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Main sponsor pulls out of Aberdeen Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I think we could have a collection – how much does Andy Scott lee and Scott Bruton cost – who are they? X Factor contestants.

    Hope you are able to hold your Pride Aberdeen :)

  2. I bet they would cost like £5

  3. Why did they pull out? What was the reason they give? I bet someone put pressure on them to pull out. Find that person or people and you have your rats, try to find out if the Christians used their “influence” on them of something like that. In America the Christian have gone crazy and are going after gays. The Christian are spending millions of dollars all of the time now to destroy gays and gay marriage.

  4. What are Cheerz all about! The only gay bar in Aberdeen. Not to support Pride in Aberdeen is ridiculous, yet they are happy to take money from gay punters every week. It’s about time they gave something back. I hope that Aberdeen Pride will still go ahead even without these commercial vultures.

    1. same everywhere there are few that are happy to support gay causes but happy to take our money.

      if this is the only gay bar then it would be interesting to find out why they have pulled out so late in the day

  5. Ian Bower 4 Jul 2011, 7:48pm

    Isn’t there any local talent to entertain?
    All this expensive so called ‘celebrity’ stuff is not was Pride is about.

  6. “Cheerz Bar, which promised to pay for headline acts Andy Scott-Lee and former X Factor contestant Scott Bruton”

    That has to be the funniest quote ever! How much would they cost? A bus journey home and a cup of tea?

    1. just the bus fare :)

      that said am i the only one to think that London Pride is so poor with the acts that appear on their main stage – I know pride is not about acts -come to that I have no idea what pride is about these days.


  7. My advice to everyone here is don’t trust any pub/bar/organisations/businesses that says it’s lgbt friendly. They are a business they want your money … That’s about it.

    I’ve known lgbt bars and organisations sabotage other events as they just saw them as competition.

    I think Aberdeen pride was putting too much faith in this lot. I dunno why they pulled out but it may just be as simple as they thought it would cost them too much and wouldn’t make it back but if pride goes ahead without them ten they justget profit.

    But iunno.

    I’ve seen bars

  8. Just book another couple of singers, should only cost £20, a tenor each…

  9. There is a degree of truth in this whole thing but, like most things to do with the LGBT community, there is another side to the story. Apparently Cheerz bar asked the organiser of Aberdeen Pride to provide information as to publicity etc. This was not forthcoming so Cheerz said that they would not be able to support the day.

    In addition to this, in instigating the free event the organisers were apparently far from honest in the way they went about securing support from various community groups, stating that others were attending when, in fact, they hadn’t even been asked.

    There are reports today that this is going ahead again. In truth this is a spat between a local gay business and a totally unprofessional amateur who has no clue what they are doing in trying to organise a pride event.

    How professional the whole thing looks, it will have done untold damage to the LGBT community in the Northeast of Scotland. Well done to all concerned.

  10. Why are you using a photograph if Manchester Pride for this piece on Aberdeen? Weird!

  11. Contrary to what this report states, I can advise that Cheerz Bar & Club ARE still supporting Aberdeen Pride along with many other valued supporters & organisations such as Aberdeen City Council, Grampian Police, R&B Music & Atmosphere Lighting & Sound.

    I would like to know where Nicola has obtained her information from regarding the claim that the organisers stated support groups were attending when they had not been asked – Untrue statement.

    As the “totally unprofessional amateur” she refers to, I don’t think I have done such a bad job in orgainsing Aberdeen Pride Festival in less than 3 months with the input I have had from others.

    I may be an “Amateur”, but at least I am giving it a go, something no one else in Aberdeen has done for many years.


  12. Oh Happy Days 11 Jul 2011, 12:03pm

    I’ve checked out the online dictionary for the word “amateur” and it says
    a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons.
    As the organisers of the event do not seem to be making any no financial gain from the event and have put in 100’s of hours of their own time to organise the event for the good of the LGBT community then technically this so called ‘Nicola’ is correct.
    However the organiser would seem to have achieved something that none of those who are funded to support LGBT people in the North East of Scotland has achieved, i.e. the professionals, and that is organise an Aberdeen Pride event. Where have they been for the last four years??
    Far too many people are only interested in self promotion and what’s in it for them. They do not give a damn about helping others. So if that’s what being an amateur is then I am sure the organiser is happy with the description.

    1. Oh Happy Days 11 Jul 2011, 12:04pm

      This event will undoubtedly raise the profile of the LGBT community in the area to its highest level in years. It will educate the wider community that about LGBT people, hopefully give confidence to those LGBT people who are scared to come out and in the longer term make it easier for the youngster who are LGBT to be who they are.
      No financial gain, no self-promotion, just to make the area a better place for the LGBT community and it would seem all with the support of public services, as well as other LGBT support groups, who were desperate to get involved to show they welcome and support the LGBT community.

  13. would people please stop giving all this hogwash any credence, and just go to the event and show that it’s been worthwhile organising. The more people who turn up, the more chance it will be a success, and can happen again in the future. I’ve been involved to a degree with this project, and Aberdeen as a city has to start showing the rest of Scotland that it looks after it’s own. So please, give it your support, stop the bickering, and be proud of your city.


    The local paper stating very clearly, their article was incorrectly published.

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