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Lesbian elected as vice-president of Unison

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Reader comments

  1. She has a nice face, and excellent qualifications. All the best, Maureen.

  2. Well done Maureen. You deserve it.

  3. Perhaps being picky here, but does not this headline belong in the Daily Mail. Its grerat that this lady has got the job , but does it need to be hilighted that she is gay. Does it have any bearing on the fact that she can do the job , no of course not, regardless I wish here well.

    1. Alf N. Spit 29 Jun 2011, 8:31pm

      Well your comment belongs in the Daily Mail, mainly because the dreadful spelling suggests a lack of education.

      1. so soooryy about the speeling , but here you go another comment that you can sit asnd correct. should keeep you happpy for hours. Go on you kknow you want toooo, Have FUNNNN

  4. She is a great campaigner and fantastic choice for VP. I have had the pleasure of working with her and wish her all the success she deserves. Well done.

  5. The lady seems sincere, sensible and is saying all the right things about why she is in the position she’s now in, and how she’s going to uphold it.
    I know it shouldn’t make any difference about her sexuality, but if you have someone of whom you can be proud, then let’s show society that gay people are perfectly capable of doing a great job and that gender/sexuality issues are now a thing of the distant past!
    Good luck to her and let’s hope she’s happy in this important and in your face job.

    1. Alf N. Spit 29 Jun 2011, 8:33pm

      Why wouldn’t she be happy?

  6. I am a personal friend of Mo, and she will be happy to know she has recieved so many supportive messages. She is very true to her word and I can say 100% she will do her very best, as she has done over the years, to support the membership of UNISON.

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