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Coronation Street stars complain about gay characters

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Reader comments

  1. “If you walked down any street in Manchester you wouldn’t see so many. It is disproportional.” – I’ve not been to Manchester often, but from the one time I have been, I had to laugh out loud at that statement :-)

    1. I suggest a new character: a black gay man in his forties, camp as Christmas and a Christian fanatic, living with his drug addicted mum who he tries to keep on straight and narrow. Maybe he could be a cross-dresser. That could help with ratings and inches of column. Let alone complaints. Not that I know of any.

      1. Staircase2 12 Jul 2011, 6:25pm

        ‘Complaints’ or black gay men in their 40s who fit that stereotype? (Its you right?) lol

        1. Hm…are you from NOTW?

  2. i also laughed about nick cochrane calling the current lineup “far-fetched,” like any soap opera is not far-fetched. besides, after 50 years of mostly all straight characters, that show needs a lot more glbt roles to even come close to being proportionate.

  3. Another Hannah 11 Jul 2011, 10:26am

    If it wasn’t for it being set in Manchester I might think they had a point, but given it’s in Manchester, with Manchester’s large gay population, there’s no problem. Brian Sewell just makes himself a bit of a living rubber stamping the bigotry of hetero people, as do some others, which really is pretty damning of how much bigotry there is in this country. Secondly of course, you have to understand that while this soap has a reasonable representation of every other soap and program is wildly, and hugely underepresenting, which is absolutely appalling in this era. No sign of even poor representation.

  4. I don’t watch it but 4 gay characters out of a regular 65 characters does not seem diusproportionate.

    “Charlie, who plays gay dad Marcus Dent, retorted: “I wouldn’t have thought four characters out of a cast of about 65 regulars was excessive.

    “Sewell seems to suggest there’s something morally reprehensible in being gay, and that there’s some kind of promotion of a gay agenda at work (led by a sinister-sounding ‘mafia’).

    “But in fact you barely see a kiss from the gay characters, just like our heterosexual counterparts. It’s not a ‘sexy’ show.””

    1. Another Hannah 11 Jul 2011, 10:36am

      Can’t say i partiuclarly want to see tonsil boxing by either gay or heterosexual characters though to be honest though Pavlos, what about the drama and the story.

      1. @ Another Hannah:
        That comment was from a member of the cast, but it’s true that Coronation Street is not a sexy show, it doesn’t dwell on the sex lives of any of the characters gay or straight but it is all about relationships and drama.
        The idea that there is a disproportionate number of gays in the show doesn’t seem to be based on fact but rather it’s an artifact of homophobic attitudes from people who don’t want to acknowledge human diversity or that gay people can and do exist and live ordinary lives in any street.

  5. Another Hannah 11 Jul 2011, 10:33am

    As someone who is trans what is stinkly bigoted is of course that the trans. person is played by the very nice, but none the less hetero JH. That was our representation then was it! The lack of the slightest effort to try to ensure trans. representation in this country is beyond a joke. I work hard, get excellent results (no4 degree in country, exams, etc…) spend all of my time pursuing performance stuff to the exclusion of all else (and will continue to do so, because it’s what I like doing) and I can’t even get a single audition or to even be seen properly. That’s real bigotry, boy is Sewell talking out of his spoilt behind.

    1. de Villiers 11 Jul 2011, 5:16pm

      Are you saying that trans characters should be played by trans actors?

  6. Quote: …a horde of homosexuals…

    1. Is that the collective noun for a group of us now?

      1. A mince of art critics.

        A convoy of lesbians.

        A horde of homos.

        That’s what my dictionary says.

        1. A burning pile of dead Enochs.

          1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 10:28am

            No the fall out from that might be too toxic.

            He can spew that much poison and be harmless.

        2. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 10:27am

          Yeah I’m guessing your ‘dictonary’ says a lot of things to justify your hatred… sure it’s not a bible?

  7. This is an Equility Issue, how many straight families are in the street compared with the 3 LGBT couples, you may find that this group is under represented, It would be of interest if Granada could produce an anlsysis of it work force to see it overall commitment to LGBT, disbaled people……?

