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Nigerian women’s football team ‘eradicates lesbianism’

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Reader comments

  1. More christian homophobia.

  2. Thats something to be proud of now? Yay I’ve ruined peoples lives based on nothing except my own bigotry.

    1. I think this coach is just a nutcase crying out for attention Hamish.

  3. Wtf is wrong with this world.

    Why can’t we embrace people. Why must lgbt people be driven out just because they have a problem. It them that should leave.

    I feel sorry for the lesbian women of Nigeria who all they wanted to do was play football.

  4. Stupid fu**ing savage.

    1. reported

      1. Oh please Staircase grow a pair and get over yourself.

      2. Jock S. Trap 23 Jun 2011, 1:10pm

        Adjective: (of an animal or force of nature) Fierce, violent, and uncontrolled: “a savage beast”.
        Noun: (chiefly in historical or literary contexts) A member of a people regarded as primitive and uncivilized.

        So what part of this behaviour is not primitive nor uncivilised?

      3. Suck my balls..idiot.

        Why on earth would you report me over that? The woman is a savage you pleb.

        1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 7:28pm

          No she’s not – she’s a bigoted idiot – there’s a lot of it about unfortunately….
          (your comment included…)

  5. “In the same article, James Peters, a former technical assistant for the country’s soccer federation, claimed he had sacked some players from the national team for being lesbians.

    Peters said: : “Having coached female teams in the US, I have an in-depth knowledge about how lesbians operate.””

    WTF? What a fecking to55er!

    1. Could not have put it better myself.

      1. I was just about to quote that section. Words fail me, they really do (well, polite ones anyway!)

        1. Yep, I’d copied that bit too quote too. What an ignorant man! Does he not realise how stupid he sounds?

          1. No (unfortunately he doesn’t…)

    2. I bet he’s trawled the internet for all the ‘documentary’ films on lesbians he could find, hence his encyclopaedic knowledge. He must have such a terrible case of RSI in his wrist now.

  6. More christian-based nonsense. Should I point out that the so-called “Curse of Ham” was used for a very long time as a reason and an excuse to mistreat anyone who was not white? And now the damnable bible is being used as a rod to try and beat GLBTQ people. Can people not learn the lessons of history? How I long for the day that all human beings get over their need for a sky daddy.

    1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 9:06pm

      If only someday you sit to think properly about science’s stupid claim about how the world possibly came to be,you would appreciate ‘intelligent design’.

      1. If there is some mystical creator, his/her design wasn’t that intelligent, since he/she clearly has made some profoundly flawed creations

        1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 10:29pm

          Highlight them.

          1. Unless you have any sort of tertiary degree in biochemistry, microbiology or genetics i highly doubt you would understand, though since you discount the validity of science you would just ignore it anyway. How about YOU research it so that you can learn to a level suitable for what I perceive to be your limited understanding?

          2. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 11:00pm

            B.Sc Biochemistry Univ. Of Jos, Faculty of Medical Sciences. If you trust your ‘facts’ can stand the test of reason,state them. I shall open your eyes to common sense.

          3. friday jones 22 Jun 2011, 11:06pm

            Human beings. Humans are obviously a flawed creation (if they were created), because their genome contains things like predispositions to childhood leukemia, Tay-Sachs Disease, and so forth. If this world was created by a Creator, then it is indeed filled with flaws both tiny and vast. God, if He or She exists, is a colossal fsck-up.

          4. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 11:14pm

            Extra chromosome for Tay-sacchs’ if I remember right. We were created and left in a world that exerts its influence on us.

          5. I can hardly highlight every single flaw of every single organism in the world, I think that two simple examples are sufficient. In a more general sense one merely has to observe the various trade-offs between efficiency and external factors in biological reactions in the world: my first example would be the enzyme Rubisco, as you know obviously under the current levels of CO2 and O2 it performs the wasteful oxygenation of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate approximately 20% of the time, resulting in a net loss of CO2. There are a number of theories that try to show that this may be a necessary trade-off, but assuming that you belong to one of the major monotheistic religions, you believe in an omnipotent and omniscient creator being. An all powerful being would have been able to design the enzyme so that the enzyme would be able to at maximum efficiency under the current atmospheric conditions.

