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Pride London in full swing as parade begins

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Reader comments

  1. Ketlan Ossowski 2 Jul 2011, 3:37pm

    It would have been nice to have seen the satirical image of Nick Griffin, as that’s primarily what the text was about.

  2. Well done to the LibDems on delivering marriage for gay people.

    1. Dan Filson 2 Jul 2011, 9:30pm

      What world do you live on? “Well done to the LibDems on delivering marriage for gay people” They have not “delivered” anything of the sort yet, and the value of their promises is rumbled, see the 2.2% share of vote in the Inverclyde by-election.

      1. Yes Dan. That statement about delivering marriage equality was risible.

        I wrote to the Home Office asking whether the government intends to oppose Peter Tatchell’s ‘Equal Love’ case in the European Court of Human Rights. After a short while the email was passed to Lynne Featherstone’s Government Equality Office, where it languished for weeks without a response. Then, would you believe it, the email was transferred to the Ministry of Justice. I’ll update readers if I ever get a reply.

        All three main political parties seem reluctant to do anything to make marriage equality a reality in Britain any time soon.

        I’ve told the Lib Dems that, if they’re serious about this issue, their Autumn Conference should pass a resolution placing a time limit of not more that 12 months for the Coalition Government to enact marriage equality legislation. (Otherwise Lib Dems and their supporters should stfu!)

      2. Isn’t it fair to give the LibDems a chance Dan? Every human being in this world should be trusted for what they promise. LibDems can certainly use their clout in government if they wish, as with the recent health bill. If they haven’t delivered marriage in two years then, yes with sadness, that will be a very major betrayal of the voters who trusted them last May

        1. If the lib dems actually pull their finger out and write a private bill to allow marriage equality in the next yr and labour do not support this and the tories don’t either then quite frankly the lib dems would still be the best option for LGBT rights. What’s the point of voting for either lab or the Tories if they remain “passive” on equality…At the moment there is nothing to distinguish the 2 main parties anyway on LGBT grounds, the vote will be entirely up to how the economy is doing if you’re going stick with these 2 parties and will have nothjing to do with LGBT rights ……The lib dems can’t give us marriage equality by themselves, they don’t have the numbers but they can certainly try and write a private bill, a consultation with no end date and no timetable for a bill is useless……

  3. I like the change of slogan near the religious nut jobs.

    I like the satire of nick griphin

    I like the liberal bus.

    I don’t like liingstone and the Deputy mayor using lgbt people and a political whipping Stick for last week.

    I think May showed her attitude to us again not bothering to be in the march.

    The person who should of been there was ed miliband who could reall use the good publicity and really support something the Tories in central govt are very reluctant to do … As conservatives as a party in westminster are homophobes.

  4. went to the BBC website to see how pride was doing newswise. nothing, not a single word. you would think one of the biggest parades in the world would get a few sentences but not one word. IF it had been notting hill it would have been wall to wall coverage. BBC news definitely have a problem with us

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing. If you search ‘london pride’ in the search box there are two “articles” relating to london pride 2011, one of them is a series of photographs (and not even many) and one is an audio slideshow with Tatchell as the speaker.

      Absolutely disgusting that THE largest outdoor event in the UK doesn’t even get a column inch. Mind you, every reason to be even louder :)

    2. Rich (original) 3 Jul 2011, 12:41am

      Who need to read news about homosexual degenerates, their theatrical expositions on streets of London? Only other degenerates like them……

      1. you keep reading Rich! homosexuals aren’t degenerates or doing pride as theatrical

      2. Rich, takes a drama queen to know one

      3. I need to read news about myself. “I’m in media therefore I exist.” Then I can be recognised, accepted, respected and therefore I can contribute to the worlds diversity and coexistence. I need to read about myself and to enhance my low collective self esteem. Out and proud….and mighty loud. I need to read about us. You seem to have a need to write about us. Thank you Rich.

        1. Rich (original) 3 Jul 2011, 7:49pm

          :) Perhaps, you are correct….

      4. dave wainwright 3 Jul 2011, 3:42pm

        Rich am free later , will you be round as usual ? bring some condoms with you this time love as I don’t know where you have been, apart from trolling gay websites you must find us real attractive to be here dear xxxx KISSES LOVE YOU xxxx

        1. Troll-basha 3 Jul 2011, 10:43pm

          Oi Dave! Nicking my favourite troll! Lucky you Richie, having another bloke come onto you (or should that be over you, nudge nudge blind bat and whatnot!).

