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Videos: What life might have been like for gay celebs if they were homeless

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Reader comments

  1. Apart from this very worthwhile video, does anyone know what else Andrew Hayden Smith is doing these days?

  2. martyn notman 28 Jun 2011, 2:42pm

    good video and good cause. Well done all of you.

  3. Hope this video imparts the message of compassion and the need to reach out to help the homeless ,all in need. Truth be told there are many in our lesbian/gay community who are homeless, ill health,hungry, over looked, forgotton. Youth and Elders. I was homeless, so got mixed feelings watching this video .Pretend, is pretend, living it, feeling it, the horror of it, is all so real, I can still feel the helpless confusion, homeless, alone , lost in a world that seem to blindly, pass me by. I honor the intent of this video, and all who cared enough to make it, pretend or not. I pray it touches open hearts. AHO

  4. Stevieeeeeeee 28 Jun 2011, 7:34pm

    Good effort guys :D

  5. Call me thick BUT when i first watched this vid i thought it was all about bullying and nothing to do with being young lgbt and homeless.

    Im pleased that they have actualy explained what it is about even tho i think the message is still a bit muddy

    The Albert Kenndy trust do a great job !

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