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06 July 2011

  • 6th July 2011

    Comment: One year on from gay asylum ruling, have things changed? 26

    Have things improved for LGBT asylum seekers? (Photo: B Hernandez)

    5:21 PM — One year ago, the Supreme Court unanimously handed down a landmark decision in LGBT human rights. Asylum campaigner Paul Canning examines whether things have changed.

  • Lesbian asylum seeker wins right to stay in UK 6

    A court ruled that the woman could stay in the UK

    4:34 PM — A lesbian asylum seeker from Jamaica has been granted the right to stay in the UK after immigration judges ruled that she could face persecution if sent home. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was originally told by the Home Office that she could not stay.

  • California Assembly passes gay education bill 17

    Schools would be require to teach about gay rights figures like Harvey Milk (right)

    3:31 PM — A bill requiring schools in California to teach pupils about LGBT history has been passed by the Assembly. It has already been approved by the Senate and now goes to state governor Jerry Brown, who has not said whether he will sign it.

  • Art critic Brian Sewell complains ‘there’s too many gays on television’ 170

    Gay storylines are 'sexual propaganda', Sewell claimed

    2:12 PM — Art critic Brian Sewell has complained that there are too many gay characters in British soaps and accused the BBC of spreading "sexual propaganda" to children. Writing in today's Daily Mail, Sewell, who has said he is bisexual, contended that the wide range of LGBT characters in soaps make "sane" viewers feel their noses are being "rubbed in it".

  • Brad Pitt speaks up for gay marriage 21

    Brad Pitt once said he wouldn't marry Angelina Jolie until all couples can wed

    1:39 PM — Brad Pitt has made a statement in support of marriage equality. The star, who once said he would marry girlfriend Angelina Jolie when everyone has the right to wed, was speaking after New York legalised marriage for gay couples.

  • Head of opera ban school says she wanted to protect children 66

    The school said it wanted to protect children

    11:51 AM — The headteacher of an East Yorkshire school has defended her decision to withdraw her pupils from a community opera over a scene involving a gay character. Emma Hobbs, the head of Bay Primary School in Bridlington, said she was concerned about the "emotional wellbeing" of the children.

  • Lady Gaga: ‘I don’t use the gay community to sell records’ 39

    Lady Gaga took a self-portrait for the magazine cover

    10:52 AM — Lady Gaga has hit back at claims she uses gay rights issues to sell more records. The star, who has called for gay marriage, led Pride marches and lobbied politicians and companies over anti-gay policies, is arguably the most influential gay rights campaigner on the planet.

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