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Australian MP challenges overseas gay marriage ban

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Reader comments

  1. Julia Gillard – Oh her. Bit ‘backward’ isn’t she? Well – a lot backward really.

  2. Stuart Neyton 11 Jul 2011, 4:21pm

    Julia Gillard is atheist, female, unmarried and supposedly left wing, leading a country whose population, in opinion poll after opinion poll, overwhelmingly support same sex marriage. Her opposition to equality makes less sense than anyone else i can think of.

    1. That’s because you atheist, liberal, scientific fascists, don’t believe in human essence or spirituality. Emotions, love, and essence cannot be measured under the microscope.
      Liberals are essentially hypocritical, liars, and uncommitted.

      1. Ward and George in Hawaii 13 Jul 2011, 12:29am

        SUCH a nonsense! A distillation of Christianity, supposedly a doctrine of love, soured into vile hatefulness!
        Love thy neighbor as yourself, gone!

        Hypocrisy and lying, as I can see them, are largely represented on the far right.

        I am 81 and see the government reaching into the privacys of my life. As to commitment, my partner and I have been together for 55 year of harmonious love and devotion, joyous too!

  3. Julia Gillard is the Prime Minister who has “traditional” views about marriage. That does not seem to prevent her living with her boyfriend, rather than marrying him. Such inconsistency seems not to bother her at all.

    The CNIs, though, were introduced under an earlier Prime Minister – Howard, if I am not mistaken. The Netherlands has legislation in place, I believe, which specifically exempts Australians and others from recalcitrant countries from needing this.

    Why Gillard can’t muster enough gumption to deal with this situation, I don’t know, unless it is that she harbours a prejudice against the LGBT community, which I suspect is the case.

  4. Is Howard dead? No? Then how on earth has he possessed Julia’s body? Unless it’s her who’s the small-minded homophobe… surely not…

  5. Alf N. Spit 11 Jul 2011, 6:21pm

    Anything to do with the Murdoch empire or similar over there?

    1. Not So Proud Aussie 12 Jul 2011, 9:38am

      Murdoch was born in Australia ….. became an American citizen to expand his media empire and now controls the English media …..

      His mother (Dame Elizabeth Murdoch) is however a very sweet old lady ….. I guess it is a case of like father, like son.

  6. The daft thing is that the CNI is also required by some countries eg France to do a civil union /PACS ie nothing to do with marriage…Australia has state CPs but the excuse even for a CNI for a PACS is that Australia doesn’t recognise marriages from abroad, yet Tasmania recognises them and the states have CPs/unions and should recognise CP from abroad. In any case the CNI shouldn’t worry Australia , it ‘s a requirement by foreign countries only for foreigners to show that they are single in their own native country and there is no impediement to a marriage or CPs abroad. Uness Ian Hunter isn’t in a CP in Australia then there is no reason why Gillard shouldn’t go ahead with issuing them, it’s really a seperate issue to “gay” marriage in Australia and I hope Hunter takes her to govt to court and wins, I can’t see why he shouldn’t, the Australian govt is currently saying a pack of lies on CNIs.

  7. To get married in New York you need only a birth certificate and a pass port. When you sign the marriage licence you are swearing you have not been previously married.
    You might need that document for some reason in Australia, but New York doesn’t require it.
    Here is the link if you care to read up on it.

    1. Are you so confident of your point ? In the link you provided it states “Information regarding previous marriages must be furnished in the application for a marriage license”. To me that may also covers that officials need proof of no previous marriage.

      Although not the USA I married outside my own country and in all the countries my spouse and I researched getting married in, there was a requirement to prove to officials you were not already married.

    2. The CNI is required to prove there is no impediment for you to get married or civi unioned in a foreing country. It was an essential part of allowing foreingers to do a French PACS in France, without it, you can’t do a PACS in France and the Australian embassies refuse to issue them to same sex couples. If you can’t do a PACS in France then you get no rights as a couple there. I know Holland used to ask for them until they realised that Australia wouldn’t issue them. CNIs as far as I know are for foreingers getting married/CPed abroad only, Australia doesn’t need the document and issues them to straights only wanting to get married abroad. There is no link between the CNI and saying Australia will recognise that marriage/CP when they return to Australia. That’s a lie!

  8. australia is a white trash backwater!

    1. harry, as someone who lives in Australia, you are spot on! Our politicians are gutter trash personified! After 200 years, we have a national anthem that no one can likes or can remember the words, we still have the Union Jack on our flag, Liz 2 is the foreigner as our Head of State, our aboriginal people are treated like scum, homophobia is rampant and the list goes on and on! Sadly distance is a huge negative who those who would like to leave! Lucky Europeans, so many choices! One of the biggest lies in Australia is the socalled ‘populist’ saying ‘giving a fair go’ because it only applies to the few conservative heterosexualists who run Australia!

  9. Commander Thor 11 Jul 2011, 8:16pm

    If it is really a problem, a gay male couple and a gay female couple can swap partners (only for legal purposes, no more), and obtain their CNI each. Once they have this, I don’t see why they can’t then marry their own partners.

  10. Like it or not, we will not get gay marriage in Australia for at least 10 years. The Labor party will `compromise’ by offering civil partnerships. Gillard (and perhaps even Abbott) will aquiesce and then claim the issue is settled. It will then take years until after gay marriage is available in most other civilised countries before we get it here. Remember it was decades after decriminalisation in England before we had it everywhere in Australia. I despair.

    1. Peter, you are spot on. The ALP will tear itself apart over same-sex marriage and we know that the Catholic right rules the ALP in Australia. If Abbott wins there is NO hope of same-sex marriage. I doubt that even civil unions will be pushed by Labor because of the vast unpopularity of the current Labor Government. It is such a shame that the ‘marriage’ issue is being aired at this time in Australian political life. I cannot see an Abbott led Government stacked with probably even more elected right-wing Christian nutters, pushing to legislate for more relationships rights for same-sex couples. As I have said before if you are young, gay, educated and wanting same-sex marriage, then get out of Australia while you can. It will be years before such a thing happens. I have also realised that the kind, friendly, caring Aussie is just a myth!

  11. concerned resident E3 12 Jul 2011, 3:01pm

    strange: my husband is Australian and had no problems getting this document before our civil partnership in Scotland.

  12. Angry Gay Activist Tired Of Waiting For Equality 14 Jul 2011, 2:20pm

    I am an Australian and if Tony Abbott wins the 2013 election he will outlaw gay sex – because he said that “he was threatened by homosexuality” on 60 minutes back in March 2010.

    The carbon tax is the biggest issue here and this will kill the Labor party in power with the independents and Greens!!!!!

    We gay men remember everything!!!!!

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