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June 2011

  • 17th June 2011

    Hong Kong government hires ‘gay cure expert’ 58

    Hong Kong's Social Welfare Department has hired a gay cure expert

    4:15 PM — Hong Kong's government has hired a 'reparative therapy' expert who says gays can be cured. Psychiatrist Hong Kwai-wah has been taken on as a trainer for the government's social welfare staff, AFP reports.

  • BBC now has to defend Holby City gay kiss 85

    Antoine Malick's gay kiss upset some viewers

    2:39 PM — The BBC has has to defend a gay kiss on Holby City, just a week after more than 100 viewers complained about a gay scene in EastEnders. Viewers complained that a kiss between Dan Hamilton (Adam Astill) and Antoine Malick (Jimmy Akingbola) was "inappropriate".

  • UN passes gay rights resolution 149

    The UN passed a 'historic' resolution on LGBT rights

    2:03 PM — The UN Human Rights Council has passed a historic resolution calling for universal rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. This is the first time the body has passed a resolution which focuses specifically on sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • True Blood character ‘to have gay romance’ 27

    True Blood: One of the characters is expected to come out

    11:48 AM — One of the characters on hit series True Blood is to come out. Critic Michael Ausiello at TV Line claimed that one of the characters, previously thought to be straight, will embark on a same-sex romance.

  • Australian PM Julia Gillard faces gay marriage grilling 47

    Julia Gillard is in for a long evening

    11:07 AM — Australian prime minister Julia Gillard is to be pressed on her views on gay marriage when she hosts a dinner for three gay couples. As part of a charity auction, the prime minister offered to host a dinner for six guests at her official residence in Canberra.

  • Brian Paddick says he may run for London mayor 37

    Brian Paddick said he wanted to gauge support

    10:25 AM — Brian Paddick has said he may stand as the Liberal Democrat candidate in the 2012 London mayoral race. The former most senior out gay police officer in Britain, he was the party's candidate in the 2008 race but came third with ten per cent of the vote.

  • 16th June 2011

    New Jersey lawmaker wants push for gay marriage 4

    A NJ gay rights group says the courts option is more likely to yield success

    5:26 PM — A New Jersey politician says he hopes the state will return to a push for gay marriage as New York teeters on the brink of legalisation. Assemblyman Reed Gusciora, who is gay, said: "They’re talking about it in New York. Why aren’t we talking about it in New Jersey?"

  • Gay policeman found not guilty of rape 93

    Mark Carter was cleared of three charges, including rape

    5:17 PM — A policeman and former Mr Gay UK has been cleared of rape and two counts of sexual assault. Mark Carter, from Birkenshaw, was charged with sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth in December 2009 while on a work night out.

  • Comment: What life is really like for gay Syrians 28

    Even 'open-minded' people condemn homosexuality, says Sami Hamwi

    5:01 PM — Sami Hamwi, the Syria editor of GayMiddleEast.com, offers a glimpse of what LGBT life is really like in the country.

  • Scottish MPs complain over invitation to anti-gay speaker 114

    Two MSPs cpmplained at the invitation

    3:59 PM — Two MSPs have complained over an speaking invitation given to the president of the Mormon-owned US university. Green MSP Patrick Harvie, who is gay, and Independent MSP Margo MacDonald said Cecil Samuelson, president of Brigham Young University, should not have been invited to address Holyrood.

  • New York Starbucks staff accused of mistreating gay employee 36

    Starbucks claimed Ms Allen got the story incorrect

    2:46 PM — Starbucks says it is investigating claims that an employee was mistreated by co-workers because he is gay. A customer at the coffee giant's Centereach, Long Island, store claims she saw three female staff berating the man for 15-20 minutes in a "brazen" display of homophobia.

  • Video: Super Bowl legend David Tyree says gay marriage will lead to ‘anarchy’ 219

    David Tyree said civilisation will slide towards anarchy

    12:18 PM — Former New York Giants star David Tyree has claimed that allowing gay marriage will lead to "anarchy". The player, famous for making a 'helmet catch' in Super Bowl XLII, gave an interview to the anti-gay National Organization for marriage, in which he condemned gay parenting.

  • Tory councillor censured for gay ‘queens’ remark 36

    Keith Parker said he was amazed that anyone had been offended

    12:07 PM — A Conservative councillor from Brentwood has been censured for using the word "queen" about gay people during a council debate last January. During a discussion on plans to promote the rights of gay people and domestic violence victims, Keith Parker was accused of saying: "The scream team will be conversing with the the queen team."

  • New York Assembly passes gay marriage bill 26

    New York's Assembly passed the bill

    10:30 AM — The New York Assembly has approved a gay marriage bill, setting the stage for a crucial Senate vote on Friday. The Democrat-controlled Assembly passed the bill by 80-63 votes yesterday.

  • 15th June 2011

    Two more Scottish congregations want to leave over gay ministers 23

    More congregations are threatening to leave

    5:20 PM — Two more Church of Scotland congregations are considering a split over the issue of gay ordinations. Stornoway High Church and Hilton High Church may leave the main church after the General Assembly backed a move towards gay ministers, the Herald reports.

  • Verdict expected on gay policeman accused of rape

    Mark Carter denies all charges against him

    4:45 PM — A jury is expected to return a verdict in the case of a policeman and former Mr Gay UK accused of rape and sexual assault. Mark Carter, 27, of Birkenshaw, was charged with sexually assaulting three men and raping a fourth in December 2009 while on a work night out.

  • More US gay couples adopting children 9

    More US gay couples are adopting (Photo: ILGA-Europe)

    4:18 PM — Despite discouraging laws in some parts of the country, new figures say that the number of US gay couples adopting children is rising.

  • STIs in gay men continue to rise 186

    STI diagnoses continue to rise in gay and bisexual men

    3:36 PM — Sexually-transmitted infections in gay and bisexual men remain at a high level, the UK Health Protection Agency says. New figures from the body show that men who have sex with men and young adults are the most at-risk groups for infections.

  • French transgender woman hopes to run for president 19

    Brigitte Goldberg hopes to run for president

    1:40 PM — A trans woman who has set up a new political party hopes to run in the 2012 French presidential elections. Brigitte Goldberg hopes her party Avenir 2012 will be supported by LGBT people.

  • New York ‘close to legalising gay marriage’ 26

    New York may be next to back marriage equality

    12:07 PM — New York is reportedly on the brink of marriage equality after another Republican senator said yesterday he would support the move. Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the legislation in both houses yesterday.

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