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New York Starbucks staff accused of mistreating gay employee

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Reader comments

  1. HelenWilson 16 Jun 2011, 3:04pm

    This is the country that bans disabled gay men from going for a swim in a public swimming pool, because the bible says discriminate!

    1. Jock S. Trap 16 Jun 2011, 4:05pm

      Another disburbing cruel story there Helen and yet again the Bible is used as defence.
      It’s clear who are the people trying to stop the progession of humanity and why?
      Coz the Bible tells them so!


      1. Thats is one screwed up news story. I agree Helen and Jock, another bible basher bashing people because the bible says so.

        1. Wait!! Not all Christians are bad!! (snark). Well then where the hell are all of the so called “good” Christians??? Yes – there are some so-called “good” Christians. But that is like saying Hitler liked animals.

          1. Jock S. Trap 17 Jun 2011, 8:46am

            I don’t believe anyone has put that they think all Christians are bad, Kenthomes.
            We’re commenting on the stories in question.
            What are you commenting on?

          2. To be fair the article makes no reference to religion at all

  2. And what did Missy Allen due to stop the alleged abuse?

    I find this story difficult to believe?

    What type of lesbian is Missy Allen that she would allow a gay person to face a 20 minute homophobic onslaught without intervening?

    If she trying to promote a blog or something,

    Did she record footage of the alleged attack on her phone?

    While I accept that homophobia exists in the workplace, this story simply does not add up for me.

    1. And are we sur that Missy Allen is not really a straight male posing as a lesbian?

      1. Haha top comment!

  3. I dont find her story hard to believe

    I do accept that her perception of what was happening might be different from others – but that is always the case when you speak to a number of people about the same incident there will be variances.

    I don’t think this reflects on Starbucks as an organisation – depending on how they publically handle this post investigation.

  4. Jock S. Trap 16 Jun 2011, 4:00pm

    Absolutely shameful.
    Nobody should go through public humiliation no matter what.
    Why do I get the feeling Starbucks will do nothing?

    Very worrying indeed.

    1. If you check Missy Allen’s blog you can see that there are links asking people to ‘spread this story’ and to ‘share with friends’.

      That raises suspicions for me as well.

      It is a possibility that she is using this alleged incident to drum up publicity for her blog.

      I presume if Missy Allen listened to a homophobic onslaught for 20 minutes then she will easily be able to provide the names of the abusers to Starbucks.

      Otherwise she’s asking us to believe that she sat silently by while a gay guy was verbally attacked for 20 minutes by homophobes, and did NOTHIING to stop it, and didn’t even bother to take the names of the abusers.

      Maybe this incident DID happen but it just seems like a dodgy story.

  5. Jock S. Trap 16 Jun 2011, 4:08pm

    Have to admit don’t do Starbucks.
    My local one always seems to have dirty cups and when I can see it through my Green Tea they do an awful lot of tutting and filth glares when I approach them about it.

    So naturally I avoid but this wants to make me avoid even more so.

  6. Commander Thor 16 Jun 2011, 4:09pm

    I now carry a spycam in the form of car keys. I intend to record the first idiot that abuses anyone near me/or me verbally, they’re going viral.

    1. I like it. :D
      One thing, though. If the abuse happens to somebody else, make sure you get their permission before uploading any vids. We may think that anyone would love to have their persecutors shamed, but then you get people like Chrissy Lee Polis (the transsexual girl who was beaten up at that McDonald’s in Baltimore) who said the video of her abuse just made things worse for her by outing her and making her re-live the crime.
      Remember: with great bigot humiliation comes great responsibility!

  7. The Starbucks I used to go in greenwich village is deffo gay freindly. Maybe they are franchises that each do their own thing? I think it’s more to do with the specific cafe than starbucks itself?

    1. Every Starbucks store is owned and operated by Starbucks. If you go to their website, you’ll see that they clearly state that there are no franchises in the US and that they are seeking no franchisees.

    2. There certainly are franchises in the UK.

      Whether or not they are franchise run in the US – I am sure individual management will interpret things differently.

      That being the case, this situation is one that clearly should not have happened – whether or not the witnesses account is entirely accurate – any such discussion should have been in private – and civilised not the manner of discussion portrayed in the article.

  8. This is not really surprising to me, having been to LI, and most of the rest of the US. People are a lot more out with their prejudice than they even notice. What is surprising is that it is being discussed.

    Straight people, especially the “religious” ones, never shut up about their lives and their opinions, but never think they say anything. Since no one has ever called them on it they never even notice that they do it.

    Gay people when they just try to be natural, or act just like their straight counterparts, are told they are “in people’s faces” or “making people uncomfortable” and that is if it is being said nicely.

    As for the scam possibility, that is doubtful, to even live in this area you have to have considerable means, not that it is a guarantee of veracity, but it does tend to make that less likely as they would have little to gain, and little need to gain from it.

    Sad that some moron’s terrible behavior now will have people second guessing everything.

    1. martyn notman 16 Jun 2011, 9:21pm

      good comment, its totally true- if im making “someone uncomfortable” i just repeat to them all the pointless inane babble ive had to put up with about their kids/husband/pets/boyfriend..

  9. I am a gay Christian and the people who work in my local Starbucks always point me out when I go to get coffee. They are Christians who do not like gay Christians or any body who is not a Christian. These people need to be trained to do their job and not bring Jesus to work, if they don’t stop they should be fired. Not everybody is a Christian o reven likes them now that they hate some many people, it proves they are people with mental problems.

