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Chris Brown defends homophobic comment to photographer

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Reader comments

  1. Chutneybear 23 Jun 2011, 1:46pm

    He is a homophobic <unt

    1. Y’all numpty is weak!

  2. And yet nobody says anything about him saying n—-?

    1. About him saying what numpty? nigga? nutbag?
      Anyway it’s another black “pussyman” homophobe and the third similar story PN has run in a week, but don’t say black guys are homophobes.
      I’ve never heard of him and don’t want to know anything more about him

      1. Okay, I remember seeing the pics of Rihanna after he punched her face up.

      2. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:19pm

        lol You dont seem to know ANYBODY….
        ps re PN running these stories – don’t you ever stop to question why they may be choosing these stories to publish as opposed to others?
        With all media its important to look behind the stories and be aware that the media is not unbiased – that all stories are in fact CHOSEN and carefully selected.
        …More important that ‘what’ is the question ‘why’…

    2. Because this is TLT (typical liberal tactic) … you are allowed to dehumanize your own group but you cannot do the same to others. Which is totally hypocritical. Either we are allowed to use such words or we are not. I been called the F word more by gays than anybody else. In fact most of the bullying directed at me has come from gay people.

      1. liberals aren’t like that and you troll

      2. yes the oppressed can use a word used to oppress them I’ve had this argument before the oppressors arent

  3. Stupid homophobe.

  4. So what was his intention?

    1. To be cool and hip.
      You see in the hip hop “culture” it is cool to be stupid homophobe. In fact the stupider you are, the better. It has been widely known that the average IQ for urban hip-hopers is way low.

      1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:23pm

        No it hasn’t – Thats a blatant lie.
        If you knew anything about Hip Hop you would know that there has always been a facet to it which is all about education and upliftment of consciousness.

  5. Jock S. Trap 23 Jun 2011, 2:47pm

    I’ve yet to find a leopard that changes it’s spots.

    1. What about David Cameron? You seem to think he changed his spots, queen.

      1. go Eddy, go Eddy, in ya face Strap-on eerr – Jock Strap

      2. Finally eddy makes a good point.
        LOL. Jock like Stu just type long winded comments to read their own crap on the computer screen. Sorry girls but your stuff is not that enlightening.
        I wonder who is going to be this week’s PN top commenter.. would it be Stu or Jockstrap?

        1. Shut up Pepa I know your unable to have a proper debate but J.Strap and Stu actually have decent points to make yours is just paranoid ramblings

          1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:24pm

            Agreed lol

  6. I REALLY hate that guy.

    1. Yeah , I bet he smells of hairspray just like Justin Bieber, bellyache singer.

      1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:24pm

        How bizarre……

  7. Quote: ‘“I have total respect for Gay community and my intention was not to insult anyone in it’
    Well then what was your intention Mr Brown?

    1. Dan Filson 23 Jun 2011, 4:42pm

      If ever a statement was written by a PR man, it is that one!

    2. Mr? May I ask why do you refer to him as Mr.? You see in my country that is title you reserve for somebody that has esteem and has earned your respect.

      1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:25pm

        Really? lol
        I find that very unlikely

  8. His mother must be so proud of him. A violent bully who also suffers from regular bouts of foot in mouth disease.

  9. Has anyone noticed that when it comes to a homophobic slur, most of these types always claim they’re not anti-gay to save face after the fact? Clearly this individual has anger management issues as well as women issues.He has a nude photo of himself that went viral on the internet. Shows the kind of low-life he is. His brains, assuming he has any, are clearly not in his head.

    1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:27pm

      To be honest I don’t agree that having a picture of himself in the nude says anything about him at all – except that he is a man and has a cock. So what?

  10. This guy has serious issues.

    This guy is a woman batterer.

    He is despicable scum.

    Why would anyone be surprised that this lowlife also hates gay people.

  11. Is anyone keeping count of the amount of US male celebs who’ve dropped homophobic slurs in the past week? Its like an Olympic for bigots. Pretty soon Pink News will just be filled with reports about these cretins and we might get the odd positive story thrown in if there’s room to feature it.

    1. gas-chamber 23 Jun 2011, 3:40pm

      Most are black.

      Spot the link. The missing link.

