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Women’s gaydar ‘better during ovulation’

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Reader comments

  1. martyn notman 24 Jun 2011, 4:35pm

    evidently all the woman at my gym are post menopausal then..they are forever hitting on the (all totally gay as santas elves) instructors…

  2. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2011, 5:19pm


  3. Alf N. Spit 24 Jun 2011, 5:28pm

    What bright spark thought up this experiment? And were all the gay photos of chat show hosts?

  4. Surely you can’t tell just from a photo if someone is gay.

    1. That it is possible to tell just from a picture of a guy’s face whether he is gay or not (albeit rather inaccurately) is far more interesting than whether women are better at it at one point in their cycle than another. If true it would imply a biological basis for male homosexuality.

      However I wonder how they found a representative sample of gay men to have their photos taken for they study? Did they go down the local gay bar? Perhaps you can tell a guy has done his hair etc. to attract another guy?

  5. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 6:46pm


  6. Oh, crap – sounds like it doesn’t work for spotting gay women then. Ah well.

    1. Jock S. Trap 25 Jun 2011, 9:30am

      LOL… NIce one.

    2. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    3. I concur. I have terrible gaydar when it comes to other women. Cursed, I tell you.

  7. So are lesbians able to perform equally well while ovulating, do we know who is a gay man or not? It would be interesting to read the same study but conducted with lesbians trying to figure out which man was gay, simply for empirical reasons. Many times we are considered to be less than real women due to sexuality. Random thought.

    1. Alf N. Spit 25 Jun 2011, 12:16pm

      Lost your Jamaican accent then, lol.

      1. My Jamaican accent? Sorry, luv, I am in Scandinavia.

  8. Alf N. Spit 25 Jun 2011, 12:15pm

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to find out if straight men are more attracted to women who are ovulating? Or did they do that already. Are different pheromones produced?

    Apparently they already know that gay men don’t respond to women’s pheromones while straight men do of course.

    1. Paddyswurds 25 Jun 2011, 1:21pm

      Why would a woman need to know if a man was gay or not. Surely this advantage would be homophobic. A gay mans child is just as valid as a hetties child. Indeed the gay mans child would probably have the advantage as regards intelligence, looks and parental care as gay men have been proven to be the more attentive father.

      1. Very true. I suspect that this ovulation response is first in a long line of assessing techniques by straight women and purely there to possibly weed out those who wouldn’t be interested. However, if a gay man did show interest then I don’t think they’d be rejected because of their sexuality. As you said, they could bring many advantages and be a good father.

  9. burningworm 25 Jun 2011, 1:40pm

    Have the staff at pink news nothing else to do.

    The IEET produce incredible reports relating to sexual binary. Why does this news source have to replicate the worst tropes of a tabloid paper?

    1. burningworm 25 Jun 2011, 1:57pm

      How can this be taken seriously? (a small-scale study) SUGGESTS nothing.

  10. Thank christ it was explained that ovulation can alter a woman’s behaviour because I was really struggling to work out how this ‘small-scale research’ benefits anyone,other than ovulating women! Jeeze,sometimes money seems to be available for the most flakey of research purposes!

  11. Dan Filson 26 Jun 2011, 1:51pm

    “Researchers at the University of Toronto found that women who are ovulating are better at deciding which men are gay than women who are not.

    Forty heterosexual female students were asked to look at 80 images of men’s faces: half were gay and all were of a similar expression and level of attractiveness.”

    I’m sure there was a reason for this research, but for the moment cannot think what it might have been. Why does it improve the sum of human knowledge to know whether ovulating women can spot gay men better than when they are not?

    All it indicates, if true (this is only a small study and may have methodology flaws), is that nature has genetically programmed women at their height of fertility to spot the less suitable sexual partners (assuming, a big if, they can lure them to their sexual bed, which in my experience of gay men they may well resist!

  12. And I find when I”m in my most fertile cycle I can tell which women are ga….er, what???

  13. David Mills 27 Jun 2011, 2:21pm

    Come on. A sample size of 40? This is so unreliable and not news.

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