          6. My second example is the the rate of error which occurs DNA replication or trancription simply due to the inherent inaccuracy of the various Polymerases. While this error rate is incredibly low (1 in 10^9 bacterial DNA polymerase I believe) the fact that any error at all would be perceived as a flaw if one works from the premise that the creator created each organism originally perfect. You claim “We were created and left in a world that exerts its influence on us.” but since this cause of mutation is not the result of the external world, but the inaccuracy of the Polymerase, that cannot not be used an excuse in this case. Any mutations would result in a deviation from the original perfectly created form of the organism, so if A creator created the system, he created it with a flaw, since it does not maintain that perfection

        2. “I highly doubt you would understand”
          THE problem with the so called (but not really) sceptical agenda…
          Arrogance of the first order lol I thought Benet’s answer was funny lol :o)
          Good on yer! lol
          It bugs the shot out of me that any kind of debate about idiots gets bogged down and diverted by the tired old ‘ooh its the Christians again!’ bollocks.
          Like I said – God has nothing to do with it – the story is about the idiocy of people who use God as a justification for the unjustifiable.

      2. No dear. I will laugh at intelligent design as being creationism in a cheap coat and dismiss god as being a camp fire tale belonging to bronze age nomads.

    2. Its not actually the Bible thats the problem – its the people who read it selectively thats the problem. It doesn’t matter what the Bible says – the issue is that firstly people don’t read it properly and secondly then go on to pick and choose which bits (they are told) to ignore and which bits to focus on – without putting any of those things into a wider context.
      I don’t think that humans ‘need’ a ‘sky daddy’ (lol) – they CHOOSE to think about God in those terms and (generally) behave like headless sheep for the first charismatic person that comes along and tells them what to do. Politicians, newspapers, TV, peer pressure – its all the same. THATS the problem – God has nothing to do with it – the Bible has nothing to do with it. Its about people behaving like mindless sheep.

  7. Jock S. Trap 22 Jun 2011, 3:09pm

    Just had to look at my calender to remind me what year we are in, it is, apparently 2011.

    Several comments in this I find as disturbing as the content.

    The obvious “eradicated homosexuality”
    of course equats to bullied, threatened, humilliated and degraded.

    “She said she discovered which players were lesbians through rumours”
    Typical religious ploy of assumptions not fact.

    “The issue of lesbianism is common.”
    Yet again, another assumption.

    “I came to realise it is not a physical battle; we need divine intervention in order to control and curb it.”
    Says people taught homophobia and to be bigots against some in society.

    “It is never mentioned”
    Not surprising since those that are innocent are ruled by fear from religion.

    “I tell you it worked for us. This is a thing of the past”
    Yeah, somehow I doubt it.
    You just damage a person by completely comdemning who they are.
    Torture in other words.


    1. Jock S. Trap 22 Jun 2011, 3:13pm

      As for James Peters last comments, wow…
      “I have an in-depth knowledge about how lesbians operate.”
      Er, Seriously, he is clearly an idiot.

      So shocking that people like this get away with such hatred, claiming to be religious and doing in the name of religion and for what, to higher their ego levels?

      What a disgrace.

      Yet again we are reminded why we have to stand up and show ourselves in the world.

      Prehaps now people want to dish the dirty on progress with the reception today at No.10 on tackling homopobia in sport as a PR stunt dealing with what we still have here…

  8. Where is their so called Christian love now? What is the next lunatic step,

    What is the difference between praying and a gun :( ? None, they are both destructive forces intent on reminding people that they should not exist.

    1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 9:02pm

      Should they?

      1. Well yes, unless you believe you shouldn’t exist either, or if you don’t define yourself as a person too.

        1. Regarding how destructive prayer can be – it depends on what you’re praying for and where your own energy is at.
          You don’t have to be religious to pray – nor call it ‘prayer’ for it to have an effect.
          In a very real sense every single thought you have is a prayer – so maybe its about time you started focusing that energy positively don’t you think? lol

  9. Paul Kirwan 22 Jun 2011, 3:15pm

    Good grief.

