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Rhode Island governor set to sign controversial civil unions bill

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 30 Jun 2011, 10:25am

    This is nothing more than a Right given with a massive slap in the face.
    One step forward and 12 back all in the name of religious bigotry.

    Charmin eh?

  2. Um… I think you mean Rhode Island.

  3. This story is about Rhode Island – not New Jersey!

  4. In the six states where same-sex marriage is legal and in two or three where there are civil unions, all of them grant religious denominations exemptions from recognising them. Without them, there would be no legal unions for gay couples. It’s far different from what we have in the UK where religious denominations are not exempt from the law involving civil matters. Let’s hope that remains once marriage equality is legal.

  5. … and Pink News wants to be taken seriously when they cover US issues. LOL…

  6. Yes, New Jersey already has civil unions. My partner and I were unionized (ugh) in November 2008. This story is about Rhode Island.

  7. Craig Nelson 30 Jun 2011, 12:19pm

    Big difference between New Jersey and Rhode Island. NJ has civil unions for a while now – as reported by Pink News at the time. Recent PN reports demonstrate that Lincoln Chafee is not NJ’s governor.

  8. Civil unions, no thank you. Marriage or nothing. Civil unions is like cleaning half of you house and sweeping the dirt under the rugs. Just not acceptable.

  9. Rightswatcher 30 Jun 2011, 2:21pm

    You can thank the pernicious and evil G.D. catholic church and its evangelical friends for this piece of trash legislation. Better to have no bill than this. Rhode Islanders can make the day trip to New York or Massachusetts and do it properly.

    1. Massachusetts is only 7 miles from our home, but a marriage there doesn’t give us any of the protections here in RI…no right of inheritance or of shared ownership. I hate this bill, but I’ll be unionized just to protect my partner. If we were young, we’d wait until we got real equality.

      1. states that RI recognised out of state marriages of SS couples as fully valid marriages in RI.

  10. From what I’ve learned, Rhode Island has the most catholics per capita than in every other state, many of them of Italian descent. Is it no wonder?

  11. I really start disliking religious groups…

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