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Turkish gay Pride marchers demand more rights

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Reader comments

  1. Concerning to see a minister of a country that seeks EU membership declaring homosexuality a medical condition. If she is a minister, she should have the ability to research and recognise respected academic reports and see the evidence for what it is – homosexuality is not a disease of the mind or body, any more than being White, Asian, Black, Latino etc is.

    1. Yes but cultural and religious views often trump sicence and hard fact in the eyes of the ignorant.

      1. Members of Burlusconi’s government continue to call homosexuality a medical disorder and Italy is a founding member state of the EU. The European Union has long turned a blind eye to the failure of Italy to reform its intolerance to its GLBT population and uphold its membership pledge not to discriminate on the bases of sexual orientation, Not sure why Italy continues to get the free pass on this ?

  2. Acceptance of diversity should be a prerequisite of being allowed into the EU

    1. With a clear demonstration of that acceptance in action

  3. The women’s minister thinks homosexuality is an illness that should be treated. Says it all really. Stupid muslim woman. Poor turkish gay men, they should be given asylum. I feel sorry for them. Thankfully there are organisations like Amnesty in the world.

  4. These gay Turks are displaying a tremendous amount of courage in the face of adversity, and they deserve our gratitude for advancing the cause of universal human rights.

  5. Courageous people, standing up for their country’s reputation as a beacon of secularism in the Muslim world. Turkey has a lot going for it, and will probably be the first Muslim country to accept gay rights. One day.

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