    “Divine intervention”

    What a pile of bigoted crap.

    I hope they lose every game they play now.

  10. Happybutterfly 22 Jun 2011, 3:26pm

    Absolutely horrified at the comments of this idiot.Prayer indeed…when will this kind of thing stop?

  11. martyn notman 22 Jun 2011, 3:29pm

    how lesbians operate?? what are they the stasi???

  12. Chutneybear 22 Jun 2011, 3:30pm

    What a load of bollix. I would tell the <unts to fu<k themselves if I was on the team

    1. Jock S. Trap 22 Jun 2011, 3:49pm

      I agree with the sentiment but thats always easy to say here but I doubt it would be quite so easy in Nigeria considering how people view the LGBTQI community.
      Many of these places saying such a thing puts you own life in danger.

  13. Miguel Sanchez 22 Jun 2011, 3:40pm

    How about if this sad excuse for a football team gets boycotted if they manage to make it to the World Cup and the Olympics.

  14. Delusion on an Almighty scale is bad enough – self-delusion is many times worse!!!

  15. More proof that religion turns people in to stupid bigots.

    1. Actually its proof that stupid bigots turn RELIGION into bigotry….

  16. The more I hear about Nigeria the madder the place sounds.

    1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 9:00pm

      If this sounds like mad,I would rather remain so,than be anything like you. Belief me,Nigeria abhors your kind.

      1. Nice, Benet. I feel sorry for the MANY gay Nigerians having to live under such ignorant bigotry. Reminds me of the awful days of racial inequality, where one innocent group of people were deemed ‘less’ than others – and often with the support of the Bible too.

        1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 10:04pm

          You may find this unbelievable,I have never met a homosexual or someone who claims to be. So,for you to say the MANY gay nigerians is absolutely out of place. On second thought, i think the coach said that to make the white players shenwould meet feel inferior-mind game. The bible makes no case for white supremacy,whoever misinterpretes the bible for selfish gains is solely responsible for his misdeeds,but as for homosexualism it is condemned in it for all to see.

          1. PS I know LOADS of gay Nigerians – and its not surprising that they choose to live a double life in the face of you and your countrymen’s ridiculous ,dangerous and bigoted oppression of them.

          2. jamestoronto 23 Jun 2011, 1:01am

            “You may find this unbelievable, I have never met a homosexual..blah, blah” Spread the word, you probably HAVE met many homosexuals but you just don’t know it because you haven’t the deep, dark secrets of how we operate. I’ll send you a pamphlet on all our secret handshakes and where you can get a membership card. GET REAL!!
            I won’t dispute you on the number of gay Nigerians there are in Nigeria since I am sure as many as possible have fled to the West so they can have a decent life.

          3. Benet said: “The bible makes no case for white supremacy,whoever misinterpretes the bible for selfish gains is solely responsible for his misdeeds,but as for homosexualism it is condemned in it for all to see.”

            Benet, I abhor racism, but the Bible HAS been used to justify white supremacy – eg the Curse of Ham. It’s also been used to justify anti-miscegenation laws (the section about people from different countries not mixing – sorry, I forget the Book). It was also used to justify slavery.
            You go on to talk about “misinterpreting the Bible for selfish gains” – yet that applies to anti-gay Bible-based bigotry just as clearly as it does racism.
            The Bible does NOT condemn loving, adult, consensual same sex relationships. The few references to same sex relationships are about temple sex, prostitution and pimping, and rape.
            (continued below)….

          4. …(continued)…
            To say that any of those SPECIFIC proscriptions mean that god condemns ALL loving gay adults is just as ridiculous as me saying the Commandment banning adultery really means that god condemns ALL straight people.

      2. You’re spending an enormous amount of time on a gay website for a man who claims to have never met a ‘homosexual’ lol
        Actually the Bible DOESN’T make a case for condemning ‘homosexuality’ any more than it does for you not wearing mixed fibres, for you not committing adultery with your neighbours wife or for priests to not allow disabled people to come to the alter – or for people not to eat shell fish. Most knee jerk Christians do all of the above or forgive them on a daily basis. Yet they choose to believe that they cannot do that with Gay men and women – why is that?
        Anything else you believe to be justification for inhuman, unGodly treatment of people lies in your own bigotry – not the Bible. Its called hypocrisy – which is a far worse sin than most others.