          Dave, give him a good seeing too! Richiepoos, open your knees, lie back and think of England lest ye enjoy it!

      5. “Who need to read news about homosexual degenerates, their theatrical expositions on streets of London?”

        Well you do, for one. Not only that, but you looove commenting on it. Repeatedly. “Obsession”, the new fragrance by Rich Original.

  5. dave wainwright 2 Jul 2011, 11:53pm

    As an older disabled gay man unable to get to London for both financial and health reasons , as usual was glued to the news channels all day looking for evidence that a million people were gathered to celebrate the 2nd biggest event in the London Calendar , TOTAL MEDIA BLACKOUT on BBC, SKY, ITV , CNN as if it quite simply had not happened .

    1. There was a short report on BBC local news, and this much better report on ITV1’s London local news programme called ‘London Tonight’ broadcast at 6.15pm

      1. dave wainwright 3 Jul 2011, 12:57am

        living in a remote part of the uk it seems discriminatory that Notting Hill carnival is reported over the duration of that festival on national news stations and Gay Pride is NOT , particularly for those of us who are disabled and who know it is happening and should like to see it and be a part of it , the BBC NEWSROOM is HOMOPHOBIC

        1. Calling the BBC Newsroom homophobic is inappropriate and libellous, the BBC simply choose not to feature such poitnless nonsense.

          1. Million attendees would dare to differ James. And millions at homes as well. It is always easy to be silent. It take balls to stand up and be counted.

  6. Rich (original) 3 Jul 2011, 12:46am

    Even if 100 milllion homosexual degenerates will come out on streets of London, that will not make London looks decent at all…. Its a shame of England that London allows such immorality go on its streets and U.K. children can look on such degenerates and copy their immorality…. That’s terrible!……

    1. you are the only degenerate and immoral loser

    2. 2 Samuel 1:26. It is in the BIBLE Rich. Gay love is in the Holly book. Genesis 2:24, Ruth 1:14.
      Google it, as most of holly books are very selective on many subjects.
      Or as our gay rapper Daddy would say:

      “Jonathan and David. Lovers.
      Naomi loved her Ruth.
      It is in a Bible. Lovers.
      So what is the truth? “

      1. Christian 9 Jul 2011, 4:32pm

        2 Samuel 1:26 [David said] “I am distressed for thee, my brother Jonathan; very pleasant hast thou been unto me; thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women.” This is David’s expression of the bond of love between he and Jonathan. There is no indication in the Bible that they were gay.
        Genesis 2:24: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.” This verse does not support being gay, just the opposite in fact.
        Ruth 1:14: “And they [i.e. Naomi, Ruth and Orpah] lifted up their voice, and wept again [all three of them were widows; and Ruth and Orpah were daughters-in-law of Naomi]; and Orpah kissed her mother in law; but Ruth clave [clung] unto her.” Again, this doesn’t support gay love. As described later in the book of Ruth, Ruth went on to marry Boaz and they had a son named Obed (who would be the father of Jesse, who would be the father of David).

  7. Peter Tatchell is a knob, he should be hung for defamming Mr Griffin.
    But Peter Tatchell will get his comeupance soon.

    Who cares about marriage equality, I certainly dont, there are FAR more important things that need doing.

    Its good that Pride has had no media coverage, becasue Pride is no longer needed. Its a money making event.

    One day soon, the novelty will ware off and everyone will grow up and about life in a quite respectable manner.

    1. Griffin is an ass and pride is good forsome reasons still

      1. Who are these idiots on here today!? Pride is needed.

        If you live anywhere other than London (which still isn’t as gay friendly as people like to assume) then coming out is still very difficult for some people. The exposure that Pride events bring makes some realise that they are not alone.
        And money making? For whom, local business? There was no charge fee on Trafalger Square, or anywhere else in central London where street parties where happening.

        As for marriage equality, when the LGBT community is seen as equal on all levels in the eyes of the law then this view will merge with and alter predjudiced perceptions in the public subconcious much more than any Pride marches will.

        I really don’t understand why people like Rich (original) and James even come on here if they are so self loathing (or ignorant) or just totally dislike LGBT people. Find another site to troll on.

        1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jul 2011, 12:09pm

          Indeed, Pride is Very much needed for however long it takes to get Equality and beyond.

