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Gay row opera will go ahead

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Reader comments

  1. So their objection was about the use of the word ‘queer’? How pathetic! The reclaiming of the word queer is a well documented process involving serious political organisations. Outrage uses it!

    1. bearshaped 7 Jul 2011, 2:20pm

      I was at conference a few years back, a chap got up to the podium and began his speech with “As a lesbian and gay man myself.” I almost fell off my chair laughing. Since then I’ve liked and used the word Queer, for me, it is more representative.

  2. Pity it took a storm of publicity to facilitate this compromise – couldn’t everyone concerned have thought of this before?

  3. If that was their problem, why didn’t they explicitly say so? Looks like face-saving to me.

  4. The hypocrisy of Opera North and particularly of the LEA is astounding.
    Lee Hall was specifically asked to change Sewerby from being a gay character to an old character. Only now that their demands have come under close scrutiny have they have backed down completely.
    Their arrogance is epitomised by the statement, “Homophobia does not exist in any of our organisations and we take great exception to how this has been played out over the last week and we refute all such claims.”
    I don’t think any organisation with so many members can honestly claim that. That they don’t tolerate homophobia, perhaps. But that it doesn’t exist? I don’t think so.
    Their actions have shown differently.
    I am very pleased however that the work is going to be performed. I read the libretto and it’s pretty damn good. It deserves to be seen outside of Bridlington.

    1. bearshaped 7 Jul 2011, 2:15pm

      hear hear

  5. A very sensible change in my opinion.

  6. Good for her. I hate the word queer and don’t consider myself to be queer, so for her to do that is great! And as for Outrage using it, another reason to hate the word. I’m really sick of the ‘taking the word back’ excuse, it doesn’t in my humble opinion but hey Peter Tatchell is always right isn’t he?? Why would we want to reclaim a word that insinuates that there’s something wrong with us?

    1. I so agree with you Paul. In these ‘equality’ times the word ‘queer’ has outstayed its welcome.

    2. David Myers 8 Jul 2011, 7:41am

      I think each person is free to make their own judgement for themselves about what words they are comfortable with. Queer is a valid choice for some, not for others.

  7. Jock S. Trap 7 Jul 2011, 2:23pm

    Well, what do you know, I guess making a fuss does make a difference!

    Good. Glad to see common sense prevail.

  8. Glad to see the show will go on after all.

  9. Excellent news for the children and teachers who put in so much hard work; for Lee Hall, whose personal commitment to the project was evident; and for taxpayers.
    A resolution was on the cards as soon as the school articulated its position yesterday. Surely either the school changed its position between the original discussions and yesterday’s statement, or else someone in the LEA or Opera North misrepresented those objections to Mr Hall (accidentally or otherwise)?
    @Rod Evan If Lee Hall was asked to excise the gay character, I’d like to know which of the public organisations involved supported that idea – at this point I really doubt that it came from the school’s head teacher. Was the LEA nobbled by the school governors or parents?
    ON and the LEA seem confused about the definition of homophobia. It’s hard to think of a clearer example of a fear of homosexuality than trying to get a gay man written out of a play because children might see him!

  10. The word gay should encompass male and female homosexuals and thus can replace “queer” and “lesbian”, avoiding a lot of very clumsy phraseology.

  11. Rashid Karapiet 7 Jul 2011, 4:24pm

    Misuse of language: The correct usage is ‘neither…’ followed by ‘nor…’ If an official gets something so elementary wrong, I can’t take anything they say seriously. What’s so difficult to remember: Either – or; neither – nor. Takes me back 60 years or more to my primary school days.

  12. Pathetic.

    All this over the word queer ?

    I wouldn’t support this play. It sounds like the public preassure was pushed on the board which is making the school continue this play.

  13. At least now with “gay” instead of “queer” kids will understand the context. It is closer to their everyday language. And maybe they will learn that using this word in derogatory way is unacceptable. I hope the ones that are gay don’t leave their home for that reason but stay with ones they love. The family.

  14. All’s well that ends well, I suppose, but the lyrics are the pits anyway.

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