        1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 11:46pm

          I never walk away from what I choose to partake of – this debate. The problem with homosexualism is that we have too many people battling to make it acceptable to society.

          1. thats not a debate he mentioned the other points in the bible which people ignore and you just say people are trying to hard to make it acceptible thats just religious bullsh!t

      3. Benet O. A.
        You know nothing about me. If you don’t want to be like me on such a basis, then you are an irrational fool. But that is obvious from your other posts. And I don’t accept your right to speak for the whole of Nigeria, dire though the place sounds.

  17. I play football on a women’s team and I am open about being a lesbian, no one has blinked an eye, so far. I feel sorry for those women, I would die if I got kicked off my squad just because of my GF. My heart and prays go out to those who were kicked off.

  18. HelenWilson 22 Jun 2011, 4:10pm

    So the team waits for her to goto bed then they party all night long. No wonder the football is suffering as a result.

    Are the Nigerian team in the world cup this year? half the team will probably go missing before they return home from Germany!

  19. paul canning 22 Jun 2011, 4:19pm

    More quotes from Uche here.

    >> “We now have a bunch of players that are thirsty for the things of God and with that, they are now more committed and devoted to their games, knowing that football can attract fame, fortune and joy to their hearts quite unlike lesbianism that can ruin them. The Christians among them now go to church and on our own, we periodically organise non-denominational prayer sessions.”

    1. Jock S. Trap 22 Jun 2011, 4:28pm

      Oh yeah thats always the classic one can’t have then ‘Gays’ but can have that fame and fortune, surely two things in religious texts that are actually deemed wrong.

      They truely are nothing but vile hypocrites.

      1. Hmmmm! Lesbians pulled out of the team?!!

    2. Good website Paul, thankfully there’s people like you in the world.

  20. Genocide on the ladies football pitch…great! just what ‘s needed, not.
    I wonder if the team plays as well as it did before the “dirty, immoral” lesbians were eliminated.

  21. TheLizzie12 22 Jun 2011, 5:50pm

    Lord Jesus, not all Nigerians are homophobic & corrupt. In Peckham I know at least one (a work colleague) who goes to church on Sundays & prays for me to get a boyfriend. After years of putting up with her vile anti gay abuse, she has FINALLY got the message. I think it had something to do with me threatening to go to the police with an accusation of hate crime. She got the message. She doesn’t want the police near her. I wonder why?

  22. Why does none of this surprise me? Nigerians have always been pretty inept and stupid – you see the evidence of that every day at London Bridge station.

    1. Care to elucidate?

      1. Er….. nope

    2. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 8:55pm

      You do not sound intelligent yourself,but that doesn’t surprise seeing your name is derived from the bear- Ursus horribilis. I do not know what it is you see my country men do at London Bridge station,but this much I know, you are a supercillous stoat. From Nigeria with PRIDE!

      1. ‘stoat’………….? lol lol lol
        Bless you

      2. well. There you go!. That’s me told off then lol

      3. “I do not know what it is you see my country men do at London Bridge station”


  23. Nigerian and Christian what a surprise.
    Stupid F@@@ing bitch

    1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 8:49pm


      1. What are you doing on a gay news site Benet O.A?

        1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 10:27pm

          I came to this site from my twitter page. The news link I follow carry any news. It is my countries coach that is involved so I clicked to read.

          1. jamestoronto 23 Jun 2011, 1:23am

            Well, now that you have read the news why don’t you just click and twitter out of it. This ranting and raving is getting really tedious.

          2. Did you steal a laptop, Benet O. A.?

  24. Why would anyone be at all surprised? This IS Nigeria after all! All this talk of,”it is never mentioned” & “having coached players in the US I have in-depth experience of lesbians”,blah,blah,blah,it reads like something out of the dark ages.It’s going to be interesting to see how many governments around the globe will speak out in condemnation.Oh,hang on,it’s WOMENS footy.Ah well,that’s ok,then! NOT my sentiment,but you can be sure this is how many people will be feeling!

