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Woman, 74, charged with assault for kissing anti-gay preacher

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Reader comments

  1. Stuart Neyton 1 Jul 2011, 2:27pm

    “just one of many attempts to silence the preaching to those in need of salvation who practice a death style that they call a lifestyle”

    Can someone with a better grasp of the english language explain to me what on earth this means please? I’ve read it over and over and i’m still none then wiser.

    This is a ridiculous charge. Good on her though

  2. Wayne Kernochan 1 Jul 2011, 2:33pm

    It means he’s a douche

  3. Alf N. Spit 1 Jul 2011, 2:50pm

    It seems he didn’t read the part about forgiveness in the New Testament.

    1. It seems that more passionate a “christian” you are, the more you ignore the New Testament and focus on the Old.

    2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jul 2011, 9:06am

      These kinds of loonies are only interested in ‘cherry picking’ what they want out of religious texts to give themselves excuses to blame all else for their hatred.

  4. Bill (Scotland) 1 Jul 2011, 2:51pm

    Of course it is a ridiculous charge, but the simple fact is if someone doesn’t want to be touched (kissed, touched on the bottom, breasts fondled, whatever) then they have a right not to be so ‘assaulted’.

    Personally I hope this preacher has the good sense, not to mention decency, to drop the charge, but if he wants to claim assault then he has the right.

    1. spAsTic lEgs 1 Jul 2011, 5:50pm

      That also goes for young boys assaulted by clerics since the dawn of recorded history.

  5. Good for her! Instead of stooping to his level, she shared love, which is what the Bible speaks about, and he’s being an ass. In my opinion, she is already doing the community a service.

  6. As a Christian preacher, he should forgive, turn the other cheek.

    This will get thrown out of court and hopefully the preacher charged with wasting police / court time.

    1. Do you think so? The way the American people are over religion I think religion will win. I think in the uk we are more balanced between equality for all (and that includes religion rights).

    2. Do you think if this had happened in a country like china there would have been a political outcry from the uk government over human rights against the precher?!?

  7. Dan Filson 1 Jul 2011, 3:08pm

    You can preach hatred and incite violence but if you are hugged against your will you can prosecute for assault. It’s a funny old world.

    1. Isn’t it just?

  8. It was Bugs Bunny dressed up as an old lady, right?

  9. American sure produces an unlimited supply of these religious nutters. What on earth is going on over there? I know we shipped the Puritans over there but really, hasn’t America moved on like we have?

    1. Robert,
      We have plenty of them too, we just don’t take as much notice of them.

    2. And of all the ironies, the original Puritans are now the United Church of Christ, the most liberal of the Protestant denominations. Evolution is possible!

  10. Another Hannah 1 Jul 2011, 3:46pm

    When are we going to see a charge of false Christianity and trying to misuse of christianity?
    Who allowed the law to be misused in this way? I feel they should be charged the full cost of this nonesense, and then punished.

  11. WriterWriter 1 Jul 2011, 4:19pm

    Why does he care?? What possible effect on his life could there possibly be by how others live their lives???

    Stupid old man. Stupid repressed, angry man.

    Good for her!

    Also to note, the suppoters outnumbered the idiots 100%

    1. actually, it’s 1000%… outnumbering by 100% would only double the numbers.

  12. “just one of many attempts to silence the preaching to those in need of salvation who practice a death style that they call a lifestyle”.

    No, sweetie, we don’t call it a lifestyle, you (and your ilk) call it a lifestyle.
    Not in need of your sort of salvation either, thanks all the same.

  13. If it had been a good looking gay guy that kissed him, the preacher would have probably had a heart attack on the spot and not lived long enough to press charges. Case closed.

    1. If it had been a good looking guy he probably would have come in his pants. The most vociferous homophobes are often those hanging on most tightly to the inside of that closet door.

  14. What an amazing woman. ^^

  15. Alf N. Spit 1 Jul 2011, 6:11pm

    So will we see a national “Hug a Fundie” day? After all they really need it.

    1. I’ll sell 10-foot poles for the occasion.

  16. How pathetic this fool is to charge a 74 year old woman for simply kissing him – brave enough to shout on the streets, but clearly not brave enough to stand up to a 74 year old woman. He must have been terrified!

    1. Blimey – those Christmas kisses from grandma must’ve been traumatic for him. I could’ve understood if she was aiming for his tonsils but this just looks petty.
      If he presses charges he’ll simply make himself look like even more of a bumptious ass than he already is.

      1. Yep, a brave, brave man charging a “dangerous” 74 year old woman hell bent on ripping his face off with her lips! Christ give him the strength to endure :)

  17. HAR HAR HAR …..

    1. lol – lol – lol

  18. HelenWilson 1 Jul 2011, 7:38pm

    His bible says: “Greet each other with a holy kiss” Those are the supposed words of Jesus himself. Seems to me he is going against his own bibles teachings by pressing charges.

    1. They were by St. Paul, not Jesus, but the point is the same.

  19. ah! and it was not even a same sex kiss! how does the song go again? “A kiss is just a kiss” at least some one was willing to kiss him! Assault indeed… waste of court time! Maybe a wise judge would tell the preacher to “Kiss and make up!”

  20. Actually, he’s not quite as horrible looking as I imagined him to be. At least he was dressed nicely. Here’s some video of the idiot at the North Carolina Pride event where the incident occurred:

    1. mmm..brain dead if you ask me..

  21. The international human rights amnesty and aclu, has to intervene as well as legal momentum on the old seventy four year old woman behalf you cannot charge anyone with assault unless the person acts out a violent threat to you to do bodily harm to you there is no assault for someone kissing you on the cheek and its a seventy four year old woman saying even though you are a wicked biggot, i still love you anyway, and act of kindness from a good samaritan inspite of being persecuted and descriminated like the messiah, after they; spit in his face and beat him , some how he managed to still be kind to them, in this day and time we cannot afford to play games with bigots they are harming and murdering and harrassing children and the peace of masses of people sereious actions must be taken immeadiatly for their protections, and you creeps who took a old womans kiss on the cheek and kind woman and labeled it an act of assault defamated her and lied on her and should be arrested immediatly

  22. Where and how can i send my suport to this woman ?

    If anyone knows please email me


  23. Jock S. Trap 2 Jul 2011, 9:04am

    Yet again love against religious hate.

    Yet again religious hate goes unchallenged.

    Yet again love is punished.


    1. I hope they charge James Belcher with wasting court time and paperwork. How a supposedly mature grown man can seriously maintain a peck on the cheek from an elderly pensioner at a rally counts as sexual assault is beyond me. It’s not as if she flung him on his back and started ripping his shirt off is it?

      1. Jock S. Trap 2 Jul 2011, 11:25am

        It’s just proves how Low some people will go!

  24. lady tanya 3 Jul 2011, 4:19am

    What an amazing woman. You are Joan Parker good for you to give him a kiss than to shout abuse at him,
    when there were preachers a pride one year, they were saying that we were going to hell I stood in front of them I Curtsied
    And blew them a kiss, we do not need to do what then do to us .we are better than them

  25. shout hateful abuse at people is ok? Giving an angry person a hug and kiss on the cheek is seen as assault? WHAT A CRAZY MIXED UP WORLD WE LIVE IN!

  26. Another spineless sub-human who hides behind scripture rather than simply standing alone & declaring his bigotry! It’s quite alarming how these religious nutters always seem to think their hatred is somehow made more credible when under the guise of religion.Next time,rather than kissing one of these screwballs,she ought to spit in his eye!

  27. All that complaining about people being gay and then he kicks up a fuss when he gets kissed by a woman. I dunno, eh?

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