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Hotel workers win compensation over anti-gay bullying

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 20 Jun 2011, 4:14pm

    It’s good such disgraceful acts are being highlighted and discrimination dealt with as unacceptable.

    Any kinds of bullying is not acceptable and should be shown up as a negative thing to do.

  2. Seems like we’re ‘getting there’,& that employment tribunals are doing what’s necessary to call time on this kind of discrimination.But,has Mr Buckley lost his position,or will he simply just be ‘re-trained’?! I imagine he’s as protected by fair employment practices as are the two complainants,but sometimes a written warning,no matter how sternly worded is just not enough! still,this result is a definite step forward.

  3. Further to my last comment.Does the fact that the company has gone into liquidation,(therefore ensuring that the two employees receive barely a fraction of their award),mean that the hotel has closed it’s doors?!

    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2011, 6:34am

      Most likely.

  4. I would think that it has gone into administration simply to avoid paying the damages.
    You can close down a company and open another the next day – doing exactly the same kind of business; same place, same people.

  5. Thank God is now on our side. It seems the only thing people understand is money, so sue every time you can to set the record straight that gays will not stand for discrimination, fight in the courts, fight in the streets until we are free.

  6. It’s hard to say if the ownership has changed but it appears to still be trading. Trip Adviser reports are middling.

    The Government are currently capping discrimination awards “for hurt feelings” to quote the minister at £50,000. But as can be seen here losing your job as a result of discrimination can mean months or years out of work, and possibly at an age where getting another proves very difficult. I doubt you can get references to take with you in cases like this, so it’s a double whammy.

    In my opinion every employer should pay into an employer liability insurance policy that can survive a liquidation. That way employees would not suffer from a company going under. The other thing is always to join the relevant union; the union can give advice if there is bullying and help stop it, if possible before it gets to employment tribunals

    As to boycott, only do so if you KNOW the underlying ownership is unchanged.

    1. de Villiers 21 Jun 2011, 11:16pm

      Injury to feelings is unlimited. The government caps no awards. I understand, however, that the courts have set guidelines for compensation where the upper bracket is £50,000 – I think the case is called Vento.
      I also understand that the compensation for discrimination is unlimited. Unfair dismissal claims are limited at about £60,000 but there is no limit where there is dismissal based on discrimination.

  7. Interesting to see the Daily Mail take on this. Note the inverted commas in the headlines and how the voting goes on the comments made – any positive and sensible ones get voted down, and the bigoted or plain daft ones get thumbs up:

  8. Checking the London Gazette, Welsh Estates Limited (the holding company) was subject of a creditor’s winding-up petition by HM Revenue & Customs, which suggests they were not up to date with their payments of employer national insurance etc or corporation tax (and possibly employee national insurance and income tax). The company was wound up with a liquidator appointed by the creditors. Logically the liquidator would dispose of the subsidiary hotel company as a going concern, though what company that is I don’t know.

  9. I would also personally sue the creep for distress and bullying. That way they may get what they deserve.

    1. That only works if the person/s you’re suing has the funds to pay in terms of damages.If he/she doesn’t have a ‘pot to piss in’ you can wave ta-ta to any damages awarded,sadly!

  10. Mr. Simon Buckley is currently (i.e. this summer) employed at Evan-Evans Brewery in the position of Managing Director, and is currently employed at Wiltshire Ales. Welsh Estates Ltd was a pub entrepreneur business with interests in other parts of Wales and the UK. It seems to have been the pub property arm associated with Evan-Evans brewery. He has been attending at least one business seminar in the Channel Islands, possibly aimed at pulling venture capital (the first of these links gives a flavour of what Welsh Estates did before liquidation, the story is I think from 2009; the second shows the circles he mixes in and his photo):
    It’s the beer you should boycott, not the Grapes Hotel, which I’m sure will have changed hands, but any info on that would be useful. Incidentally, I think I noticed that Welsh Estates did not defend itself at the tribunal.

    1. Wow,fella,you do do your research,so a BIG thanks for that! At least we now have a clearer understanding of what’s happened!

  11. I emailed this hotel today and they aint going out of business – the call it a changeover – so the same man is in charge and he gets out of paying the proper compensation – these guys should sue him again!

  12. I know a little about this mob……the MD Simon Buckley isn’t the one on the channel island wealth management thing..
    He is a very undesirable character who has constantly gone bust and re-started, owing large amounts of money to local suppliers around his pubs / hotels.
    Real shame that this just goes on and on.

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