  25. Gay Daily Mail Reader 22 Jun 2011, 8:00pm

    It just seems that homosexuality and the Beautiful Game don’t mix. As for Nigeria it is typical of African countries. They should look to the south, where there was once a monster there is now hope in the form of the Rainbow Nation.

  26. Lyuba Tereshchenko 22 Jun 2011, 8:24pm

    I thought the purpose of a footie club is to play the game, not to have witch hunts against who you think may be gay or brainwash people into your warped form of religion.

    I hope to not see these mudaki at the Olympics; boycott their @rse.

  27. Two things strike me – firstly just because it is no longer mentioned now – surely thats because the coach has manufactured a culture that does not accept or endorse lesbianism

    Secondly, the coach is an arrogant, attention seeking bigotted individual

    Finally this is unacceptable

  28. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 8:46pm

    Let all those who support this stupid act called homosexualism go stick their asses in the mud. It is evil,it is wrong no matter how or what you say to defend it. Well done coach!

    1. concerned resident of E3 22 Jun 2011, 8:50pm

      sorry but it is you that is evil and mired in hate.

    2. ‘stick their arses in the mud’……….? lol
      youre not too bright are you, bless you… lol

    3. friday jones 23 Jun 2011, 12:06am

      That’s not what your Mother said last night when she was eating me out.

    4. “homosexualism”???

      Haven’t we seen another fool on this site use that very same phrase? No doubt a swift name chnage, as is the MO of these types, is happening again.

      1. Jock S. Trap 23 Jun 2011, 4:41pm

        Oh yes… now what was their name.. something clearly forgetable.. I wanna say bitch something…. nope it’s gone.
        Can’t have left much of an impression.

        1. A bigot by any other name would smell as stupid?

  29. concerned resident of E3 22 Jun 2011, 8:50pm

    why is the source of African homophobia ALWAYS evangelists from the flipping USA????? Why aren’t US gay activists doing anything about this?

    1. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 10:21pm

      Humanity is fast losing its capacity for good and shame. It beggars belief that people like you who ought to be ashamed of ‘sexual orientations’ as these,are so bold to come out defending it and trying to make those who are normal cower by screaming loudest. How come man fights now for freedom not to do and dare,but to be free from discipline and responsibility even to one’s self.

      1. what a crock of shot
        If you cant say anything nice then don’t say anything at all eh?
        You’re a long way from Kansas, Dorothy….Backward talk like that is not acceptable here.
        You can screech as much as you like (ironic that you’re talking about ‘normal’ and ‘making it ‘cower by screaming the loudest’ but so far its YOU thats the one who’s screeching. And to be honest, I don’t think you’d know ‘normal’ if it came up to you in the supermarket carrying a holdall with a luggage tag on it saying ‘normal’!
        For you, it seems, ‘normal’ is oppressing other people – which doesn’t sound very normal to me – it sounds decidedly psychotic and delusional – possibly narcissistic.

  30. The menstruator 22 Jun 2011, 9:34pm

    Oh please… I think that coach has given me oral before. If she’s done anything it’s probably 69 with the entire team.

  31. Benet O. A. 22 Jun 2011, 10:53pm

    You need not be afraid to state your supposed facts or are you in doubt of their ability to stand the test of reason. I studied Biochemistry at the univ. Of Jos Nigeria and have had to reproduce some trash in class especially about the origin of life. You see I write from an informed position.

    1. Well earlier I believed you were – now I just believe you’re a deluded ignoramus who thinks that everything he says must be truth simply because you have been told what to think by someone else.
      There doesn’t seem to be anything ‘reasonable’ about the tone of your argument – they’re based firmly in bigotry and hatred and rigid social programming at the hands of religious zealots. There’s nothing ‘reasonable’ nor ‘normal’ about that – and there’s certainly nothing healthy about it either.

