview with Nigel. I’d like to know whether the Tory/lib dem govt are going to oppose this, probably not after this little gem of news and that will include Nigel ..I wonder when he thinks Chris Bryant will ever be allowed either to have his marriage in the same place as Hague, he certainly won’t be allowed to have any religious aspect to it and I doubt whether Nigel will ever fight for that….

      1. The recent intervention by the Equalities Commission supporting discrimination against gay people throughout Europe I don’t think was reported, and would have passed under the radar were it not for live blogging by someone from the Guardian at the Synod of the CofE.

        Can you imagine what will happen in countries with a religious majority if a precedent is established that religious people can legally refuse services to gay people, even in government departments? Why is the Equalities Commission supporting this and Why have we not been told before they intervened in the case?

        1. It reminds me of when the (previous, I think) government quietly sent in a QC to Europe to successfully argue against marriage being a human right. Looks like the same thing is happening again maybe.

        2. It would have helped if some gay websites had reported the telegraph article back in June 5th, at least we would have had some warning and background to the whole thing and starting complaining….has the govt already responded to the case? as for the equality commission intervening in this way is beyond belief, haven’t they read the court judgements, how “broad” is broad? have they got a definition for that word?

          “European judges have ordered ministers to make a formal statement on whether it believes Christians’ rights have been infringed by previous decisions in the British courts, which have repeatedly dismissed their right to dress and act according to their beliefs..”

          What is the govt’s answer?

  13. His ‘Icon’ and friends brought in Section 28 … twit.

  14. Well now he’s out if the closet maybe he can do something about the Equalities Commission dumping gay equality and supporting Europe-wide discrimination against gays in their intervention in the Ladele and others European Court case.

  15. What rubbish! a had a lovely family- beautiful children, a successful career, plus coming out without repercussions!
    A waste indeed!
    How des he think his children will feel being called a waste?
    he is indeed a true politician!

    1. He’s not got children thats the other guy

  16. He says..”Why should people who were born gay have to lead second-class lives anyway?”

    Indeed, so why isn’t he advocating for same-sex marriage?

  17. FIGHTFOROURRIGHTS 12 Jul 2011, 11:53am

    So bored Mr Evans as a gay man of 48 who came out when it was still very much reviled, of hearing of your own self pity. Perhaps if you had any sort of back bone you would have stood with the rest of us and fight the dreadful party that you now stand for. As with the news of the Equailty commsion now backing the relgious right to discrimnate against the gay community. You might now show some real gay sprirt and stand down from the tory party and stand for a party that want to inculde gay rights and make us equal

  18. Spanner1960 12 Jul 2011, 12:18pm

    Oh, it’s “Slag off the Tories day” again.
    Seems like maybe that’s every day. You lot have very short memories when it comes back to the previous incumbents that spent 13 years completely trashing this country, and creating at least one new law for every day they had in power, but “Oh yes, they gave us CP’s” (under pressure), so they’re alright then.

    1. Hmmm not really short memories saying as we’re remembering the terrible damage, much worse than Labour ever did, the last Tory party did however I agree Labour is becoming far to right wing these day’s, almost Tory. Labour gave us all our equality laws the Tories have given us discrimination laws I think I can see why the LGBT community might be against them.

    2. bystander 2 Oct 2011, 9:41pm

      Its a case of ‘damned if they do and damned if they don’t’ where the tories are concerned. People will criticise them for being in the closet and criticise them for coming out and “who cares anyway?” when they do. Perhaps this reaction is why so many “dozens” of MPs (of all colours) stay in the closet. The carping and vitriol they face when they come out is enough to put anyone off. And anyway, who cares?

  19. People seem to be being a bit harsh alright I understand he should have come out but we need every ally we can get even if he is a Tory

    1. pathetic!

  20. But this wretched man hasn’t yet admitted to or apologised for destroying other peoples lives as he repeatedly voted for prejudice and hatred and crushing more honest people from his place in the closet.

    Too many kids have actually killed themselves because their parents wouldn’t accept them due to the lack of honesty, gutlessness and willingness to lie of people like Evans?

    Are we supposed to admire him ? I don’t think he’s fit to be in Parliament at all.

    I feel the same about Betts et al but at least he never voted to screw us repeatedly.

    I’m afraid the Conservative party did oppose legality for us, then opposed equality for us, then opposed talking about us in schools at all and then opposed a legal status for our relationships. How can we forget “Pretend families” or “teaching kids they have an inalienable right to be gay must be stopped etc”

    Perhaps, like Evans, being a Conservative really requires a degree of willful forgetfulness, stupidity and dishonesty.

  21. I feelo nothing but contempt for a revolting creature like Nigel Evans.

    I am also deeply disappointed at how lazy this Pink News artcile is.

    Why is Pink News giving a platfiorm to a man who consistently voted against LGBT rights because he was too cowardly to come out?

    As for other ‘closeted MP’s’. Well I would like them all to be outed if they have a homophobic voting record like this Evans scumbag.

  22. Nigel Evans opportunistic, cowardly scum.

    Pink News should not be writing such fawning articles about politicians who have consistently voted against LGBT rights.

    I hope Evans is not re-elected.

    A man that is so willing to throw his own community under the bus is clearly not fit for purpose as either a politiciam or a human being.

  23. How many people did he use to cover up his inclinations?

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