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WikiLeaks soldier Bradley Manning ‘bullied for being gay’

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  1. Roz Kaveney 4 Jul 2011, 3:04pm

    If Bradley Manning was seeking counselling about gender issues, and talking to trans people on line about transitioning, she’s probably trans and should not be misgendered in the gay press. Or at least you should find some way of addressing the issue before your last paragraph. Remember, homophobic bullying regularly turns out to be transpobic bullying as well or instead – it is the actual identity of the victim that counts, not the perceptions of the perpetrator.

    1. he hasn’t changed so he is still a man
      it’s terrible that he was bullied and then imprisoned in that hypocritical country

  2. Bradley Manning’s counsellor had no right to reveal such personal details about a patient. How do you think Manning would feel if he/she knew that someone he/she trusted enough to confide in then divulged all of his/her personal troubles to the press? It is a shameless betrayal that should never have been inflicted upon Manning and his/her privacy.

    I find that breach of trust absolutely inexcusable.

    1. Read the article before you comment. The information here came from “conversation logs” of “AOL Instant Messenger conversations [Bradley Manning had] with 19-year-old Zachary Antolak.” These logs were “discovered by New York magazine journalist Steve Fishman.” No therapists were involved.

  3. Another Hannah 4 Jul 2011, 6:10pm

    Amazing, what happened to confidentiality? What happened to this policy and that policy and all the other stuff that was supposed to be and to mean something but that we actualy see is just pointless guff?

  4. Well, assaulting someone is not a good thing, but there should be some way to deal with fags and their destructive lifestyle.

    1. @honest – quit with the homophobia, sexual orientation has nothing to do with lifestyle

    2. “Well, assaulting someone is not a good thing, but there should be some way to deal with fags and their destructive lifestyle”

      Well, there should be some way to deal with idiots like you and their destructive lifestyle.

  5. On a previously independent television station in Australia (called SBS – now takes advertising) a segment on BM was aired on a ‘respectable’ current affairs show called Dateline. The piece looked like it came from Fox news, portraying BM as ineffectual, mentally unstable, suicidal and revengeful because he was bullied and had broken up with his boyfriend.
    And now this trite piece leaving an impression of BM’s instability.
    This is not the issue. Where is this ‘subtle’ propoganda coming from, I wonder?

  6. Democracy Now! held a very interesting conversation last weekend with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange and philosopher Slavoj Žižek. Assange talked about Bradley Manning’s case and said, “By all reports this is a young man of high moral character, and when people of high moral are pressured in a way that is illegitimate they become stronger, not weaker, and that seems to be the case with Bradley Manning.” Check it out here:

  7. Lawrence in Phoenix 9 Jul 2011, 2:58pm

    I’m a gay man, I’ve been bullied, I’ve suffered my fair share of terrible breakups in my life. None of which ever gave me justification to do something as stupid as this kid did. He stole state secrets and gave them to someone to post publicly. He was entrusted with information and he betrayed that trust. Yes, I know, the U.S. military is stupid for giving this info to low-ranking kids and not securing it. But Manning committed treason, whether you love or despise the US, he still willfully committed a crime (and he was very much aware it was a crime when he was doing it). So Bradley’s issues with being gay don’t excuse his lapse in judgment.

    I get it, the military complex that he fought under is evil and corrupt. But this kid will probably be locked up for life because he did something dumb. And at the end of it all, did it change anything? Is it going to give more transparency? Of course not. And you’d be naive to think otherwise.

  8. Chutneybear 5 Jul 2011, 10:36am

    And your mother has been shagging half of London, flaps….

  9. I still like a bit of cut cock thou…

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