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Gay journalist threatened with knife in Dublin homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. A well known journalist. And his name is?

  2. Clearly withheld for his own protection

  3. Noel Dolan 7 Jul 2011, 12:53pm

    This is why I never use Pink News for tweeting or sharing on Facebook. They almost never give sources for reports and they report news as if they got it first hand. If you Google their articles you’ll get the ‘real’ reports.

  4. Homophobic attacks on gay men, on their person, property and possessions are an on-going problem in Dublin, we know this from experience.
    In the context of the current piece, PinkNews states that it is a “well-known gay journalist”… … I live in Dublin and can’t place who this might be? If he’s “well known”, is he not ‘out-out’? Puzzled.

  5. And again…
    Another source, describes him as a writer… again no clues as to the identity of the victim, but I’m curious as to why it is being reported only now? Also, it happened at 3am… what restaurant is open at that time? Sources please?

  6. We don’t have police in Ireland btw, we have Gardai, get it right.

    1. On the homepage of An Garda Síochána their strapline is Ireland’s National Police Service, in fact throughout their own website the term Police is used very widely, so it is easy to see how people might get it wrong. You should have a word with them and get them to put it right. Good luck with it.

    2. The English word ‘police’ is used perfectly correctly in British reports when describing forces that, for example, the Germans call Polizei and the Italians Polizia – just as Eire is also referred to as Ireland (as you have done).

    3. Paddyswurds 7 Jul 2011, 2:31pm

      ….if An Garda Siochána aren’t the national police force of Ireland, what are they? I beg to differ as the uncle of two garda and second cousin of a third, they are the police. Get over yourself, pet.

    4. Irish:
      Gardai (Police)
      Cathaoir (Chair)

      Guardia (Police)
      Sedia (Chair)

      Guardia (Police)
      Silla (Chair)

      Guarda (Police)
      Cadeira (Chair)

      Gardai and Police are synonymous

      1. johnwilliams 7 Jul 2011, 9:42pm


        the Irish word for police is ‘ pólíní ‘. the irish word garda is gaurdian. hence An Garda Suíochána translates as the Gaurdians of the peace

        1. Thanks. I just wanted to see the similarities.

  7. If the police are not releasing all the details of the attack or the location or the identity of the victim then why are they bothering releasing the images.

    If this journalist is openly gay then I do not see why he cannot be identified.

    Clearly he’s not that anxious for the culprits to be caught if he is trying to hamper the investigation with unncessary secrecy.

    1. Paddyswurds 7 Jul 2011, 2:39pm

      ….I am at a loss to see how releasing the name of the journo will have any bearing on the investigation or the catching of the homophobic thugs? Aren’t you just being obtuse for the sake of it and also guilty of a form of purile rubbernecking. Unless you live in the area or were there on the night, butt out.

      1. I disagree Paddy. Perhaps by giving the name of a well know person there may be the possibility to elicit public sympathy for this individual assaulted simply because he’s gay, otherwise he’s just another nameless victim and the public will find the story less interesting than if they knew and/or identified with him. And if he is openly gay then what’s the big deal. Why hide his identity now, if he was assaulted because the assailants knew he was gay anyway its kinda closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

      2. No – the police release a very fuzzy picture of the alleged assailants and precious little further detail.

        If they are serious about catching them then they need to release the name and location of the restaurant; and the name and location of the victim and all details that might help catch the assailants

        It’s common sense.

        If the victim does not want his identity revealed then he is hampering the police inquiry and potentially allowing these thugs to do it again.

  8. I’m guessing it all started in some sort of fast-food takeaway, otherwise he’d have done better to stay indoors rather than trying to run, safety in numbers and all that.

  9. This is the kind of crime committed by Christians who make trouble and end up in jail.

    1. Staircase2 8 Jul 2011, 2:51am

      here we go again!

  10. Oh how damn tedious,lol.Police,gardai,WHATEVER,aren’t we kind of losing the point of the story here?! Someone was queer-bashed!

  11. It’s just an Irish thing. If someone saw someone robbing a car, they’d say ‘Somebody call the Guards’ – you just don’t really hear the word ‘police’ that often.
    The Garda Síochána for all intents and purposes and especially in international media are the police.

    Anyway, they say this guy is out and prominent and I have no idea whatsoever who he is. His name isn’t being released for a reason so maybe we shouldn’t speculate.

    And finally, I’ve heard a few people say it happened in Charlies which for anyone unfamiliar with Dublin is a Chinese take-away with tables (restaraunt would be pushing it) that is smack bang in the middle of the ‘gay’ area in Dublin. In fact, it’s straight across from the George (biggest gay nightclub/pub) and only down the road from where the guy had been earlier, Dandelion.

  12. Why do I get the feeling there is alot more to this story than meets the eye. Hmmmmm 3am in the morning tells some complete strange young man he was was at a gay event earlier in the evening …. Why do I think he was Cruising the young fella . I do not think it is right he gets a beating but one should be very carefull especially at 3am in the morning in a fast food joint in the centre of any city in the world

    1. And especially in Ireland. Plenty of Dublin jackeens sh1tfaced on lager desperate to finish their night out with a bit of drama. Dublin= world’s most overrated, over priced city.

  13. Staircase2 8 Jul 2011, 2:55am


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