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Ben Cohen says father’s murder spurred him to speak out on bullying

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Reader comments

  1. That not Into gay rights bit is kinda disconcerting.

    He should of worded that better.

    But bullying must be tackled.

  2. Thank God for good people like him and his dad. Standing up to help others, something religions use to do before they started spending their money and time to destroy people they do not like.

  3. What a thoroughly decent chap, if only there were more like him about. The world would be a pretty awesome place.

    1. I completely agree.

  4. It is shame that this young fella decided to side with fags.

    1. No, it really isn’t.

    2. And its a shame you side with idiots, honest…. everyone to their own, eh?

    3. D Lambert 5 Jul 2011, 9:37am

      you have Stephen Green.

      We have Ben Cohen

      (we win!)

  5. Ian Bower 4 Jul 2011, 9:33pm

    You really need to get therapy. I have reported your adsurd and offensive comment.

    1. fags is a bit deroggatory isn’t it? – and an idication of your American heritage… should we expect anything different from your (great!) nation.
      Why is it a shame a sensible man sides with a minority grouping? says a lot of good about him and consequently a lot of bad about you @honest

      1. Andrew, you’re no better than Honest. Please don’t lump all of us Americans into one, stupid group. We’re not all as bad as you seem to think.

        Now, about Ben Cohen. The world needs more of him.

  6. I’ve been watching Ben’s progress on his ‘Stand Up’ campaign. It seems to me that he’s still perhaps a bit unused to public speaking, so occasionally says things which don’t appear as ‘polished’ as they might be from someone else. And that, as far as i can see is the only issue. His heart is definately in the right place. He’s open, honest and decent and is trying to make a difference by doing the right thing.

    The words he uses and the way he uses them will come with experience and he is a huge asset to have as a friend of the LGBT community. He could be doing so many more things that would make him much richer, more popular or more successful, but he is choosing to stand with us and that’s great. It can’t be easy for him to challenge the views of so many and allow them to make assumptions about him, but he’s doing it and for virtually no financial or personal gain as far as I can tell.

    Thanks Ben.

  7. Paul O'Neill 5 Jul 2011, 4:20pm

    A beautiful man. In a number of different ways! I think it’s pretty clear that he meant ‘not SPECIFICALLY into gay rights’ in context. God bless Ben Cohen.

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