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11 July 2011

  • 11th July 2011

    Deputy speaker Nigel Evans: ‘I lost 35 years of my life in the closet’ 38

    Nigel Evans says there are "dozens" of MPs who have not come out, for various reasons

    8:10 PM — Exclusive interview: In contrast to some MPs, who seem to be regurgitating press releases, Nigel Evans is candid, humorous and happy to chat away. The Tory MP, who is the hugely popular deputy speaker of the House of Commons, came out as gay last December, saying he was tired of living a lie.

  • Australian MP challenges overseas gay marriage ban 19

    Gay couples cannot marry in Australia (Photo: Ludovic Bertron)

    3:57 PM — A South Australian gay MP says he will challenge the country's ban on gay marriages abroad. Upper house MP Ian Hunter and his partner of 22 years, artist Leith Semmens, intend to tie the knot in New York, following that state's legalisation of gay marriage.

  • US Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s husband ‘tried to cure gays’ 141

    Michele Bachmann's husband is a Christian counsellor

    3:13 PM — The husband of Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has been accused of trying to cure gay people. Marcus Bachmann, a Christian counselling therapist, has denied practising 'reparative therapy', which aims to turn gays straight, but several witnesses say the clinic tried to 'cure' them.

  • US city to reimburse gay workers for unfair tax 21

    Workers will be reimbursed for unfair taxes

    2:23 PM — A Massachusetts city will become the first to pay gay public workers more than their straight colleagues because gay workers are subject to more federal tax. The city of Cambridge has been looking for a solution to the issue of unfair federal taxes for six months and now plans to reimburse affected workers.

  • Details of Brian Souter knighthood ‘not in public interest’ 55

    Sir Brian Souter (Photo: briansouter.com)

    9:39 AM — The Cabinet Office has refused to give out information on the knighthood bestowed on Stagecoach co-founder and Section 28 campaigner Brian Souter. Mr Souter, who gave £1 million to a 2000 campaign to uphold Section 28, was honoured with a knighthood last month.

  • Coronation Street stars complain about gay characters 83

    Coronation Street has plenty of LGBT characters

    9:36 AM — Past and present Coronation Street stars have reportedly complained about the "disproportionate" number of gay characters in the soap. Last week, art critic Brian Sewell suggested that Corrie's cast implies Manchester is the "Sodom of the North".

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