  8. A murderer and the accomplice are ok not too far fetched but too many queers. bloody idiots

    1. Paddyswurds 11 Jul 2011, 12:39pm

      … only Midsummer has more murders than Corrie….farfetched? Ha! Methinks this outcry (whinge) is more about blatant homophobia than anything else.

  9. Oh how confronting the inversion of heteronormativity…

    Welcome to our world

  10. I have to confess I come from Manchester and I don’t know anyone killed in a tram crash, accused of murder or anything else. Daft and homophobic argument. Just because people don’t dress like the Naked Civil Servant doesn’t mean when you walk past them they’re straight. A soap enters the home life of people that you don’t see – isn’t that the point?

  11. Urban areas have a higher gay population, so actually I don’t think they have enough if they want to be truly representative.

  12. It is also unusual for nearly every one in the street to have spent time in prison for one thing or another i.e Gail, Steve, Deardre,Beckie, Kevin,David Platt, Fiz, Tracey, Jim McDonald to name but a few have all spent time inside (a lot of them for murder) so to pick out a disppropotianate number of gays in one street is tantemount to homophobia!

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 11 Jul 2011, 1:22pm

      Was thinking exactly the same myself – just trying to work out how many people I live near that have been inside. Can think of a few that maybe should be locked up, but I’ve only managed one so far and she’s moved out of the area

  13. Haven’t watched cornation street for several yrs but I would have thought they had run out of straight story lines..perhaps they’re catching up on a few gay story lines until we’re bored with them as well, they’ve got a few yrs to catch up though…our recognised relationships etc are only 6 yrs old and we’ve only have relatively more rights until fairly recenlty, straight couples and their dominance on TV have been knocking aroud a long time, what more storlines can they dream up…..who cares whether it’s realistic, it’s got to be entertaining as well and anyway who knows how many gays etc are in a particular street, we don’t have 2 heads , there’s nothing much to distingush us from the rest of the crowd..

  14. I’m not sure it’s fair and blanaced to repeat quotes from old interviews, some many many months old and present them here as recent facts. No Journalistic honesty.

  15. Ricardo Duarte 11 Jul 2011, 12:20pm

    Nick Cochrane, who played Andy McDonald, said: “How many streets in Britain would have schoolgirl lesbians, gay married couples, a transsexual and children to gay couples? It is a little bit far-fetched.”

    To answer your question Nick Cochrane … more than you would imagine if you took the time to pull you head out of your mainstream ass and look around carefully.

    Far-fetched is the lack of LGBT representation at large with its almost total and complete omission of non- heterosexual and non-mainstream characters. Too many gay people?!?!?!? Euphemism if ever there was one. How many heterosextual people? Has anyone ever complained about the number of heterosexuals on television?

    1. Paddyswurds 11 Jul 2011, 12:44pm

      ………..I think Cochranes problem is a fairly large helping of sour grapes. Just because they got rid of his ugly mug off the street and he hasn’t been seen on anything since, he is throwing a little tantrum “so he is” .

    2. My gaydar’s not so good with guys but from the amount of lesbians I’ve seen in Barking where i live i’d say its under representing us.

  16. Um, Ben Wotzit of Stonewall clearly can’t do the math. 6 per cent of 66 is 3.96, just over half of the current representation of gay/transgender/transsexuals on the street. He also can’t get his facts right. The last government estimation of the number of gay people in the UK is closer to 2 per cent meaning an accurate representation would be less than LGBT 1.5 characters. These facts concur with new Corrie producer Phil Collinson’s stated intention of upping gay characters and gay storylines to suit his own personal tastes. This may seem like great news for us, but the fact is that Corrie has lost 3 million viewers – a third – of viewers since he took the helm. Ramming home a trendy minority agenda has clearly alienated the mainstream public, and that does not make good business sense. Let’s get some semblance of reality back into the street before it morphs completely into Priscilla Queen of the Desert…

    1. LOL no its not its 9.09% …… fail

      1. 9.09%? Oh really? Clearly another victim of New Labour’s failed educational system…

    2. “Ramming home a trendy minority agenda has clearly alienated the mainstream public”

      Oh, no! Wont someone PLEASE save the children for the awful “ho-mo-sex-ual agenda”! Hee-alp! Hee-alp!

      LOL. What a clown.