          James if you like being a second class human being that that’s your fetish, your perversion but don’t stop everyone else from wanting to be treated Equally.

          Weither it be marriage, education, security etc, All equality is as important as everyone’s right to have it.

          I am very disappointed it didn’t get the coverage apart from BBC’s London news.
          There aren’t many events like this in London and if the other deserve a timeslot, so does Pride!!

    2. Rich (original) 3 Jul 2011, 2:43pm

      Dear James, you are correct in your intelligent critique of gay-pride events and all idiots who comes on such events for simple show up….. There are millions times more important things in the world then all these futile talks and proclamations about “gay marriages” or “gay family rights”, and “gay prides” demonstrations.

      The facts that millions of children in Asia, Africa and Latin America suffering from hunger, from various infectious diseases, from dirty water, from absence of decent home are indicating the REAL NECESSITY in the present world.

      All rights of homosexuals in any country of the world should be the last thing to think about it in comparison to the absolute needs of deeply suffering hungry, sick and poor children of the world!….

      1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jul 2011, 4:00pm

        Funny you saying that being that most of the worlds problems like hunger, infectious diseases from dirty water, from the absence of a decent home and the deeply suffering hungry, sick and poor children of the world!…. are largely created by religion, usually as a result of war…
        Again because of religion.

        Surely common sense dictates that encouraging people to love rather than hate would in the end rid this world of it’s evils the likes of you see fit to exploit.

        1. Rich (original) 3 Jul 2011, 7:56pm

          Jock, instead of blaming religion, why not to do something personally for some suffering child, – something great, something noble, something significant and important for whole life of a poor, hungry or sick child outside of politically filthy England?….

          1. @Rich (Original), so what exactly are doing for starving children?

          2. Troll-basha 3 Jul 2011, 10:45pm

            Well Rich Geldoff, what are you doing? Sticking your dick up the girls’s fannies probably. After all, the foundation of Islam (if you really are one) is about raping little girls. Or is it boys in your case?

          3. If he’s here on a gay, my guess its boys….

    3. “Peter Tatchell is a knob, he should be hung for defamming Mr Griffin.”

      Yeah, real democratic thinking there James, we need more idiots like you ruin the gene pool of humanity. Eat books much, or do you just toast them on bonfires? Can you guess who the knob is on THIS site, then? Hmmm?

  8. I have never seen such a negative, nagging and sad bung of people on a forum in my life. 1 MILLION people are dancing through the streets of london with there families and friends, enjoying gay pride, so far no homophobic attacks or negativity. yet you people still have make out that your victims.
    lets face it, homophobia is a rare thing in britain today. its as if you people miss the good old days when you were victimized and had stuff to complain about!

    1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jul 2011, 12:12pm


      It was a great event, a great day and one to be proud of!!

      Next year will be even better.

      Not even the Pope created that number on one day which I think says it all really!!

    2. @Mitch, the BBC did not appear to report the event!!!
      Mitch are you saying that the BBC have better things to do than report a story about 1 million people dancing thorugh the streets of London?

    3. Rich (original) 3 Jul 2011, 2:49pm

      Mitch, they (gays) are dancing idiots who are deaf to sufferings of hungry kids in the world….. One million dancing gay-idiots in London and hundreds millions of crying from hunger and sickness poor children in Africa, in Asia and Latin America – that’s the factual comparison. You, gays, are immoral creatures of the world, and this is the fact!!!….

      1. @Rich (Original), so how many starving children have you personally feed?

        1. Troll-basha 3 Jul 2011, 10:46pm

          Given Rich says he’s a muslum he’s probably fed 70 odd little girls curry-flavoured cream.

          1. @Rich – how moral is it to incite hatred? to lie? to do what you do?

  9. “Tory MP James Brokenshire…. due to speak on the main stage in Trafalgar Square this afternoon.”

    Is this by any chance the same James Brokenshire who has a record of voting very strongly against gay rights?

    1. Yes, Nice to see that people are not ashamed to admit when they were wrong and to publicly show support for things which in the past they were against.

      1. Has he admitted that he was wrong?

  10. Em….you said….”As for marriage equality, when the LGBT community is seen as equal on all levels in the eyes of the law then this view will merge with and alter predjudiced perceptions in the public subconcious much more than any Pride marches will.”

