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True Blood character ‘to have gay romance’

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Reader comments

  1. It will be a girl….
    It SHOULD be Sam

    1. If it is Sam I’ll give all my money to some church or cult. I’m guessing it will be a girl also though. Meh.

      1. Why will you do that if is Sam?

        1. Does this answer your question and he’s the only reason any of us watch it;

          1. David Myers 18 Jun 2011, 10:01am

            Actually. You can all have Sam (I like his personality and good character), but I prefer Lafayette. He’s gorgeous and he’s got sass and attitude.

    2. Sam has already had a homoerotic dream (about Bill) – my money’s on him.

  2. I don’t know it so I don’t know any of the characters, I only watched the first couple then missed them all, but that black girl who is best friends with the psychic blonde girl always struck me as batting for our team.

  3. Fabulous show. Progressive, intriguing and always exciting.

  4. Given that we already have Lafayette and his boyfriend [name escapes me], the ‘oh of course it’ll be a girl’ response doesn’t bother me quite so much. (Though I guess we’ve already had Queen Sophie-Ann and Hadley too, implied at least.) My money is on Pam, though I’d hardly call the a surprise, haha!!

  5. Wasn’t Pam already out? Or at least strongly leaning towards women? It’s a bit different with these vampires.

    My money’s on Tara.

    1. Well we’ve already had Pam be an out lesbian, and Eric certainly wasn’t unfamiliar with having sex with Talbert. That said both the King and Queen we’ve seen have both been gay.

  6. martyn notman 17 Jun 2011, 2:05pm

    kind of lost it a bit midway through last season. Sweaty Gayness in the Bayou would deffo get me watching again, but it is probably going to be ladeez….

  7. Oo I hope it is Tara. She’s fit. LOVE this show & can’t wait.

  8. I think that it’s Sam.

  9. Tara would pander to the angry lesbain stereotype

  10. Maybe Sookie will have a fling with another fairy

    1. David Myers 18 Jun 2011, 10:02am

      Or Tara!

  11. Can we please have Bill and Sam… that would be so awesome….

  12. ERIC and BILL! PLzzzzz

    1. Alcide!!!! I start sweating whenever he’s in a scene. Him coming out as gay could make me believe in god.

  13. Sam Maloney 17 Jun 2011, 9:04pm

    My money is on Tara, I wish it were Jason, but it could be Sam– he had a sexual dream about one of the vampire guys…

  14. Check this out and tell me what you think:

    1. To paraphrase MC Hammer; “It’s Kleenex time”!

  15. Personally, I hope it’s Jason!!! :)

    As for Pam, if True Blood shares the same ongoing characters as the Sookie Stackhouse books, Pam falls for a nice dykey witch in forthcoming series…

    1. David Myers 18 Jun 2011, 10:04am

      Well, witches are the new subject for the coming season so theres a good hint.

  16. Sam had a dream about Bill early on in Series 3, with a suggestion of a shower together. Remember? Took me days to recover! lol I doubt it will be that scenario though. Think it will be one of the girls!

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