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World Health Organization calls for anti-discrimination laws to tackle HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Would somelike to inform the WHO/UN that the UK already has in Law the Equility Act, Disability Discimation Act,. the Race Act etc………which is meant to protect and support those against discrimiation, though it may not be perfect in the UK, WHO/UN should focus on those countries worse than the UK or seek to persue the Law as it stands in the UK to better the provision and support in which the Law provides!

  2. How can WHO/UN and others say people have problems accessing services in the UK when in London 23 Hosipials provide HIv services, the UK spend £750m just on HIV. £250m in London alone, can someone people advise these people of the facts and realities before their negative comments are expressed without facts!

  3. “Gay and bisexual men are almost 20 times more likely to have HIV than the general population.”

    Ooh you can’t say that on here! Hush your mouth!!!!!!

    1. of the 92K 40% are Women and Children 60% are Men, facts first before you bitch!

    2. of a population of 62m in the UK, only 92,000 are known to be HIV +

    3. the LBGT popluation in London is meant to be 2.5m of 7.5million people, equate that

    4. I’m not really sure what you guys are trying to say here. Around 35,000 gay and bisexual men in the UK have HIV. I’m not sure how many gay and bisexual men there are in the UK but I expect its about 1 million. Therefore the percentage of gay and bisexual men with HIV is about 3.5%. But if my estimation of gay and bisexual men is overstated and there are about 500,000 of us then that would put the percentage of us with HIV at around 7%.

  4. Jock S. Trap 22 Jun 2011, 9:47am

    Totally agree with this.
    So much more needs to be done to bring those with HIV to the forefront and on medication Without being discriminated or stigmatised.

  5. Well I’m not surprised its 20 times more likely in gay men. The disease was created to wipe us out.

    1. There is no evidence to support this long held conspiracy theory

      Its as viable a theory as Lord Lucan kidnapping Shergar

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