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California Assembly passes gay education bill

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Reader comments

  1. Why do some people see promoting homosexuality as a bad thing? Surely it is important to promote the idea that being gay is OK and that same sex relationships are equally valid. Surely it is important to promote homosexuality as an equally valid life to young people, especially those just becoming aware that they themselves are gay.

    1. Obviously these people don’t think it’s equally valid. And they’ll tell you they’re not being homophobic.

      1. Well I think we in the UK also have an education bill before Parliament and in that there are some worrying distinctions between SS relationships and straight ones
        eg “The Secretary of State must issue guidance designed to secure that where sex and relationships education is given to registered pupils at schools in England to which this section applies they learn—(a) the nature of marriage and its importance for family life and the bringing up of children,(b) the nature of civil partnership…”

        I’m not quite sure what they mean by the nature of CPs and why emphasis is not put on the fact that CPs are also good for the family and the upbringing of children..

    2. Jock S. Trap 7 Jul 2011, 9:47am

      I question the words ‘promoting’ and ‘promote’ and maybe replace it with ‘accepting’ and ‘accept’.

  2. God Bless California for passing a Gay Education Bill now if only the rest of the world will do the same and come out of the closet and help gay people and not hurt them we might just all be able to get along and live happy or gay lives in peace and love.

    1. Jock S. Trap 7 Jul 2011, 9:48am

      Yep, so now allow them to marry already!!

  3. jamestoronto 6 Jul 2011, 4:41pm

    I hate to say it but this is one piece of legislation that the evangelical right and others will start a court challenge over or get on the ballot for the next election. It will be the Prop 8 battle all over again. A good idea and law, but observing how often these good ideas get turfed out in many of the states brings out the cynic in me.

    The right wing and fundamentalists equate stating a fact with promoting something. By their warped logic, stating the fact that, for example, John F. Kennedy was a Roman Catholic is not promoting that religion but saying Oscar Wilde was gay would be construed as promoting homosexuality.

  4. It’s not promoting anything (not that I think we shouldn’t promote homosexuality as a good thing) but it’s just stating the fact that some major historical figures where gay.

  5. It’s this whole idea that you can be recruited to be gay – it’s absolute madness. that if you promote it then children in their droves will run to the fabulous gay lifestyle – completely ignoring their hormones and being with people that they actually find attractive.

    It’s amazing, that all these years later, and still there is a complete misunderstanding that being gay is not a choice, it just is. And there is nothing right or wrong about it, it is just is.

    Thank goodness the majority of people in the state ignore this backward views of homosexuality and have passed it! Progress!

  6. you dont ever allow one officail to violate the rights nor none of others, you have fairness boards of diversity and no racsm and bigotry in none in every city and state and country to ensure the well being of all people and their famiiles, governor brown was elected because of his promises to the gay community and womens right to fight for equality and human rights and civil right initiatives and aids, if browns ass renigs and becomes a faillure and a detriment to civil rights to the people and their famiilies in california, all of califiornia and the civil rights movement and all of the constituent that elected if he is found lying about his stand , you get him the hell out of the system and off that governors board, he is no good and a democrat suppose to be standing for rights and liberty without it. Brown has been to quiet and not vocal enough on anything concerning the people and i dont like and the people should not like it they dont need another bad official just their to draw

  7. Holly wood and california activist had better start electing officials like coumo and bloomberg, who stand consistently for the famailies and equal rights and as long as they do you stand with them and behind them, california where the hell is governor brown, what the hell is he doing for civil rights the gay community and womens rights elected him if he fail them and human rights you had better get his ass out quickly even arnald swarzenager, the republican fought for equal rights as a governor and too a vocal stand againsst bigotry, jerry brown has no excuse and would not be good for the democratic party if not, has to be replaced if not helping civil rights human rights equal rights movements against unfairness and discrimination, you get in his office and find out why has he been heard from lgbt with his promises, the democrats nancy pelosi give him a call now, they dont need a wimp to bigoty, and sell out to racism, boxer fienstein and nancy and obama had better call him

  8. Promote diversity and equality. How is that a bad thing.

  9. martyn notman 6 Jul 2011, 9:40pm

    why do the conservative right think- if we dont talk about it and stick our fingers in our ears it will all go away?? If the proposition was for live gay sex demos in school i would agree it would be a BAD idea, but telling people the TRUTH about historical figures in a positive manner is hardly going to have the kids reaching for their Judy LPs and Poppers is it?!

  10. a gay lifestyle is good

  11. Jock S. Trap 7 Jul 2011, 9:46am

    We should be adopting the same scheme here in the UK for All schools including faith ones.

  12. Here we go again:

    Conservatives Claim California’s Gay History Bill Is Attack On Family.

  13. Go California!
    Now can your l+g citizens have marriage back now, please?

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