    3. I am not entirely convinced that Phil Collinson’s intended desire to have a more trendy minority has resulted in the loss of 3 million viewer since he has been at the helm! He inherited a whole load of garbage.Every blog on Corrie, every thing you read about Corrie states people are just plain tired of the boring pathetic lengthy Kevin and Molly -John – Becky and newcomer story lines and plots that are unrealistic. The loss of the once brilliant traditional Corrie humor. Watching Corrie… admittedly it is off the rails! I don’t think it is the gay characters as much as a total loss of direction. The most I have read about the # of LGBT characters on the show has been said by past characters and current cast, and the responding reaction from blogs like PN. Perhaps to get back on track it needs to pay close attention to the original vision Tony Warren had when he conceived the idea for the show, that and a house clearing of at least 20 current appalling characters.LGBT? least of all.

  17. “If you walked down any street in Manchester you wouldn’t see so many. It is disproportional.”

    Stupid comment… this assumes we all have “queer” tattooed on our heads to make us so obvious.

    1. Exactly, succinct and to the point

  18. How many streets in Britain do you know that have had several fires, 2 tram crashes, numerous murders and over 5 characters that have been or are in prison at any one time? Yet they claim the amount of LGBT characters is disproportional.

  19. Corries ratings are suffering, because people are switching off, so we’ll see a drop in gay characters soon.

    Maybe they need another tram crash…

  20. And I’m sick and tired of the ever so dominant straight majority in every walk of life shoving their sexual orientation down my throat be it holding hands, kissing in public to explicit sexual situations on t.v. Nobody complains about that! Sewell needs to get a life and grow up. There are other people in the world besides straights. Let’s face it, it is they who’ve done a remarkable job in f—king it up if you look at the state of our planet today in terms of wars, environmental pollution, corporate corruption, violent crime statistics, religious bigotry, the list is endless.

    1. de Villiers 11 Jul 2011, 5:19pm

      I’m not sure you can blame world war and the collapse of the banks on heterosexuals as a class of people.

  21. Yes if I lived in Coronation Street I’d be more concerned about the possibility of getting murdered than whether the neighbours are gay, straight, bi or trans.

  22. does it matter how many are LBGT? it’s rather hypocritical to worry about reality when you have so many disasters etc happening plus you need to have your sense of ‘reality’ switched off with many soaps as they are so unrealistic plus many people act contrary or illogical when it suits the script, I am unaware of any totally realistic soap

  23. Corrie has always been gay. Ena Sharples and Elsie Tanner were luminous cross-dressing men.

  24. you need to allows make sure that there is diversity, everywhere, the only common denomimators has to be humanity, and equal rights and fairness, no racism no bigotry, no defamation, no harrassmnet, not hate crimes, people actually being humane, instead of terrroiest and animals like many hetersexual biggots with horrific evils in there own lives and running behind gay community complaining about good people in their community and families, the hetersexual people making the statement for eq;ual rights ssaid right, they no more good gay people than good hetersexual people thats hard to find the gay people got the award for the most humane sosciety inthe nation and the safest and freindliest , people , over half of the nation is gay and they need more gay entertainers for all of the gay community from soap operas to kid gay shows for gay teenagers, and elderly sitcoms and movies, gay; families are not up into hetersexual people, they want to see their own famiiels and their own childr

  25. On a seperate issue, Manchester City Council is still to publish it HIV service plan which was held through consultation and not yet published.

  26. I lived in Manchester for 18 months and would definately say the number of homosexuals in Corrie is under-represented. The majority of the the first floor in the building where I lived were gay. One bloke even used to call it the gay floor. I totally agree with the comment about the amount of people on Corrie that have been in prison. I think people forget that it is a fictional TV show trying to repesent the whole of the UK on one street.

  27. If you swapped the word gay for black you’d think they were a bunch of bigots.

    p.s. disproportional is not a word.

  28. Of course it’s not disproportionate, go to any city or suburb of Manchester, London, Brighton, anywhere and you’ll see far more gay people in a street than you do in Weatherfield.
    Things to remember are a) This is a soap and b) Brian Sewell really is a tedious little man trying to keep his name in print.

