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New York Assembly passes gay marriage bill

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Reader comments

  1. Another step closer, but still not there quite yet … fingers crossed for Friday

  2. So it still has to be approved by the Senate? I do hope they do approve it. Fingers crossed, as Stu says.

  3. Yep, fingers crossed.

  4. New York….concrete jungle where dreams are made of! Woop woop!

  5. Hooray for Lady Liberty! Come on New York, you can do it!

  6. Jock S. Trap 16 Jun 2011, 11:46am

    Excellent, great news for New York now lets just hope the Senate sees sense.

  7. Don’t hold your breath, remember we are dealing with politicians.

    1. I know why you say this Jon John and part of my brain agrees with you – but for some reason I am extremely hopeful this time

      1. Yes, it’s looking good though I’m hoiding back till Friday’s vote. If it does go through it’s going to be a tipping point.

  8. Great News for New Yorkers. Hope the Senate follows suit.

  9. YES WE CAN!

  10. The state republican party is currently in an ongoing conference discussing the issue. Its leader, Dean Skelos, though personally opposed, has told his colleagues to vote according to their conscience. As of yesterday, no statement was released but maybe later today we’ll hear something if anything. I can’t imagine one “moderate” republican won’t come forward to make marriage equality a reality. How mean if its allowed to fail again which means it will be delayed another year and who knows if any republicans will support it with an election coming up in November 2012? When it comes down to the line in an election year, republicans and some democrats cave in to their religious based bigots.

    I’ve no doubt we’re going to see the same nonsense happen when we start our own consultation whenever that is, who knows?

  11. Marriage equality is coming. They need to decide which side they stand on. The side who support freedom, or the one who denies it.

  12. And of course the Catholic church feels obligated to ramp up the pressure on the other side by telling us that if marriage equality becomes a reality in NY, the US will have become a communist country like China and North Korea. Hmmm…do you think they’re getting a little nervous?

    1. And of course this commentary from the Catholic church is so reasonable since of all the countries in the world with equalised marriage – none of them are communist states. Indeed all current or former communist states have poorer records on LGBT rights than the UK, France, Australia and USA (all of whom could improve)

  13. Dana, the roman cult, among others, are running out of red herrings, canards, lame excuses. Even if its defeated this week, its going to come whether they like it or not. They’re losing the cultural war and they know it. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be acting so desperately and making themselves look even more bigoted and irrelevant than ever.

  14. Vote delayed

    “Republican Sen. Martin Golden of Brooklyn says the collapse of a deal to extend New York City rent control regulations late Wednesday night has complicated the gay marriage issue.

    Golden says Thursday he still expects the marriage bill to get to the Senate floor for a vote, but that may not happen this week and could be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.”

    1. Now I realise I am not a NY citizen so there may be some minutiae that I am not seeing here ….

      But what the hell does rent control regulations have to do with equal marriage …

      Sounds like another stunt to me

      1. Political stalling tactics I guess.

  15. Come on, NY!!
    ‘Start spreadin’ the news…’

  16. Gay Christians have been praying for this day. Thank you Jesus.

  17. Gay Activist 17 Jun 2011, 5:19pm

    It will fail in the senate as per usual because Republican tea baggers control the senate by just 2 seats over the majority and none of them are moderate Republicans! Also 2 Democrats also in the Senate in the upstate region are “ultra-conservative” – so do not get your hopes up!!!!!

  18. Stu, in American politics, its quite common for the opposition to attach irrelevant bills, a kind of political blackmail, to controversial bills. Its holding the other side to ransom if they don’t get what they want. Republicans filibuster (stop) most bills the democrats bring to the floor for a vote. Its their m.o. when they have control of one of the Houses of Congress and in this context, New York State by a majority of 2. Its a very strange system indeed.

    Right now, the republican in New York State control the legislature. They are deliberating behind closed doors with Governor Cuomo to get more concessions for religious cults, i.e. to protect them from discrimination by individuals and they want small businesses who don’t want to provide services to married gay couples to have similar protections. He’ll probably concede them, but in doing so, he should and must get guarantees from republicans that by granting them, the bill will pass. Its a horrible system.

    1. Sounds nothing like democracy!

  19. Stu, furthermore….if Gov. Cuomo grants the concessions, he will have overstepped current state laws protecting gays in employment and the delivery of goods and services, then it becomes an constitutional issue. Where religious cults and their affiliates (faith based groups) receive government funding they are currently prohibited from discriminating against anyone, including gays in New York state, a violation of constitutional law currently in effect, I believe.

  20. Marc Freden 29 Jun 2011, 11:21am

    The prediction was anarchy…so said former NY Giants Superbowl star David Tyree. He was talking about the results of the hotly contested gay marriage bill which just passed in New York, granting the right to gays the nation over to…God forbid…tie the knot. Just what could he mean by anarchy? Could he mean the national rush of drag queens to Kleinfeld Bridal—of television reality fame—to ‘say yes to the dress’? Did he mean that traditional brides would have to plan that much further in advance as all the good ballrooms of Manhattan will be scooped by the double income no kids, DINKs, flush with cash and desire to outdo the last do? Or is it something simpler, like public displays of affection springing up everywhere—handholding, kisses goodbye? I dare ask, has Tyree ever walked through Chelsea? If it means anarchy…bring it on. The last time I understood true anarchy was during the LA Riots where people of Tyree’s own ethnicity took to the streets to burn what they could to…I guess…make a

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