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23 June 2011

  • 23rd June 2011

    Russell T Davies: ‘Cameron and Clegg are evil’ 76

    Russell T Davies called David Cameron and Nick Clegg "evil"

    5:31 PM — Doctor Who writer Russell T Davies has launched an outspoken attack on David Cameron and Nick Clegg over spending cuts to the BBC. Davies, who is one of the BBC's most senior writers, called the leaders "savage and evil people" and claimed the Conservative Party was "buffoonish" but "lethal as a laser".

  • John Barrowman tells Torchwood fans: ‘Expect man sex and nudity’ 146

    John Barrowman says there will be "man sex"

    4:56 PM — Torchwood star John Barrowman says that the show's next series will be the sexiest yet - with "man sex" and "full-on" nudity. The 44-year-old star said ardent fans know his character Captain Jack Harkness likes men and women.

  • Will Boris Johnson lead London Pride again? 30

    Boris Johnson led last year's Pride

    4:34 PM — He led London Pride last year but with an election coming up in 2012, will Boris Johnson lead the parade again next weekend? PinkNews.co.uk understands that Pride organisers are keen for the mayor to take his place at the head of the march but City Hall has not yet given the go-ahead.

  • London’s oldest gay charity ‘saved’ 7

    London Friend says it has been promised a loan

    3:50 PM — Islington council has announced that London LGBT charity London Friend will be able to buy its premises. The charity, which is the capital's oldest counselling service for LGBT people, faced an uncertain future when the council announced in November that the Caledonian Road property was to be put up for auction with just a few weeks' notice.

  • Transgender woman banned from using Poole stadium toilets 52

    Victoria Saxe-Coburg says she was banned from the women's toilet

    3:36 PM — A transgender woman has described her humiliation at being barred from using the women's toilets at Poole stadium. Victoria Saxe-Coburg, 55, was watching a speedway event between Poole Pirates and Wolverhampton Wolves on June 8th when security staff told her in front of other fans that there had been a complaint about her.

  • Comment: Why it’s vital to kick homophobia out of sport, by David Cameron 152

    David Cameron called for more positive role models in sport

    3:06 PM — Writing exclusively for PinkNews.co.uk, prime minister David Cameron says sport is at the heart of the nation and more must be done to stop homophobia and encourage positive role models.

  • Chris Brown defends homophobic comment to photographer 57

    Chris Brown called a photographer 'gay' (Photo: Gemma Mary)

    1:37 PM — US singer Chris Brown has defended himself after calling a paparazzi photographer 'gay'. The star made the remark after almost receiving a parking ticket in Los Angeles.

  • New Jersey man charged over murder of transgender model

    Victoria Carmen White was shot dead in an alleged hate crime

    11:43 AM — A New Jersey man has been charged with murder and bias intimidation over the death of a transgender woman last September. Victoria Carmen White, 28, was shot dead after an altercation on September 12th 2010 at a house in Maplewood.

  • Obama holds New York gala fundraiser for gay supporters 19

    President Obama is hosting a fundraiser for gay supporters tonight

    11:07 AM — President Obama is to hold a fundraiser for gay supporters in New York tonight - as the state Senate is expected to vote on a gay marriage bill. The gala was booked far ahead of the vote, making the timing a coincidence, albeit a happy one for gay rights campaigners.

  • Louis Walsh denies ‘sex attack’ on man in nightclub

    Louis Walsh denies the indecent assault

    9:29 AM — X Factor judge Louis Walsh has denied an indecent assault on a young man in a nightclub toilet. The star, 58, is accused of molesting a 24-year-old man after meeting him in a Dublin bar following a Westlife concert on April 10th.

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