  29. This idea that 3 gay characters is a little far fetched whilst tram crashes, psycho killers and numerous murder attempts by driving into a canal is an example of everyday life in Manchester. It is supposed to be entertainment

  30. So, how many gay characters is acceptable? None, would be my guess.

  31. Jock S. Trap 11 Jul 2011, 5:20pm

    “but three couples seems excessive”

    Seriously? Esp in a place like Manchester, London etc, I think some people like Brian Sewell, would be horrified to see that three couple plus is more of the norm, just like everyone else.

    I guess these people would like to think there isn’t that many LGBT people but fact remains their are.

    1. jamestoronto 11 Jul 2011, 11:03pm

      In the neighbourhood of Toronto I live in, one would be hard-pressed to find 3 STRAIGHT couples on the same block. Any storyline that is based in a large city will have several characters in it. As you say three couples is a reasonable repesentation.

      1. Jock S. Trap 12 Jul 2011, 11:55am


        I think also people in cities are more likely to be more open than some from rural areas so people like Brian Sewell go on the people who keep quiet about themselves.

        1. I usually agree with what you say. But I don’t with the rural city thing. I grew up in a tiny, tiny village and the only people I remember being particularly homophobic are the lads at school that would call each other poofters or gay, but then the same idiots would call people fat or take the piss because some of us didn’t have adidas. Saying that, my memory could be at fault, as I’ve never given a crap about a persons sexuality. People are just people to me.

          1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 4:16pm

            I guess different people have different experiences.

            I do know some LGBT people in rural areas that are open and have little problem with it but I also know a lot that think twice about being open, fearing the reaction.

            I guess it’s why a lot of LGBT people tend to move to cities because you can be more open.

            I do agree with your comment though in that schools can be the cruelist of places, sadly though for a lot it doesn’t just come from the children.


    1. Jock S. Trap 15 Jul 2011, 4:12pm


  33. Sound like sour grapes for not being on the show any longer, and for those who are on the show, it sounds like they don’t want their job either!

  34. Stephen Frost 11 Jul 2011, 7:34pm

    There are gays in Manchester? WHO KNEW?!! lol

  35. Robert Crawshaw C 11 Jul 2011, 7:43pm

    “Walk down any street in Manchester and you wouldn’t see so many gays as on Coronation Street” HELLO, have you been to Hulme!!!

  36. Carl Rowlands 11 Jul 2011, 7:53pm

    I lived on a street in small village in north Wales with 7 households that were gay! We were loved by the local residents, tidy gardens, window boxes, good jobs, houses maintained. We had replaced the local drug pushers and others. We also had a brillaint social life – in and out of each others houses, a true community. We also set up a residents association that brought people together! Perhaps it was disproprtionate! But so what!!

  37. I do like a gay character but I have to agree, 9 people living in the same street is a bit odd! Even I think it a little odd!

    1. It IS a soap. Bear in mind that little street also had numerous serial killers, psychopaths, blackmail, murder and a tram disaster, I believe. Its not supposed to be an indication of reality. It it was, the real estate prices there must be in pence.

    2. Where do you get 9? The teenage girls, Sean and his boyfriend and Hayley: that’s only 5 who are permanent characters, surely?

    3. Staircase2 12 Jul 2011, 1:47am

      See my comment below then….

  38. Im sorry its completely unrealistic it just wouldnt happen and thats a fact, so many lesbians gays and trans people choosing to live in what is essentially a former victorian slum in Manchester, reality is you would only find that kind of number of LGBT people living in a nice street. Lol

  39. I agree there are to many. Lgbt people in corronation street.

    Sad thing is they’re playing gay wars with eastenders. The one hs big gay story line so the other try’s to go one better and has become ridiculous.

    Then again it’s a soap what do we expect … The only scandal is calling them stars hahahaha

    1. Staircase2 12 Jul 2011, 1:46am

      Define ‘too many’….

    2. Don’t worry there is a solution for too many LGBT characters on Corrie! In true soap tradition like DeRo and Cherolli a solution is at hand! rumor has it that in the new re-writes Phil Collinson has ordered for Corrie when Dylan goes back to his mom… Marcus and Sean will have problems, Eva Price ever the opportunist will see her chance and turn Sean! there by reducing the numbers people are objecting to!………… whoops! sorry had to turn my alarm clock off!

