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Ken Livingstone’s an old retread, says gay deputy London mayor

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Reader comments

  1. HelenWilson 30 Jun 2011, 6:03pm

    Too busy knocking and insulting each other to care about true LGBT rights. All the political parties suck when it comes to the LGBT, all we get are empty words…….Show us some action on LGBT equality not meaningless words.

    1. HelenWilson 30 Jun 2011, 6:12pm

      London’s superposed leaders could use the chance pride presents to highlight the hate crimes and everyday discrimination LGBT face, instead the attack each other over who is the biggest allies to the LGBT!…..Non of you are our allies from what I can see.

  2. He’s pretty out of touch if he can’t see the difference between civil partnerships and marriages.

  3. Richard Barnes is reportedly going to support the trans organisations in terms of the continuing lack of support and engagement by Pride London, this year yet again is a shambles with no support, and a half hearted supply of a stall to exchange clothes. They promised a year ago that they would make up for the past, they lied, and i can’t see Richard Barnes helping at all…

    1. HelenWilson 30 Jun 2011, 6:35pm

      The stall was a total insult…..Still we do have Sparkle :)

  4. “Asked for his own opinion on this (Marriage Equality), Mr Barnes said: …” …very interesting but what’s you opinion on what the 98% of the other LGBT people want…ie are you and your party and your city going to make a bit of noise about it or is this all about you?

  5. Alf N. Spit 30 Jun 2011, 7:27pm

    He looks older than Ken, so there’s not much mileage in playing the age card and calling Ken an old retread.

  6. Barnes would come out with this twaddle. His boss Boris thinks gays are akin to animals.

    1. But will he be giving the “Gay Animals” rights, that’s what I’d like to know – lol

    2. de Villiers 30 Jun 2011, 10:26pm

      I am sure he doesn’t.

  7. To bw quite homest, what a scumbag !!

    1. be**

  8. Dromio, so right!

  9. Peter & Michael 30 Jun 2011, 10:10pm

    Mr Barnes,
    In regard to going to Pride in London, it is not because of not wanting to be there, we cannot afford to travel from the north of the country to be with our LGBT brothers and sisters, and Civil Partnerships are not akin to Same-Sex Gay Marriage. We shall be there in spirit and let’s hope that the BBC will show some news footage of our great event in London.

  10. You rumble a tory and they get ageist – no surprise when they are raising the age of pensions! Jokes aside though, I would not like to be a pensioner when the nasty party gears up with its ageist attacks – clearly older LGBT people dont matter to the Tories….the sooner were rid of them the better.

    1. Alf N. Spit 1 Jul 2011, 12:41am

      You want to get rid of older LGBT people? That’s so cruel.

      1. Dan Filson 1 Jul 2011, 12:40pm

        Ha. ha.

  11. I have very little time for Richard Barnes – he was one of the most high profile supporters of the EDL initiated East End Gay Pride event and when it was exposed by Imaan the Muslim LGBT group that this had the EDL at its core, he has not come out strongly and condemned the manipulation of the far right. Interesting that he name checks a DVD on homophobic bullying produced with Stonewall – It was on Ken Livingstone that pioneered that at city hall with Stonewall. Goes to show that some ideas dont go out of fashion at all when they are trailblazing eh? Doesnt stop you from dog whistling to the ageists like a bigot though does it?

  12. Mr Barnes is the one out of touch and as a holder of a public office he should be pushing and publicly be support marriage equality. It does matter what it is called, to call it something differnet is simply not equal.

  13. If Richard Barnes thinks that civil partnership apartheid is adequate, and if he is speaking on beahlf of Boris Johnson,. then clearly no LGBT person in their right mind should vote for Boris Johnson.

    This Barnes creature is ‘overjoyed’ that CP Apartheid is now law?

    Not that his party did ANYTHING to bring them – in fact the smarmy lizard David Cameron voted against them did he not?

    If CP Apartheid is sufficient for Johnson then clearly we should not vote for him.

    Likewise we should not vote for Ken Livingstone while he defends the right of genocidal homophobes to earn money in Britain.

  14. ‘……And, as a gay man, I am not particularly bothered about whether they’re called marriages or civil partnerships. I live my life as a gay man. I don’t ape heterosexuals…
    what a proper gay tory

  15. Dan Filson 1 Jul 2011, 12:44pm

    So the Mayor’s office “had supported Stonewall in putting an anti-homophobia DVD in schools” – It should be pointed out that the Conservative government of Mrs Thatcher abolished the Inner London Education Authority since which point there has been no cross-London body with responsibility for education in schools. The Mayor’s Office did not put the anti-homophobia DVD in schools itself, and I’d be interested to know what constituted its “support” – fine words butter no parsnips, and I suspect there wasn’t much or any money either to help with the postage bill.

  16. “Old re-tread”? “Pensioner”? If Barnes had spouted those age-discriminatory comments in a workplace, he’d be up on a disciplinary! I’m waiting for the complaints to the Equalities Commission.

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