    You’re absolutely right about that! I’m convinced if we had marriage equality, it would have a direct positive impact on diminishing bullying and homophobia in general. When we’re set apart with similar rights under CPs, it sends a negative message to would be gay bashers that because we’re not regard as equals, we’re fair game, targets for discrimination and bullying. Imagine if straights were told they couldn’t be married but they’d have to settle for CPs instead. I don’t think that would go over very well do you?

  11. Stewie Griffin 3 Jul 2011, 7:59pm

    I’m a little bit disappointed with Peter T. I mean come on, Nick G and the BNP, a few hundred of people in a country of 60m. I’ve only ever read about them or seen them on the TV. Islamism is the greatest challenge in this country and around the world for a gay man. Never mind bullying, what about state sanctioned murders. A cult that has poisoned the Middle East and is making inroads in Africa. Are we all too afraid to say it? Would a No Islam in the UK banner bring too much risk?

    1. George Broadhead 4 Jul 2011, 9:19am

      Stevie Griffin is right. The threat to LGBT people from the BNP is insignificant compared to that of Islam. Unfortunately if you dare to criticise Islam, you will be pounced upon as Islamophobic.

  12. Peter & Michael 3 Jul 2011, 8:54pm

    Shame on the BBC for not an iota of TV coverage of London Pride 2011, we bet at least one fifth of your licence payers were also disappointed. The BBC have their own agenda of stereotypical images on TV, whilst we applaud some of their groundbreaking programmes such as ‘Waterloo Road’ and Jimmy McGovern’s ‘Moving On’, the BBC still panders to the religious right and ignores the fact that the Gay community exists in the UK even though Equality laws permit Civil Partnerships, although second class, equal rights regarding goods and services. We hope that the sooner BBC is sold off to a private company such as ‘Virgin’ the better!

  13. Rich (original) 3 Jul 2011, 11:35pm

    I am wonder why British gays doesn’t do anything for hungry, sick and poor children of the world? Why not to buy some clothes, some food and medicine (even the first aid kit on and send it to kids in Africa, in Asia or Latin America? Currently children of Ethiopia and Somali suffering from hunger, sickness and proverty because of severe drought in the region…. That’s the time when U.K. gays can do something for real!

    1. Kye Etherton 4 Jul 2011, 2:29am

      How do you know they didn’t?

      How dare you generalise all gays with homophobic, unchecked, and incorrect comments.

      Just because people want to enjoy a day watching a parade and being with their friends, does not mean that they do not donate money to charities that support people in the third world.

      How about next time you ask how many of the people there donate money to help the less fortunate before making accusations.

    2. Jock S. Trap 4 Jul 2011, 7:40am

      Says it all really Rich about how much you know about the UK.
      That same UK that is the biggest contributer of aid than any other country and the biggest contributer of money, clothing, food, medical & physical help given by the people of the UK separate from the government funding.

      Then you wouldn’t believe in helping would you Rich, your far too busy on Gay websites and news sites stirring up hatred to cover your own temptations.

      Blimey, whats that smell Rich?
      Phew fella you stink… must be the Bullsh!t aftershave!!

    3. Dave Taylor 4 Jul 2011, 8:07am

      Rich, why does your God [if He exists] allow children to starve? Why does he cause drought and so much suffering in this world?

  14. Rich and James, why are you here? If you are so disapproving of LGBT people why spend so much of your time on this website?

    If you are pleased that none of the major news organisations covered the parade, why spend so much of your time commenting on the pages of this website which did?

    If you didn’t go to the parade and haven’t been able to find any information on other websites to establish what went on, how do you know what kind of ‘degeneracy’ allegedly took place?

    And before comments are made about what gay people should be doing to help those in need around the world, why don’t you tell us what YOU do to assist in the plight of others. Tell us why you can take the moral highground. (and no, saying you pray is not good enough. A prayer never put food in anyone’s belly.)

    All you seem to be capable of is coming on here to post badly written and ill thought out offensive remarks that seem to have little attachment to reality.

    Your continued presence here makes no sense.

  15. We Islamists are a peaceful bunch who only demand the legal implementation of Sharia and a worldwide caliphate.
    Or maybe:
    We members of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party are a peaceful bunch who only demand the legal implementation of Nuremberg laws and a worldwide Reich.
    Yeah, cheers, that was done before, and like all fascists, they fail.

  16. Why has your muhammed have a bomb on its head? Is that the general attire for child rapists these days?

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