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Interview: It’s more than OK to be George Takei

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Reader comments

  1. Legend pure and simple.

    Very interesting guy

  2. Colin Mackay 7 Jul 2011, 9:15pm

    Brilliant man. Absolutely fantastic.

    “At that time we were at war in Vietnam and people ‘like me’ were once again characterised as the enemy. There was my image as Sulu, a member of this diverse multinational team, chipping away at that old stereotype at the same time.” ”

    Indeed, not just to gain acceptance from others but to gain acceptance from yourself. The kind of vitriolic hatred that is aimed at minorities of any type can lower people’s self-esteem and confidence to the point that they accept the stereotyped roles as fact.

    “Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he ran for governor he courted the gay vote saying, ‘I’m from Hollywood, I’ve worked with gays and lesbians, some of my best friends are gay.’ But when it came to it he played to the reactionary section of his Republican base. He vetoed the bill.”

    I’m always suspicious of people who say things like “Some of my best friends are X” as if it adds some sort of credibility. To say that it is irritating would be very under stated.

  3. Gay Daily Mail Reader 8 Jul 2011, 1:47am

    You have come a long way, George. From your parent’s internment following Pearl Harbour, then the inter-racial kiss between Kirk and Uhuru which led to a Star Trek Episode being banned to your marriage to another man. If Star Trek really could accurately predict the future then same sex couples would be as much a part of the show as opposite sex couples. We have come a long way in just 40 years with personal communicators (mobile phones) and asking your computer questions becoming fact. Here’s to the 23rd Century!

  4. George Takei is an international treasure – a brillactor and a tireless human rights activist. I had the pleasure of meeting George briefly in Boston in the mid ’80s. I will never forget that booming bass voice as distinctive as another famous Sci-Fi voice – James Earl Jones the voice of Darth Vadar.
    His partner, Brad, is a lucky man, can you imagine at the “conclusion” of an intimate night at home hearing George proclaim “Oh My!” ;-)
    We can all be proud to have George as voice for our community. As we strive as a community to boldly go to a future where we are acknowledged as an integral part of the fabric of society with rights equal to that of our neighbours.

    1. The first line of that second paragraph is creepy, pure and simple. You sound like a real weirdo. That said, love George Takei, a real credit to us all.

  5. Spanner1960 8 Jul 2011, 8:54am

    Wow. A real rarity for Pink News.
    An articulate, erudite and well written article that actually captured my interest for once.
    Some other writers on here should take a leaf out of Laurence Watts’ book.
    And good on George and Brad too, it’s a brave thing to be a public figure and announce your sexuality, particularly in California; let’s just hope a few more will do it and demonstrate to others that we are just ordinary people that just happen to have a different sex life,

  6. What a fantastic man and such an interesting life. I was watching Star Trek last night as well how odd.

  7. Oh…MY!
    What a legend. I never did work out what Kaito Nakamura’s power was in Heroes; maybe it was to be Takai? The power of fabulous.

    1. Takei even.

  8. Terry Floyd Johnson 9 Jul 2011, 4:53am

    He’s the best and he is Sulu!

  9. Staircase2 9 Jul 2011, 4:39pm

    I love this man :)
    A shining example for us all :)

  10. Rich (original) 9 Jul 2011, 7:39pm

    Good luck, George!

  11. We hope the bill never passes. I say, it’s ok to be takei

  12. Commander Thor 8 Jul 2011, 8:06am

    I’m anti-stupid, but you’re no different from the other millions of idiots.

  13. Spanner1960 8 Jul 2011, 8:57am

    Typical bigoted statement. Attack the masses but never the individual.
    I’m sure you would never have the guts to say you are anti-gay to any gay person’s face, you just hide behind your alias and spout hatred at everyone.
    And I am sure George Takei would also despise you for just that reason.

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