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Gay campaigners oppose Rhode Island civil unions bill

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Reader comments

  1. Commander Thor 29 Jun 2011, 6:05pm

    I want equlity. Gay people should be allowed to disregard religious discrimination laws.


    1. Alf N. Spit 29 Jun 2011, 8:15pm

      And what is equility? I don’t mean that in a philosophical sense.

  2. Nobody should be above the law, not when it’s a civil matter. Civil unions, civil marriages are not religious. All denominations should not have any opt out clause whatsoever.

    1. Alf N. Spit 29 Jun 2011, 8:20pm

      Well nobody is above the law. It’s a question of what the law should be, not whether it’s enforced or not.

  3. Jock S. Trap 30 Jun 2011, 8:08am

    Yet again the lengths the haters will go to…

    1. Jock S. Trap 30 Jun 2011, 8:09am

      …the ironic thing is they call themselves religious.

  4. Catolics, Mormons and Evangelical Christians are spending millions of dollars to stop gay marriage. This has been proven and it is now a fact. Face it gays and gay supporters these Christian reigions are keeping gays down and from getting married and their Civil rights. They are using the government to stop gays from getting their equal rights..

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