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29 June 2011

  • 29th June 2011

    After anti-gay jokes, Tracy Morgan offends the disabled 53

    Tracy Morgan: In trouble again? (Photo: Alex Erde)

    3:44 PM — After begging forgiveness for a series of anti-gay remarks, US comedian Tracy Morgan is under fire from disabled groups for joking about "retards".

  • Ofcom to investigate Channel 5 over adverts for lesbian show 49

    Ofcom received complaints about the Candy Bar ads

    3:34 PM — Channel 5 is to be investigated by TV watchdog Ofcom over adverts for a new lesbian reality show. Fourteen people complained over daytime adverts for Candy Bar Girls, which is a reality show about the "lives and loves" of lesbians in Soho.

  • Gay campaigners oppose Rhode Island civil unions bill 7

    Gay activists want the civil unions bill to be vetoed

    3:20 PM — Gay rights campaigners in Rhode Island are urging the state's governor to veto a civil unions bill because they say it contains “dangerous” and “discriminatory” language. The bill is expected to be passed by the Senate this week but campaigners are deeply concerned about some of the religious provisions within it.

  • US presidential hopeful Rick Santorum hits out at gay marriage 52

    Rick Santorum has form for anti-gay views (Photo: Gage Skidmore)

    2:12 PM — Repblican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum used an appearance in Iowa on Monday night to rail against gay marriage. The politician, who has a track record of anti-gay remarks, said at the Lyon County Republican dinner that gay rights campaigners were deliberately trying to undermine religion.

  • New Jersey gay couples sue for the right to marry 33

    Gay couples in NJ will sue for the right to wed

    12:21 PM — Seven gay couples in the US state of New Jersey are to sue for the right to marry. The couples, along with some of their children, say they will file a suit in the state Supreme Court today to demand that their partnerships are recognised as marriages rather than civil unions.

  • Prominent gay journalist accused of plagiarism 33

    Johann Hari apologised for an 'error of judgement'

    11:25 AM — Orwell prize-winning journalist Johann Hari, who writes for the Independent and Attitude magazine, was accused of plagiarism and 'churnalism' after bloggers spotted that he had used old quotes in interviews without attributing them.

  • Man who accused Louis Walsh of sexual assault set to be charged with extortion

    Louis Walsh was vindicated

    10:47 AM — The man who accused X Factor judge Louis Walsh of sexually assaulting him in a Dublin bar will reportedly be charged with extortion and wasting police time.

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