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01 July 2011

  • 1st July 2011

    FIFA criticises Nigeria’s football coach over ‘lesbian ban’ 16

    The coach of the Nigerian women's team said lesbianism was 'dirty'

    5:35 PM — The governing body of football, FIFA, has criticised the coach of the Nigerian women's football team for saying she had forced out lesbian players. Last week, coach Eucharia Uche told the New York Times that since she was hired in 2009, she has eradicated homosexuality from the squad.

  • Boris Johnson: ‘London should be the benchmark for LGBT equality’ 23

    Boris Johnson poses with a pink cowboy hate at 2008's parade

    4:31 PM — London mayor Boris Johnson has called for London to be the "benchmark of LGBT equality' ahead of tomorrow's Pride march.

  • Tory gay group says Ken Livingstone should be banned from Pride 62

    LGBTory says Ken Livingstone should be 'banned from Pride'

    4:19 PM — Updated: The Conservative Party's LGBT group, LGBTory, has called for mayoral candidate Ken Livingstone to banned from London Pride over his alleged "close friendship" with an anti-gay extremist. The group's chairman, Matthew Sephton, accused Mr Livingstone of being a "hypocrite" who will "undermine the core values" of the event.

  • US pilot says sorry for anti-gay rant 18

    James Fritzen Taylor said cabin crew were gay, old, fat and ugly

    3:07 PM — A US pilot has apologised after a mid-flight homophobic rant was accidentally broadcast to air traffic control. James Fritzen Taylor, who works for Southwest Airlines, was flying between Austin and San Diego in March when it is believed a button for the cockpit microphone was hit by mistake.

  • Woman, 74, charged with assault for kissing anti-gay preacher 45

    Joan Parker claimed the preacher had been screaming that gays will go to hell

    2:20 PM — A 74-year-old gay rights supporter has been charged with assault for kissing an anti-gay preacher during a pride event in North Carolina. Joan Parker, who attended last Saturday's event with her husband, says she kissed the preacher on the cheek while he screamed that gay people would go to hell.

  • Soho bomber David Copeland loses appeal over sentence 51

    David Copeland told police he wanted to start a 'racial war'

    1:48 PM — David Copeland, the Soho nailbomber who killed three people in 1999, has lost an appeal to have his sentence cut. The 35-year-old, from Hampshire, set off three bombs over the course of two weeks designed to kill and seriously injure London's gay, Asian and black communities.

  • Disability campaigner Kath Gillespie-Sells to lead London Pride 6

    Kath Gillespie-Sells and her son Dan at last year's Stonewall awards

    12:01 PM — LGBT disability campaigner Kath Gillespie-Sells is to lead London's gay Pride parade tomorrow as the event's first grand marshall. The activist, who was honoured with an MBE last month, will lead the annual parade through the city centre.

  • Seattle man says ‘God told him’ to rape and stab lesbian couple

    Isaiah Kalebu claimed God told him to kill the women

    10:18 AM — A man in Seattle, US, has admitted the rape and stabbing of a lesbian couple, claiming that "God told" him to do it. Isaiah Kalebu, 25, is accused of breaking into the couple's home in July 2009 and and torturing and raping them repeatedly before stabbing them.

  • Police name man found dead at gay cruising spot 15

    The body was found on Clapham Common

    9:57 AM — Police have released the name of a man found dead on London's Clapham Common. He was named as Eric Anthony James, 49, of Lambeth.

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