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Interview: Henry Badenhorst, the Gaydar guy

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Reader comments

  1. Gaydar …. Worst site ever invented.

    Stopped using it sometime ago.

    If the Management/support didnt like you you were kicked off the site for no reason usually just after youd paid for a subscription.

    Full off Lowlife idiots who just sit there Flooding the chatrooms with Abuse or Spam wasnt my idea of fun.

    As for Gaydarradio that was also Banal “You are Gay this is What you listen to” erm No we dont some of us aint into Camp Dance!

    As a Brand goes i Really do hope it Fails.

    “Gaydar You are full of stupid Twinks …. Goodbye”

    1. So what on earth WAS it, Gary, that you DID on Gaydar that led to you having been excluded from the site. Would you care to tell us?

  2. Gaydio is a much superior radio station. Full of variety. Not just dance.

  3. Do people still go on Gaydar these days?!?

  4. Everything has its moment, maybe Gaydar had its, but he’s not moaning about poverty you may note.

  5. martyn notman 22 Jun 2011, 12:56am

    well as someone who seems destined to never find a permanant other i say thank god for gaydar! Im a member (occasional) of a number and its by far the least judgemental or bitchy..try going on fitlads forum on a saturday night!..Ive made a lot of friends on there- who i actually see in the flesh- so dont assume cos it hasnt worked for you it doesnt work for everyone.

  6. Met my bf through gaydar and I’m still with him 3 years after not the longest relationships but we’re still going strong, so obviously it does work for some people. Xxxx

  7. I heard south africans came here causethey couldnt treatblack people like crap anymore and gaydar is finished grinder although not for me cuts the crap

    1. Whats the south african thing got to do with this story.

    2. Grindr doesn’t cut any crap – it just creates more of it – its the bastard son of Gaydar and Cottaging.

  8. Jock S. Trap 22 Jun 2011, 9:40am

    I certainly think Henry Badenhorst has contributed for the better to being Gay in this country.

    Gaydar is a great place and a credit to him as well as Gaydar Radio.

  9. Thanks Henry! :-)

  10. Spanner1960 22 Jun 2011, 4:29pm

    “It comes down to the way gay people behave,” Henry sighs. He’s heard the question countless times before. “Some gay men are highly sexual. The key is how you facilitate those needs.”

    So what he is actually saying is “Gay men are a bunch of slags, so we simply exploit that fact.”
    It might be good business practice, but their morals stink.

    1. Actually, it’s possible that the association ‘highly-sexed’ = ‘slag’ is all yours.

      1. (OFFS, why is there a question-mark when I wrote an equals sign?)

      2. Spanner1960 27 Jun 2011, 4:36pm

        All men are highly sexed, it’s just that women stop the straight ones doing anything about it.

  11. Is Gaydar not the 21st century eqivalent of cottaging? But then again straight people at at it on vastly more sites, so who knows?

    1. No – you’re thinking of Grindr….lol

  12. been civil partnered 5 years together 7, thanks gaydar we met in the asian chat room

    1. I didnt think they had one – I spent YEARS trying to get them to start an Asian Men’s room – and they ignored my messages all that time.
      Now they regularly ignore other messages too
      I use Gaydar (and I agree its one of the better sites out there) but they’ve been an arrogant company for a very long time they’re launching (yet another!) refurb at the moment which is completely pointless and gets it all wrong.

      1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2011, 5:25pm

        Definitely one fo the better Gay sites.

  13. Gaydar radio has gay news,fun presenters, its entertaining, it plays current dance, RnB, electro but NOT “camp dance” – I think you are mixing it up with Gaydio – which really is naff. clearly you havent listened in a long time, “gary”! You might be surprised

  14. Rich (original) 21 Jul 2011, 12:26am

    Comparision of homosexuals with negroid people of Africa is greatest insult on all dark-skinned people of Africa. Only homosexuals can do such unbelievable insults….. Terrible!…..

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