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Feature: The gay traveller’s guide to New York

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  1. And don’t forget:
    Good places!

  2. The New York City subway system in my view leaves a lot to be desired. Noisy, confusing signs. London’s is by far a lot better and more efficient, civilised too.

    As for the pizza, I wouldn’t say its the best in the world. You have to go to Naples in Italy for that (pizza’s birthplace) where you don’t find pizza made with processed cheese for starters or as thick as the kind you find in New York. The mozzarella had a yellowish tinge instead of the pure white you get in Italy. I was shocked to see pizza with pasta on it, unbelievable and unappealing.

    Another annoying thing I encountered were bicyclists riding their bikes in the wrong direction of the traffic.

    Other than that, I had a nice time but when all was said and done, I was happy to be back in London, just as exciting and fun.

  3. I just found City Maps and it’s pretty much all you need to find out anything and everything about the city.

  4. Rich (original) 21 Jun 2011, 2:22am

    Terrible city, New York…. I deeply dislike it….

  5. Guess where I am going for a little vacation, IF THEY PASS GAY MARRIAGE IN NEW YORK?

  6. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2011, 8:46am

    Couldn’t stand the place, Gimme London anyday.
    Or Toronto!!

  7. I’ve lived in New York and London. New York is nice but overrated. I’d rather wave my money and splurge a bit here. And don’t underestimate the difference in crime. It’s easy to be a tourist and think you are safe.

  8. Tim, I concur. Overrated and too much hyperbole about it. When I was there for two weeks, I would sometimes hear on the t.v. and radio…”New York, the greatest city in the world”. On what is that based I wonder? Has the world voted on that? I find it rather arrogant.

    1. Jock S. Trap 22 Jun 2011, 12:00pm

      All New York did for me was remind me how much I love being in London.

      1. NYC is a great city. So many different neighborhoods, things going on and sites to see. But as can be seen from the posts here: to each his own… If you are after bland and boring, definitely not the place to be…

  9. Thanks for the wonderful write up about our city. Some folks said that they didn’t like NYC. That’s okay as to each our own. I was in London years back and I absolutely loved it. I love the different cultures – one of the many reasons why I love NYC. I do have to say that I agree with one poster about the pizza. The best slice I ever had was in Naples, Italy. Though, if you find the right place in NYC they do have some that compares. If you are able to find one of us natives we love helping out the tourists find their way. I am always helping visitors in the subway and enjoy hearing where they are from. (The problem with tourists finding their way is that there are so many tourists that it’s a good chance it is a tourist they are askin directions of.) I hope to go back to your wonderful city in London during Pride one year.

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