    1. HelenWilson 17 Jun 2011, 2:05am

      We have a Costa Coffee in Milton Keynes shopping centre that’s full of christian employees, I assume its because the manager is one too. they don’t lake trans people in the shop that’s why I buy a coffee and take an age to drink it just to wind them up.

      You just know they want me out with them keep on asking if everything is OK 2 or 3 times.

    2. Have you guys complained to Starbucks/Costa? Both of those are big chains which I’m guessing like to maintain an image of “standards”. I’m guessing they don’t take kindly to employees who tarnish their reputations. …Or perhaps I’m being a bit naive.

      1. @PumpkinPie

        I would like to think that you are correct. I would have thought the PR and senior management team of the HQ of both Starbucks in the UK and Costa would be interested in reassuring the LGBT communities that they are valued customers and deserve to be able to drink their coffee, eat their snacks without fear of prejudice.
        A friend is a Starbucks manager in the home counties and says that HQ would be willing to respond to concerns that are about customers being treated unfairly due to an equality issue.

    3. I have a great friend and ex-colleague who is Christian and when he was asked by a client at work about something faith related, he was at pains to say that this was not the time to discuss such issues. My friend values both his profession and his faith and acknowledges that (in many ways) there should be a separation between the two.
      If only more could take such a reasonable view point.

  10. I was offended by their spokesman’s reaction. How does he know that at least part of Ms Allen’s story is “wrong”? Any company that finds it acceptable for any employee to comment on anyone’s work performance where a patron could hear stuns me.

    I just went to Starbucks’ website and told them that this story makes me uneasy. Their spokesman’s reaction makes my unease worse. I go to Starbucks 2-4 times each week. If I don’t see and hear actions and words to reverse them impression this has given me, I’ll take my gay dollars in my gay car to someone else’s store.

    1. You are assuming that Missy Allen’s story is true?

      You or I have no idea whether the story is true or not.

      Missy Allen has made an allegation and Starbucks is investigating.

      Personally I suspect it might not be true.

      If it is true then why on EARTH did Missy Allen – a lesbian – sit idly by while a gay guy got 20 minutes of homophobic abuse in front of her – a customer. What type of person would sit idly by like that?

      And are we seriously meant to believe that Missy Allen didn’t take the names of either the abusers or the victims despite the incident lasting for 20 minutes.

      And why is Allen using this incident to promote her blog?

      There’s a real whiff of ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ about this story.

      1. A) Perhaps she didn’t want to risk humiliating the poor boy by “causing a scene”. While the conversation was already out on the shop floor, but that doesn’t mean they had a great big spotlight and microphones. There’s any number of reasons why a person might feel awkward intruding into somebody else’s business.
        B) She got the name of the victim and also discovered that the main perpetrator was the manager. That’s all she really needed.
        C) She doesn’t have a blog, it’s her partner’s. Also, you seem to be labouring under the misapprehension that blogs are some sort of fame-seeking platform. Some seek to raise awareness of certain issues, but most are just platforms for socialising and exchanging details. They’re not products that you “promote”.

        1. D) Regarding “Gay Girl In Damascus”, you’re helping to perpetuate the harm caused by that hoax yourself. One of the biggest dangers of the GGID fiasco was that it raised the possibility of people dismissing serious discussions by just claiming that a lesbian blogger might be a fake. Which is precisely what you’re doing right now.

          1. Yes but why did Missy Allen not intervene in this alleged homophobic abuse.

            As far as I see this makes her complicit in the abuse.

            She says the abuse lasted for 20 minutes.

            Why did she not say ‘Excuse me but I find your homophobia deeply inappropriate’.

            Why did she not get up and walk out?

            Why did she not approach the manager and take a note of her name.

            She says she was there for the 20 minutes this alleged abuse happened.

            Did she really do NOTHING in that time.

            That is an extraordinarily negative refelction on her as a person,

            I’m not perpetuating any harm caused by the GGID hoax. I just think Missy Allen is lying for her own reasons.

        2. but most are just platforms for socialising and exchanging details
          Err, I meant “exchanging ideas and points of view”.

        3. or
          D) She’s making the whole story up to increase traffic to her blog.

          You do accept that this option is at least a possibility I hope.

          I would have VERY little respect for a lesbian who would sit idly by and let a 20 minutes homophobic dressdown occur.

          That is truly appalling behaviour on her part.

  11. This is shameful and if I heard someone verbally bashing anyone I think I’d be forced to step in and defend him.

    If this guy quit over this, it’s sad. I hope Starbucks fires those involved and offers him his job back but, in all honesty, I don’t think he would want to work there.

  12. @David, if you have never been to the Hamptons you may want to reserve judgement on Missy. This is the sort of place where exterminators come in unmarked vans in the middle of the night because no one would want the neighbours to know they had a bug in their house. It is not at all surprising she did not intervene. It is more surprising she spoke up even after the fact. Not speaking up is a very common problem in the US. Ever see the US TV program where they deliberately set up unpleasant situations, usually in restaurants, just to see if anyone will say anything, they rarely do, and never quickly. Part of the reason for this is the police can never be depended on to defend a liberal position in most situations. If you are not prepared for a fight you may just keep quiet as the very type carrying on like this is usually prone to violence not discussion. The first thing the cops usually ask a gay person is what you did to deserve the bad treatment, I have been asked that question.

  13. @Pumpkin Pie, very true statement. Let the Damascus thing rest, it will do more harm than good weighing everything against it. Like the benefits that are lost in the workplace because of one offender, this is a dumb tactic to take.

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