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New York Senate due to vote on gay marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Large crowds gathering outside the Stonewall Inn in NY. Wish us luck everyone!

    36 – 26!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. EQUALITY!!!
      Ah what a great way to end a great night out! Excellent!

      Ahaha suck on that bigots!

      1. I’m watching the live feed, seems to be a pause while waiting on the final vote still.

        1. Ayes 33 Nays 29

          1. Ooops my bad!
            Sorry I got that from an article but I just watched it live now!

            yepp 33-29!!! Amazing!

    2. Jock S. Trap 25 Jun 2011, 8:17am

      Excellent News, just looked up and saw it passed.

      What a great day for New York and a great message for all the LGBTQI community around the world!!

  3. Same-sex marriage has now passed in New York – one more place where same-sex marriage will now be legal!


    1. a tremendous step forward in the history of gay liberation in the States.

  4. Yes, it just passed. Absolutely amazing. Congratulations NEW YORK, you rock!

    Now for the UK to follow suit! Pay attention, Cameron! Do the right thing!

    1. Yepp ! Get a move on it Dave, let’s get equality this side of the pond too!

    2. Go get ’em UK!!!!! :)

  5. jamestoronto 25 Jun 2011, 3:37am

    Way to go New York!!! This vote will put a lot of pressure on NJ and RI to take a second look at their laws. A good night for equality.

    1. jamestoronto 25 Jun 2011, 4:18am

      Oops my bad. The Senate changed the wording of the bill so now it – the revised bill – has to go back to the Assembly. With Democrats in control of the lower house it should be a formality though. BTW, it will be kind of sad not to see you upstate New Yorkers coming to Toronto to exchange your vows. I happened to be down at Toronto City Hall this morning to hand some papers in and there were 4 gay couples ahead of me, 2 couples from NYS, one from Alabama, and the fourth from Australia. Pride Week launched last night and this has over the last 5 years been the busiest for civil marriages (at City Hall) and for church marriages as well.

  6. YES!!!! We now have marriage equality in New York!!!! It is a great day! :)

  7. Congratulations New York! God Bless the 4 decent Republican Senators who voted yes and boohoo to that single ranting Democrat Senator who voted no! Those 4 Republicans will learn from and have to face the discrimination from right-wing Christians that we face daily around the world.

    1. jamestoronto 25 Jun 2011, 4:19am

      Wasn’t he a prize, eh?

      1. Diaz you mean, the one with the poor command of English…what a stumbling arsehole he made of himself though

  8. Congrats to New York!

  9. Start spreading the news! I’m leaving California today! I want to be a part of it, New York, New York!

  10. Can’t explain how happy I am for New Yorkers. You men and women had a vile fight on your hands and you won. Goddamnit, you won because you were able to prove you’re right. Been to New York many times and I’m just so damn proud of you. There aren’t words to express the congratulations you deserve. Fabulous people, fabulous news. Love it.

    1. “The Senate vote in New York caps an intensely coordinated, bipartisan campaign under the direction of Gov. Cuomo that raised an estimated $2 million, more than half of it from Republican-affiliated donors. The governor worked with New Yorkers United for Marriage, a bipartisan coalition of five LGBT organizations: Human Rights Campaign, Empire State Pride Agenda, Log Cabin Republicans, Marriage Equality New York, and Freedom To Marry.”

      —The Advocate


      This is a staggering amount of organization and collaboration. Yeaaaaaaa

  11. Congrats NY, truly inspirational!

    Makes our British civil partnerships very old hat now…Can’t we get all those who made it possible over there to come to the UK and help us out…where is the push for it over here, no celebs, very few mps etc etc…and most importantly no Stonewall fighting for us..

  12. For those who may have missed it, here’s the historic moment:

    1. Thank you Dana for this. Many of us overseas are celebrating with you today! Viva progressive human rights actions!

  13. Jock S. Trap 25 Jun 2011, 8:15am

    Keep hearing it but here’s hoping!!

  14. Wow a momentous occasion. A beacon for equality. An indication and inspiration to the wider world. Time for true change and equality elsewhere including the UK

    1. Yeah, but they won’t have the opportunity to do religious (non!) CPs in their churches (ie well at least 1 or 2 churches anyway)… they’re so jealous of us for that and we’ve got such a progressive PM on LGBT rights over here compared to theirs……When’s the next plane to N,Y I think I’ll be on it!

  15. YIPPEEE!
    Here’s to the State and the city that never sleeps!
    I bet the parties will keep everyone awake for a week!

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