  40. Staircase2 12 Jul 2011, 1:40am

    The street I grew up in had me, my neighbour opposite, his next door neighbour who was bisexual and another friend of ours up the street who turned out to be gay much later.
    Now the house next door to the bisexual boy has a male gay couple living there and opposite they had a lesbian couple until they moved out recently. (Oh yeah – I forgot about the other gay boy who lived round the corner)
    There’s (clearly) a lot of it about….
    And funny how when I was growing up I thought I was the only one! lol

    1. Staircase2 12 Jul 2011, 1:43am

      Oh yeah – I forgot – a drinking friend of my mums back then was bisexual and another one of her friends from the same group later went out with a guy who was bisexual.
      And I always suspected that my dad’d brother was bisexual – ‘suspected’ until one day I bumped into him in a gay bar! lol
      Again: funny how I thought I was the only one!
      Now if I wrote that into a script they’d all be screaming at how unrealistic it is….! lol

  41. Whether or not the amount of homosexuals featured in one soap is ‘correct’ or not is irrelevant. If you take any aspect of any soap, and compare it to life away from the television screen, you’ll see it’s been blown out of all proportion. The idea is that what we watch, whether it’s Coronation street, or Emmerdale; it’s a microcosm of the world in which we live. I think it’s great that there is such a variety of people represented, they’re not all white, straight or stick thin. I think it’s healthy.

  42. dave wainwright 12 Jul 2011, 1:59am

    Maybe they haven’t heard of gentrification of a neighbourhood it improves property prices when gay people move into a neighbourhood tho why any self respecting gay people would choose to live in Weatherfield is beyond me but it appears to be a happening place maybe with pubs going bankrupt all over the Rovers will go GAY in search of business and the PINK POUND as most str8 people appear to be only drinking in Weatherspoons theses days or at home having purchased alchohol more reasonably in the super duper markets , the local boozer of old is so GONE .

  43. What world are these people living in?? In my cul-de-sac alone, myself and my brother are gay, a 25 year old neighbour visits his family most weekends with his boyfriend and there’s a fifteen year old girl who would send anyone’s gaydar off.

  44. Craig (NZ) 12 Jul 2011, 3:35am

    I would have thought they’d have had more of a problem with the straight serial monogamy. Long-running characters have had at least three to four spouses/snogpartners, whereas Hayley, Sean, Sian and Sophie show far less infidelity to theirs…

    And yeah, people down here love it just as much…

  45. Why are gay people and trans people always lumped in together?
    What apart from persecution do we have in common?

    1. Staircase2 12 Jul 2011, 6:24pm

      And ‘divide and conquer’ doesn’t work as a strengthening tactic by the way….
      We are all outside the ‘sexual norm’ (ie read: narrow rulebook as devised by the uptight Christian Church in the middle ages and latterly the uptight Muslim Church(es))
      ‘Queer’ is the word which unites us…

  46. Rashid Karapiet 12 Jul 2011, 10:03am

    Brian Sewell demonstrates once again that he’s really passed his sell-by date and uncharacteristically stupid to boot. Does he – or anyone else – believe the suits at Brand Coronation Street would allow anything into the storylines that might damage the brand?

  47. Rashid Karapiet 12 Jul 2011, 10:20am

    Further to my previous comment, I wonder how much Brian Sewell was paid for his remarks: the free publicity generated for Coronation Street would have been beyond even Max Clifford’s talents.

  48. In some ways, the comments are correct – the number of LGBT characters DOES seem a little disproportionate. But then we have to ask the question – is Coronation Street actually reflective of the Real World? Because I doubt you would find any street in the nation with as many rapists, murderers, thieves, benefit cheats, adulterers and so on. Not to mention some of the characters have been romantically linked with half the residents of the street.

    So, is it realistic to have so many LGBT characters? Maybe not. But Coro has *never* been about realism, it’s about entertainment.

    Although personally I wouldn’t call Coro entertaining, more like torture.

  49. How about the disproportionate amount of deaths, murders, psychopaths, adulterers? Face it, it’s not real – it’s telly.

  50. “If you walked down any street in Manchester you wouldn’t see so many. It is disproportional……….hmmmmmmm so Canal Street must be located somewhere else then

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