      1. Dan Filson 23 Jun 2011, 4:44pm

        I know I’m meant to rise to the bait, but references to ‘the missing link’ in this context are straightforwardly racist.

        1. yes it is unnecessary , but there is obviously a major problem of homophobia in the black community if even pr schooled “celebrities” flout homophobia so openly , it will probably give them greater kudos .

      2. Dan Filson 23 Jun 2011, 4:46pm

        In the context used, the reference to “the missing link” is straightforwardly racist. And anyone thinking a user name like gas-chamber is funny, is also a bit strange.

        1. gas-chamber 23 Jun 2011, 5:01pm

          I say fight fire with fire, Dan. Some “people” will never change. Religion plays its part, but homophobia is deeply ingrained in black ‘culture’. (I’m struggling with that word ‘culture’, though – Oprah, rap, urban tribalism and KFC?)

          1. rap is cool actually
            anyway – some people can be homophobic and skin colour is an irrelevance as homophobia is not about race etc, it only shows the person is an idiot

          2. homophobia is deeply ingrained in black ‘culture’
            Presumably you’re referring to black American culture. By the same token, you could look at the recent examples of violence around pride marches in Russia and Croatia and come to the conclusion that homophobia is deeply ingrained in white ‘culture’ too.
            Or you could grow up and try to avoid making clumsy and sweeping generalisations.

          3. Wow nice way to generalise and entire culture by how its been impacted by the white western world. Success you’ve just proved your ignorance.

        2. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:29pm

          and reported…

      3. Its already been spotted.
        Talking about it is a no-no. (That is TLT) Blacks are allowed to be homophobic and they can keep their jobs and what not.
        June has been one hell of a month with many of these dumb hip-hopers and urbanites and black churchies making their stance clear: NO HOMO.
        Here is but a sample of blacks gone wild:

        1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:31pm


    2. @CMYB, I don’t think there are any more slurs than there used to be, I just think that they are reported more now than they used to be. At last making abusive comments at gay people is taken seriously rather than ignored as used to be the case.

  12. jamestoronto 23 Jun 2011, 3:23pm

    “I have total respect for Gay community and my intention was not to insult anyone in it.” ….. Then why did you? What a loser. Rihanna is well rid of him.

  13. Silly Chris Brown, I swear he spends time in his house planning out how to further ruin his career.

  14. The sicker part of it all is his “girlfriend” Rihanna, didn’t want to press charges against him. Victim loving the perpetrator complex. Maybe she needs help too. If any guy laid a finger on me, he’d be history.

  15. What a stupid train wreck!

  16. Dumb N*gg@( – Isn’t acceptable, So how come Homo and Gay can be used to be insulting – Someone remind these over privileged cavemen about their parents struggle with bigotry and racism!

  17. I have never AND will never buy his music. I don’t even have an interest to freeload his music, because he is a talent-less person who needs a rubber suit and a shovel to do what he was really called to do in life.

  18. It looks like he’s racist as well has homophobic. He’s claiming that calling someone gay as an insult isn’t homophobic. So let’s revise that to racist, homophobic and thick as a plank.

  19. Alf N. Spit 24 Jun 2011, 2:12pm

    How are we supposed to assess his comment if it’s censored? This story is already scraping the barrel, at least let us know what he’s supposed to have said. This isn’t the USA for heaven’s sake!

    1. It says in the article what he said

      1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 8:33pm


  20. Alf N. Spit 24 Jun 2011, 2:22pm

    What is so offensive about calling someone gay? If someone called me gay I would just say “yes, so?”.
    It’s like you get so cross with someone you shout at them “ you’ve got fair hair you have!!”

    Do we have to slavishly pick up these non stories from America?

    1. Because he used gay as a bad thing if you where to say yer but your black people would think it racist same works for us

      1. right, but he didnt use gay as any time of homosexual reference. he wasnt saying the photographer was a homosexual, he was saying that the photographer is stupid. kinda like…. “i hate family reunions. they’re so gay” or “damn, my car broke down. this is SOOOO GAY!!!” hmmm… i didnt know a situation could identify with a sexual orientation.

  21. lol, people say gay all the time in the context of something being lame or stupid. im a homosexual and i say that things are gay all the time in the context that it is stupid and lame. seriously, give him a break. lol

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