      1. Aside from anything else how can you on the one hand say that there are no gay people ni Nigeria and on the other support the coach in sacking them from the team?
        Which is it? That they do exist or that they don’t?
        (Its a popular conundrum which many homophobic nations find themselves embroiled in – and unfortunately you’re not alone in thinking that denial is a river in Africa…..)

      2. Well I’ve given him two examples of what I perceive to be flaws in the creation of the supposed intelligent designer, I’d like to see how he responds

        1. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 7:34pm

          ‘Intelligent design’ is not actually the issue though – and it really doesn’t make any actual difference at all as to HOW the universe came into being – the point is that it IS.
          Nigerian Women’s Football homophobia IS the point though….

    2. friday jones 23 Jun 2011, 12:09am

      Oh, the University of Jos Nigeris! Why, that’s almost as prestigious as Wassamatta U. over at Frostbite Falls, MN.

      I can just see your biochem final, all the answers are “(E) God did it.”

    3. “I studied Biochemistry at the univ. Of Jos Nigeria and have had to reproduce some trash in class especially about the origin of life.”

      Evolution, you mean? You think that’s “trash”, do you? I’m assuming you just found that so called degree in the toilets of the university, because you certainly did not earn it.

      1. I seriously doubt that he has that degree, considering that he has vanished since people gave logical arguments against his ridiculous views. I would think that someone with a BSc would be able to provide proof to support their views, but he just seems to have vanished.

        1. Typical troll – invite debate, then vanish when anything threatens their little protective bubble of ignorance and illogical prejudice.

  32. The bloody idiots!
    “Having coached female teams in the US, I have an in-depth knowledge about how lesbians operate.”
    Things that make yer go, ‘hmmmm’……

  33. Robin Evans 23 Jun 2011, 1:35am

    LOL stupid bitch – she’s effectively pushed it underground that’s all LOL

  34. Edwin in Colorado 23 Jun 2011, 1:53am

    Talk about two arrogant a** holes. yeah i’m sure they could tell which ones were lesbians or straigt.

  35. Something that struck me..
    “. It did not go down well with some of the players because we made sure that neither the ‘husband’ nor the ‘wife’ made the team,” he said.”
    In all my lesbian life I have never played ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ in any relationship. This person doesn’t know the first thing about lesbians.

    And nor does troll of the day Benet OA

  36. “decamped some of the players, not because they were not good players, but because they were lesbians” Sounds like the most misguided sports management ever! Rather than have a winning team regardless of sexuality… he would choose to have an inferior team?. Was this dude recruited to help the team or hinder it..and for his negativity he gets rewarded with a paycheck!

  37. That’s most of the best players gone then.

  38. people on both sides of this argument, i am horrified at the disciminatory and utterly damaging behaviour of this coach and technical person, and have no doubt they are not acting alone in vilely mistreating these players. but i do not feel the need to generalise hateful comments towards an entire nation, nor a religious group. i work with numerous nigerians who also happen to be christians, who accept me despite my sexuality, even though i know some of them don’t really understand, although they do try. they do however treat me with respect, as i do them. i hope to provide a positive example of a gay person as i may be the first one they’ve knowingly met. could we not put energies towards promoting some sort of change for these poor players rather than descending into tit for tat hatred battles?

  39. Staircase2 24 Jun 2011, 7:26pm

    I got this from ALLOUT by email today:
    Even before the Women’s World Cup 2011 kicks off this Sunday, the rules have already been broken.
    This week the New York Times reported that the Nigerian Football Federation has been conducting a witch-hunt to kick women off the national team “not because they were bad players, but because they were lesbians.”
    For so many young women around the world, playing at the Women’s World Cup is a dream come true. Can you imagine being kicked off your football team because of who you love?
    This Sunday, Nigeria is going to take the field for the opening game of the Women’s World Cup.
    Can you sign the petition telling FIFA – football’s international governing body – to publicly condemn this kind of systematic discrimination?
    Tell them that homophobia has no place in the league. We’ll deliver your comments to FIFA next week, during the games.


  40. Stormwatch 13 Jul 2011, 6:03am

    “Uche, who is married with two children”

    So, a polygamous pedophile?

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